A0624: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 11

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Atlantis was built in what is now Giza, and first the tunnel was dug sideways under the earth’s energy nodes, so that thirty metres below the surface, directly in the earth’s energy stream, a chamber was created in which the main crystal is located. This main crystal still exists today, but later construction work placed the crystal differently. The main crystal was placed under the energy node of the earth so that the energy flow in the earth could experience a first change. The energy flow above the earth’s energy node is of a different nature than below the earth’s energy node. What exactly constitutes an energy node, you might ask? An energy node is always found where there is an energy barrier. If an energy flow meets a resistance because it passes through an air medium to now solid matter, then an energy node will be created in the transition point of the media, which then determines what happens to the original type of energy flow. The type of energy before and after such an energy node will be somewhat different, accordingly the energy node has the task of changing the form of energy so that as little energy as necessary is lost through the transition. The energy flow before the earth’s energy node cannot be used as well as the energy flow after entering the surface of the earth. The energy flow outside the Earth’s atmosphere has a different composition than that inside the Earth’s atmosphere, so the energy flow has to pass through several media on its way to the Earth’s surface, which keep changing the energy flow. The most important energy node on this path is the one that leads into the Earth’s mantle, because this energy node changes a lot of the properties of the energy flow, which can be used very well by advanced civilisations that use energy crystals. An energy node looks like a meshwork of a nerve cell and depending on how this nerve cell is designed, the energy current is transformed. Thirty metres below the point of entry of the energy flow onto the new medium, the energy flow has been changed to such an extent that the new properties can be used. We will explain the advantages of this in another blog entry in this series. When the installation with the main crystal was installed under the energy node of the earth, the tunnel to it was filled up again. The main crystal created an energy field around itself so that an energy bonnet was created above the surface of the earth, which was further strengthened by further feats of construction engineering. But the energy bonnet had to be created properly first and for this Chamuel and his followers had to make many adjustments to this main crystal before the basic energy bonnet around the energy node also had the properties they needed to proceed. When this work was done, many New Lemurians started to create the sewage systems so that the New Lemurians would have a place to dispose of their biological waste. Many wells were constructed so that every household could have easy access. Fresh water did not have to be laboriously drawn from the well systems, but the wells were operated by simple mechanisms that provided a constant supply of fresh water to the entire system from a city-state. The fresh water finally ended up in the sewage system and flushed the biological waste to the operating sites, which were located outside the residential areas. The system was designed in such a way that small inclinations of the pipelines were compensated for by small pieces of machinery, which were operated by crystals and hardly needed any maintenance. We can already say that all installations had very few structural elements that could be damaged, so this sewage system seemed simple and very sophisticated. Also, this sewage system was not a new development of Chamuel, but Lemuria had let this system stand for a long time, so it could be adopted in Atlantis without any changes. There were no toilets yet as the western world knows them today, but in other countries going to the toilet is also practised, only differently. The Atlantians had everything they needed to live in every dwelling and every process was mostly supported by crystals. What Lemurians could do with a crystal, we have already told in detail in the series on Lemuria. After the dwellings were built, Atlantis got an irrigation system that always supplied all untouched places as well as the parks with enough water. The capital of Atlantis was built in what is now Giza, and 1.5 million years ago the climate was not as dry and desert-like as it seems today. The vegetation was extremely fertile and the people in this area did not have to worry about food. As with you today, certain places would be drier than elsewhere, so an irrigation system guaranteed the evergreen appearance of Atlantis. The gardens especially benefited from the irrigation system and never did Atlantians have to worry about their food production because that was always taken care of. We also think that Atlantians harvested more produce than they consumed, so lavish feasts were often celebrated. When Atlantis was built so far, the energy bonnet also stabilised and after Chamuel and his followers had made the necessary changes to the main crystal, the other installations concerning the energy node and the energy bonnet could be undertaken. What is it about the structures around the energy node, we ask? Every human being generates an energy field around him or her, which undergoes constant change through the thoughts of the human being. You also know that charged crystals can support your energy field, but your immediate environment also has an influence on your mind because your energy field is an expression of your mind. Medially gifted people can perceive a certain level of energy fields and when they perceive the energy field of a person in a good mood, this perception can be distorted by several factors.

  1. The medium himself experiences a change of mood.
  2. The person in a good mood experiences a change of mood.
  3. There is something in the environment of the medium and/or the good mood person that causes a change in the ambient frequency so that the energy fields of the living beings take on this ambient frequency. If the change in the ambient frequency is weaker than the frequency in the good mood person, then the influence on the good mood person will be small. If the change in the ambient frequency is large, then this ambient frequency dominates the energy fields of the living beings in its sphere of influence.

In Atlantis, this ambient frequency is influenced by the energy bonnet to such an extent that all living beings take on this dominant frequency of the energy bonnet, so it was very important how this frequency of the energy bonnet changed the environment. If this frequency had an amplitude that you could measure, it would be hard to detect because a living being should not be in a constant high phase nor in a constant low phase, but the golden mean is the region that living beings tolerate very well. If the amplitude of the ambient frequency is to be considered rather neutral, then the frequency patterns in the ambient frequency are decisive. We say the following: The Lemurians were so mentally advanced that there were specialised Lemurians who could mentally lead the state of mind of persons or groups through a roller coaster of emotions, which was always happily performed at festivals and parties. The energy bonnet emitted frequency patterns that fostered great understanding towards other beings, so that the Atlantians were distinctly peaceful under this energy bonnet. Because the amplitude of the frequency patterns was kept rather neutral, Atlantians very rarely fell into one of the extremes and therefore rarely experienced the extreme effects of high and low phases. Since Lemurian inhabitants have always lived quite neutrally, it was no noticeable change for the New Lemurians in the city states either, except that there were now no cholerics at all. Also, that deep affection that you humans experience when you fall “madly” in love with each other no longer existed among New Lemurians from that point on. New Lemurians fell in love, but they were always sane in doing so, which is not the case with you modern humans, as you are in a distinctly high phase of being in love. If a Lemurian was angry, then a tragic outburst of anger in Lemuria could actually cost the life of Lemurians, which was now almost impossible in New Lemuria. There were situations where New Lemurians indirectly injured or killed other New Lemurians in a fit of rage, but murders as you know them were almost out of the question. When Lemurians in Lemuria left their villages for a longer stay, they became more aggressive in nature, but only because they experienced an adjustment of their natural frequency by the ambient frequency, which always affected the Lemurian’s state of mind negatively, but which quickly disappeared when the Lemurian stayed back where he came from. This change of mood was hardly felt differently by New Lemurians in Atlantis, except that the change of mood had greater effects, which burdened many New Lemurians more and more over time, so that they were always glad when they could stay in their city-state again. Many New Lemurians took their own lives when they were exiled from a city-state, but we will deal with that another time. You now know that New Lemurians were emotionally affected by the energy bonnet of a city-state and the installations around the central buildings have a great influence on this, so we will go into this again in the next blog entry before we discuss the general life of the inhabitants of Atlantis, because this living together in a city-state created many strange situations that the inhabitants had to get used to.

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