A0623: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 10

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We will now tell you about some of the events that happened during the construction of the capital of Atlantis, so that you understand the motivations behind why Chamuel and his inner circle did things differently than they did in Lemuria before. When we present the events now, we will also present the dialogues as they were spoken by the Lemurians. When we speak of Lemurians holding dialogues, we mean dialogues that are held mentally. When we speak of dialogues being held between two or more Lemurians, we do not mean telepathy in the conventional sense, but Lemurians have always been very consciously present on an astral plane with a partial consciousness, so that dialogues are held on the astral plane. When we speak of telepathy, the procedure is similar, but we have already given detailed explanations of this. Chamuel was capable of a great deal, but without a crystal near him, his actions were limited. If you could see two Lemurians arguing, then you would also hear something like sounds from the Lemurians, but generally in the gathering of Lemurians it was always very quiet. When Chamuel gave the first instructions for the building of Atlantis, not only were the words on the astral plane heard by those present, but Chamuel created a copy of Atlantis on the astral plane, so that those present stood in Atlantis as Chamuel had imagined it. All present were greatly impressed because the system of Atlantis appeared very mature. The following conversation broke out at the sight of Atlantis. 

Chamuel spoke “Friends, today we want to introduce to you something that is to be the cornerstone of our new Lemuria. We have long considered the system that will support us for the new time. Then, let us see what this system will look like and what benefits it will bring us“

Chamuel made the capital of Atlantis appear, so that the structures of the buildings appeared as if from a mist and took on more and more structure. Chamuel knew exactly how to stage his presentation to great effect. When the fog lifted, everyone present stood in Atlantis and they could see beautiful buildings around them where the Atlantians were to live. There were wonderfully framed pathways and it was beautiful to look at. All the paths led to the centrally located buildings, which seemed much more imposing than anything that had once been built in Lemuria. The architectural style was not necessarily comparable to that of Lemuria, but there were definitely similarities that were incorporated into the new Atlantian architectural style, so Atlantis didn’t seem quite as unusual as you might now think. The central buildings were the focal point of the metropolis, so all the structures that were laid out in Atlantis always led towards the centrally located buildings. Everything was directed towards these science buildings and the surroundings around the buildings looked like a large square, inviting all Lemurians to linger there. The further away from the central buildings, the more peaceful it became, as first park-like grounds invited people to walk and rest, and then lead into the beautiful housing complexes. All the residential buildings were mostly similar, although there were differences, which we will describe later. Outside the housing complexes, which were arranged in a circle around the central building, were the fields and supply facilities, where the harvest was processed and the refuse of the inhabitants was processed further. Such a city state actually produces hardly any waste and all biological materials, such as the faeces of the residents, were processed here in the same way as other products that arise during daily work. All materials were recycled, and when we mean all materials, then this was the case, so that there was nothing that you would send to your rubbish disposal today. You will establish this system of recycling in exactly the same way when you transform yourselves as a society after the official first contact, out of an inner need. After the gardens came much unused nature, so that the boundary of untouched nature was the great fence, which did not necessarily enclose the city in a circular way, but as everything in Atlantis resembled a circular structure in its construction, the city boundary was often the outer circle of the city. There was a large main gate that was suitable for communicating with modern people. The fence was otherwise closed and many modern people who tried to climb this fence got a good scare. When those present on the astral plane had grasped the surroundings of Atlantis as a whole, the first questions arose, which we will now document for you, because these meetings on the astral plane were also archived in the main crystal of the capital of Atlantis, so that you can also understand the emergence of Atlantis. Chamuel knew that at some point a generation would want to know exactly how Atlantis came into being, even if this did not mean the generations of modern humans. You will also compare these events with the records and there will be no deviation from what we have said because we know exactly what happened.

“Chamuel, are you serious?” spoke one of the people present, but in a positive sense, because he was so excited about the projection that he was speechless at first when he saw it. Even more, those present did not know at first why Chamuel wanted to realise this gigantic building project by Lemurian standards in the first place.  

“Why does our new Lemuria have to be so round and what is the purpose of these huge buildings, I don’t understand the meaning behind it.”

“But it is truly beautiful to look at and I would like to say very ambitious too, Why only these big arches in the façades? Chamuel, what were you thinking?” Asked a so-called engineer who was supposed to be responsible for many buildings.

Many Lemurians looked puzzled and some also shook their heads in excitement as they gradually realised the scale of the building project.

“Friends, we have plenty of time to discuss all this calmly, but first I will tell you the purpose of the building project so that you can understand the system behind it. We have made many mistakes that led to the sinking of our beloved Lemuria and so that this will not happen again, there is a central purpose for this building project that will be centrally located in the middle of the building project. All research will only ever be done in these central buildings and no Lemurian will build laboratories in their dwelling that are meant for further research. This is where we will do all our research and this is where we will gather. This is where we will live and this is how it will always be.”

Chamuel did not mention the gardens outside the gates of the city at all, because everyone present knew exactly what these facilities were for. They realised now, in the presentation the purpose of the city, because there were several main areas in this city that were shared by all Lemurians. There will be no Lemurian who ekes out an existence in the fields or gardens, and there will be no Lemurian who lives only in his dwelling, but all residents will visit all areas daily, and there were focal points which each resident was free to choose. When the services or research of the day were done, the residents would meet in front of the parks or in the squares in front of the central buildings. There, the daily get-together would be celebrated and at a late hour, the residents would then go to their dwellings to end the day. This was also how Chamuel described the function of the city, so that those present now realised what the purpose was and they also noticed that much of this was also present in Lemuria, only that Atlantis was more or less supposed to prescribe this procedure. But now came the first critical remarks.

“Doesn’t that mean that we stay within the walls of Atlantis and that we can’t simply investigate the surroundings?”

This was a question that Chamuel expected exactly the same.

“Friends, you are not trapped there, but it is true, we will keep a close eye on who wants to enter or leave our city. If you want to investigate the surroundings, then you can request an exit, that’s not a problem, but you don’t know exactly what else we have planned yet, but we’ll get to that later”

“What do we even have to do to become a resident of this city?”

“Friends, here you beat me to it, but let me tell you, how will we all live in such a city, because this city will only be the first of many cities. All brothers and sisters will live in a city that we will build just like this city. It is always the same city, just built somewhere else.”

“What if we are threatened by the wild natives?“

“For that, not only do we have our walls, but we will have a defence legion in each city to keep them safe. We think over time the natives will get used to us because we will only ever claim a small area and never more. Everything we need is within the walls of the city. If we get problems, of any kind, and we can’t deal with the problems, then we abandon the city and migrate to another place where we build another city with the same characteristics. The plans to deal with such a thing have been drawn up. We don’t have to worry about that at all, but we don’t plan to leave this area again. We have many options and one of those options will give us a solution. We have provided for the cities to be in an alliance so that they can offer protection to each other should one of the cities be in need. But we also want each city to be able to look after itself. That is why there was the announcement of the traditions and we still have many small traditions that every inhabitant will follow so that the plan can be realised. Do you have any comments friends?”

“Yes, how are we going to create these buildings, they seem very daring after all?”

Again the person in charge of the construction ventures pointed to the central buildings, which looked exceedingly unusual due to interesting details.

“Right, I’ll explain that for a moment. We’ve already done research in Lemuria on certain building materials that make this sort of thing possible, and these central buildings are not just lounges or laboratories, but they also support the use of the energy node. That’s what we have these ring-like structures for. They will not only support the energy node, but they will also support the area around the central buildings in particular, so that we can all enjoy the higher consciousness. However, we will construct this in such a way that it does not get out of hand. All the researchers will work together to get these structures to raise the consciousness of us, then we won’t have to worry about it any more.”

Chamuel finished his remarks and all present knew very well what Chamuel was talking about, but we will also address this further later. Many conversations now had to do with the exact implementation and Chamuel once again came to talk about the effect of the central buildings. 

“We need to dig a deep tunnel that leads to the side of the energy stream. If we let this tunnel come into being, then we have to make sure that it is closed again when we have installed the system. Everything that happens there we have created before in Lemuria and all the records are still there. We won’t have any problems with that, but we have to hurry with this work before we install the water systems, because before that we won’t have any knowledge about how the fluctuations will occur. Only when we know how the energy bonnet is designed, only then will we know exactly how the installations on it have to look and how the buildings have to be constructed. But the ring shapes redirect the energies in the way we will need them. After that, we never have to change anything again.“

When Chamuel explained why the buildings had the ring-shaped installations, many present also understood what Chamuel had in mind. The energy flow in the earth’s energy node can be used and the installations on and around the central buildings created a frequency increase in the effective area of this energy bonnet. Any living being that experiences a frequency upliftment will not only experience very positive qualities as far as their emotional world is concerned, but an increase in frequencies within the frequency spectrum of a physical being will synchronise the energy bodies of the physical being. When the energy bodies of a human being are synchronised, then for the time that the energy bodies are working in sync, that human being has an expansion of consciousness that can make the human being think very quickly. The human being, who now thinks much faster, can divert larger amounts of energy with only a single thought on an astral plane, so that the New Lemurians living in a city-state are not only constantly cheerful, but they can mentally accomplish much more than they can outside the energy bonnet of the city-state. If an Atlantian leaves the sphere of action of the energy bonnet because he has something to do outside the city-state, his mind is immediately affected negatively, as a result of which homesickness was actually much greater among the Lemurians than among you modern people. The New Lemurians always had a reason to return to their city-state and that is exactly what Chamuel wanted to achieve with the installations under the energy node and on the central buildings. Chamuel and his inner circle were constantly exposed to a frequency increase in Lemuria, so they also had a heightened consciousness all the time. They also knew the effect of evading this frequency elevation for long periods of time, so Chamuel and his inner circle secretly tried, on the premise of spurring research, to make all the inhabitants of New Lemuria dependent on a city-state, so to speak, so that not only would the lack of community among Lemurians be fostered, but that Atlantis can also guarantee that no splinter groups of New Lemurians will form and create their own ecosystem of city-states, creating a parallel society of New Lemurians that Chamuel and his inner circle can no longer control. The actions of Chamuel and his inner circle are questionable, but the goal of their reasoning is understandable, so even many New Lemurians did not question the installations. The system Chamuel and his inner circle devised lasted a very long time, so we can also proclaim: Next to Lemurian society, the ecosystem and social form of Atlantis, is the most humane and advanced procedure this Earth has ever experienced to date. It will not be until many decades after your official first contact that you will be similarly humane and successful, and we do not mean the installations that Chamuel and his followers devised for Atlantis, but you will adopt a form of society used by the intelligent extraterrestrial species that accompanied you on this path of official first contact, and that will serve as a template for you as you, as inhabitants of Earth, begin to transform your society, because you will understand that you can actually live very simply without having to struggle for your daily survival. We will continue to discuss specifics of city states in future blog entries in this series because an Atlantean city state was really very advanced.

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