A0615: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 2

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We have told you that the main energy node is responsible for the transfer of information, just as with you humans, therefore very large amounts of energy will flow through the main energy node, which you will also perceive when you concentrate on the human main energy node. Very few people consciously perceive the solar plexus main energy node, but if you concentrate on this energy node in meditation, then after some time you will perceive a jerking in the energy node. When you perceive these jerky impulses, you will have detected a change in the flow through this energy node, which will then cause you to perceive your environment differently. If you feel that you are feeling your body less and less, then this is real because the flow is having to carry less and less data from the body sensors. For example, if you keep your eyes closed in meditation, the energy stream from the solar plexus is missing large packets of data, including information from the visual organs. However, since the flow should remain the same, all other sensors may now use larger data packets that suddenly contain much more detailed information. You sharpen your other senses by closing your eyes, as these senses are now allowed to send larger amounts of data. You perceive your environment much better with the other senses and people perceive this change in the data packets sent through the solar plexus main energy node as a jolt in the solar plexus. In meditations, when you gain a different body awareness, your other senses are now allowed to send much more information. When the data packets sent by most of the body sensors are filtered out more and more from this energy stream, because you are very relaxed, then your consciousness fractals will take over this task of guaranteeing the perception of the environment. You will then be able to perceive your earthly surroundings in much more detail with your eyes closed, and your consciousness fractals will also send information that does not belong on your plane of existence, so that you will perceive the astral planes better and better. The solar plexus main energy node is the gateway to travel all planes of existence. The Lemurians had this main energy node of the Earth directly on their Lemurian continent and this main energy node received very potent energy streams. The Lemurian population was capable of intercepting energy volleys to store them on the astral planes. Many Lemurians practised tapping into the main energy node every day, but they used only small amounts of energy, which seems infinitesimal compared to the flow rate of this main energy node. Not so with the Lemurian scientists who diverted larger and larger amounts of energy to use in experiments. If we compare these quantities of energy with the flow rate, then these diverted quantities of energy do indeed carry weight, so that they deprived the Earth of the necessary quantities of energy. If this happens only rarely, then the impact is manageable. But if it is part of the daily work of Lemurian scientists, then it has dramatic effects that led to the sinking of the Lemurian continent into the sea. We will now continue the events of the last day on the Lemurian continent so that you also understand why exactly the Lemurian continent sank. Lambaster was a Lemurian scientist who was desperately trying to stabilise the main energy stream because he had already noticed that the main energy stream was behaving differently and this was even before the first quakes reached the Lemurian continent. If Lambaster could do anything, it was divert incredibly large amounts of energy. By this we mean very potent forms of energy that are found in this main energy stream. Lambaster was able to do this even as a small Lemurian child, so we can also say that Lambaster was vastly superior to his fellow Lemurian scientists when it came to diverting amounts of energy. Lambaster was not part of the inner circle around the top Lemurian scientist, but all scientists knew what Lambaster was capable of. When Lambaster noticed the change in the main energy flow some time before the first quakes, Lambaster researched the cause, but he was not fully aware of what this main energy node of the Earth was actually responsible for. The Lemurians really knew a lot, but not everything, even though we taught them. When a species is working towards its demise, no spiritual being may intervene without having the authority to do so. The impending demise of Lemuria has long been known to the spiritual world because we can perceive everything, so we have long been aware of the effects of the Lemurians’ scientific research. We are allowed to warn, but only to a limited extent, otherwise we would actively influence the development of physical beings, which is strictly forbidden to us. When the Lemurian scientists needed larger and larger amounts of energy for their experiments, the spiritual world asked the caste of holy men to warn the Lemurian population. The spiritual world knew that the lemurian holy men were not taken seriously, but that was all they were allowed to do, so the caste of lemurian holy men began to postulate the end of the world. No one believed them, so the end of the world was quickly downplayed. The holy men even tried to convince the Lemurian population on the last day of Lemuria that the world would now end, but even hours before the end of Lemuria, the Lemurian population was unaware of the magnitude of the quakes. Only when the entire Lemurian continent sank into the sea, only then were the Lemurians aware that the caste of holy men had always been right, even if ultimately the earth as a whole did not disappear. Lambaster knew beforehand that something was wrong with the main energy node, so before the quakes appeared he also tried to restore the normal state of the main energy flow. Since Lambaster can divert enormous amounts of energy, Lambaster created something that acted like a bypass, so that another entry point was added to the entrance to the astral planes of the earth. This entry point was, so to speak, bypassed the astral planes so that the energy beam into the earth was assisted by this bypass effect. Lambaster had to actively and mentally not only establish but maintain this diversion during the bypass action. Lambaster did it, even at the time the continent was sinking into the sea. No one knew what Lambaster actually accomplished, but his tireless efforts cost him his life and Lambaster was also able to delay the sinking of the Lemurian continent with it, so that many Lemurian inhabitants owe their lives to him at that time, even though Lambaster’s sacrifice was never officially recognised. Lambaster was a Lemurian scientist who tried until the last second to reverse the disaster. Lambaster is also to blame for allowing this disaster to occur in the first place, so that many generations of Lemurian scientists are also collectively responsible for sinking Lemuria into the sea. Lambaster is a hero, even if no surviving Lemurian was aware of it. The chief scientist Chamuel also tried to harmonise the main stream on the last day and what exactly Chamuel did with his followers we will explain in the next part. Chamuel remained on Earth after the fall of Lemuria, so Chamuel is also one of the Lemurian survivors who then founded Atlantis, which we will tell about in great detail afterwards.

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