A0614: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 1

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When Lemuria perished because the Lemurian scientists misused the dark energy, some scientists remained on Earth to found the Atlantean culture, which then developed into an advanced civilisation. The Lemurian scientists who remained on Earth experienced the end of the Lemurian culture on Earth and they all participated in it, so that these scientists called many feelings of guilt their own, which then prevented them from leaving Earth with the surviving Lemurians. The destroyed coastal cities were gradually rebuilt by the people of Earth, but the Lemurian continent with all its achievements is lost forever, so that the remains of the Lemurian advanced civilisation could only be found sporadically on Earth. The Lemurian continent was not small, so that it was mainly the high culture that spread on this continent. The Lemurians had also built outposts, but they were far from being as imposing as the cities and towns on the Lemurian continent. These outposts were only functional and hardly anything of these outposts survived the long time. Many everyday things were handled very simply by the Lemurians because Lemurians did not develop technology as you use it today, but Lemurians could do almost everything with a crystal, even though there were many devices that were powered by a crystal. Even the most complicated technologies that you use today can be replaced quite easily by a conventional crystal. Your technology today complicates all the processes that you actually wanted to simplify through this technology. The Lemurians only researched what interested them, so ordinary Lemurians would have no need for your unnecessary achievements. The Lemurians have left many achievements on Earth, but you have not understood what they are until now. When we discuss in detail the last day of the Lemurian continent, we will tell the events from the point of view of one of the scientists involved, who tried until the very end to prevent the impending disaster. We will reproduce the dialogue in such a way that you will be able to understand the events of the last day. We emphasise again that the following story happened exactly as we will describe it. We have already explained in detail why we are able to do this in the series on the revelations of John. The dialogue that now follows is held by a highly respected scientist with his scientific staff, which consists of several high-ranking Lemurian scientists who were very powerful in using dark energy. The highly placed scientist has a name that we now have to translate, but we choose similar names that you will have heard before. 

Chamuel spoke. “Friends, why did we not notice the impending disaster much earlier? After all, we were careful enough with our experiments, what else could we have done?”

None of his friends replied because no one was in a position to say that they were really careful in dealing with the dark energy. One of the scientists found the courage to say something.

“We had better see to it that the tremors are silenced before something worse happens.”

“We will have no choice but to stabilise the Earth’s energy node. When the energy exchange is harmonised again, we can start thinking about what led to this. We should form groups and support the ray by redirecting energy from the astral planes that we have previously stored there. All are called to support this process, with all the energy reserves they can mobilise. Samuel, you should use the main core of your work to promote the harmonisation of the energy ray, we will join in groups and impulsively direct our energies into the harmonisation of the main ray so that we are able to promote the harmonisation of the main ray over a longer period of time. We have had situations like this before, just never on such a massive scale, everyone has to support us so that we don’t fail in this. Samuel, start the preparations immediately. Eduard, we need more of our kind to make us more powerful. Summon all the other scientists, we have no more time to lose, the downfall of our beloved country is at stake. Hurry, no matter what it means. The rest of us will help Samuel realign his main core!”

If you don’t yet understand what the researchers had to do on the last day, don’t worry, we will need two more blog entries to detail that fateful day from the scientist’s perspective. When the senior scientist started to help Samuel harmonise the main energy ray, he had not considered that a main energy ray of Earth has special properties. A main energy ray of the Earth has a special task, which we must briefly address before we continue with the events. A main energy ray provides a life form with the information necessary for life. What do we mean by this, we ask? You, as a life form, have a main energy node that you use to transfer all the information that secures your existence. By this we mean the following: All of your sub-consciousnesses are constantly generating information that you need to perceive your plane of existence so that you can exist in your environment. Every inhabited planet is also to be seen as such a life form and therefore the planet also needs a master energy node that can supply it with information so that the planet can find its way in its planetary environment. Information is also a form of energy, so a lot of information is also a lot of energy. Each form of energy is unique and the vast network of your Universe is constantly feeding information to every major celestial body. Since your Universe is a quasi-closed system of energy types, all energy flows are constantly being transformed because each form of energy is suitable for something to be done with it. What should your planet do with the energies it constantly receives, we ask? What are you constantly doing with the information you receive from your energy bodies, we ask again? All information is processed. By this we mean not only the information in the form of energy, but also the potential of the amount of energy. You receive the information of your subconsciousnesses from the respective energy bodies, but you also use the potential of the energy form to do something with it. When your first energy body transforms an emotion from a feeling, you as a personality consciousness receive a great deal of information for the duration of the emotion, which in turn provides a great deal of potential that you can then use. You can do great things with that potential, but you could also escalate, which usually leads to you doing reprehensible things. Now, if someone were to invent a device that could spontaneously evoke strong emotions in you for no reason, you could use that energy wisely or you would be forced to escalate unprepared. This is similar to how a planet behaves when its energy salvos are manipulated, which a planet experiences constantly. The planet relies on this energy flow and the planet transforms this energy into something that we will describe in more detail, but just as an unprepared human can escalate through manipulated emotions, so too will a planet respond to such manipulations. The Lemurians knew a lot, but they also did not know everything. Higher Lemurians were also vain when it came to their own body of knowledge, so they lacked openness when it came to such elementary processes. How it continues and what exactly led to the demise of the Lemurian continent will be revealed in detail in the next two blog entries before we finally continue with the events surrounding the founding of Atlantis. We will not only explain in detail what Atlantis was all about, but the writer has promised us that we may use many blog entries for this purpose, so that we can describe this time period in great detail. As we have already announced in the series on Lemuria, we were actually busy at that time helping Lemurian people to evolve. This was also the case at the time of Atlantis, so the writer experienced that time with us because we represent an incarnation that has been on Earth for a very long time to be of help to the embodied beings. The writer does not believe us, but we do not say that we were embodied, so that we have always taught people on earth. Now we are embodied and we are doing exactly what we did in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, only this time differently, which is also new territory for us. We will describe many situations at the time of Atlantis that we actually experienced and as always we can consult the records of the embodied beings so that we can present you with authentic events in a level of detail that you have never experienced before. Be excited, the series on the creation and fall of Atlantis will eclipse anything we have previously revealed in other series. 

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