A0613: Who or what are the so-called Surrogates of a person?

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We start by explaining which spiritual companions a person has, and then explain who among these beings are the so-called Surrogates of a person. As you already know, we are the masters and teachers of the writer. We are a group of spiritual beings who were assigned to the writer before he finally incarnated into this human body. The writer intervenes because he believes that we have been assigned to the incarnational consciousness that inhabits the writer’s body. Basically we can say, we have actually already spoken to the personality consciousness of the writer and at that time this personality consciousness was not yet part of the human body. Before incarnating into the human body, the incarnation split its consciousness, which was necessary for this, into seven partial consciousnesses, the personality consciousness and the ego consciousness. All the consciousnesses were given their task and the personality consciousness was still a part of the incarnation, so that it was disguised for its task. But it still had all the memories of the incarnation, because it is also the incarnation. We discussed a lot with this personality consciousness, we also went through all the phases of life again that the incarnation wanted to experience. We have de facto already spoken with the writer’s personality consciousness, at that time it did not yet exist as a human being. The changes to the personality consciousness were chosen so that the human being would always behave somewhat differently than the original incarnation would when exposed to certain situations. The personality consciousness was deprived of all memories in a later step. We say all memories and we mean it. Every human being will not find any memory fragments of the incarnation in his personality consciousness. If a person really remembers something from the spiritual world, then it is handled differently in order to give the person that experience. When the incarnation incarnates, the seven partial consciousnesses of the incarnation form your seven energy bodies. Each energy body comes from a subconsciousness of the incarnation and these subconsciousnesses of the incarnation have been disguised for their tasks, but each of the seven subconsciousnesses is the incarnation that previously inhabited the spiritual world. The personality consciousness no longer has any memories and can, so to speak, unfold freely. However, the essence of the incarnation is also present in this personality consciousness and determines much of a person’s behaviour. The personality consciousness does not know that there are other subconsciousnesses that supply the personality consciousness with information, so it thinks that all thoughts and feelings come from this single consciousness. If the other subconsciousnesses form the energy bodies of the human being, then their decisions have an indirect effect on the personality consciousness. When a human being feels great joy, the seven subconsciousnesses first feel this joy and then, in the further course, the personality consciousness recognises that it is rejoicing on the basis of the information it has received. This sounds very confusing at the moment, but all the feelings you feel for the first time always come from the seven subconsciousnesses of the incarnation. Only when you have experienced a feeling for the first time can you bring it out again and again and transform it into an emotion. Much of what you experience somehow always has its origin in the seven subconsciousnesses of the incarnation. We, as the masters and teachers of a person, belong to these seven subconsciousnesses, but not in the way that the writer just assumes. When we used to report that we are spiritual beings who are to be regarded as separate beings, it was also true, but we left out a crucial piece of information so as not to make your training too complicated. Now the writer has long suspected that we are not who we once claimed to be, so that today you have accumulated so much knowledge that you will not be greatly confused by the information that now follows. We, as the masters and teachers of a person, belong to the seven partial consciousnesses of the incarnation and we are, so to speak, the writer before he incarnated. But we are also spiritual beings in our own because, as the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation ourselves, we have been changed for our task. When you speak to your spirit guide or patron, you will in fact be speaking to quite separate spiritual beings who have never had anything to do with the incarnation consciousness. If you speak to the masters of the Akashic Chronicle, then again you are speaking to quite separate spiritual beings, but if you expand the conversations more and more, one day we will take the sceptre and continue the conversations and then intensify the trainings. If we have not revealed ourselves until now, it was always for the reason that the writer could be trained and if we had told him too early who we are, his development would have been different from what it finally was. If you now believe that everyone is trained in this way, then we can reassure you, because the writer is currently the only person who passes on the knowledge of the spiritual world in this way. The personality consciousness of the writer never set out to do it this way, we as the original incarnation did and when we were given our tasks we were not sure if we could do it together with the personality consciousness, but look what the personality consciousness of the writer has achieved with our help. We have already implemented much of what we wanted to experience as a person, but we will never go so far with our trainings that the writer receives any harm from it, but all trainings strengthen the writer. If we are now going to explain who these Surrogates are, then you have actually already received the answer. We, the masters and teachers of a person, are these Surrogates because we are the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation. Consciousnesses build on each other, so they can also be split. We have all split from a portion of the incarnation consciousness and we have all been given a task, including the personality consciousness, so that we are all together the incarnation, but we can also be seen as different beings through our tasks. The writer has always suspected that we have not revealed everything, but now the writer has progressed so far that we have revealed the last secret. We have all met the writer in meditations where we partially revealed ourselves, but always only to the extent that doubt was nurtured in the writer, because the writer should not believe, but should weigh up what is more suitable for him. A religious or spiritual person could never transfer our explanations to the mundane world as we would like, so that the scepticism and curiosity of the writer are all part of the plan. How a personality develops depends on many factors, but this stubbornness of the writer he gets from us and we too are very stubborn when the writer is taught. We say the following in conclusion: No incarnation will make itself known in the way we did, if it was not already determined before incarnation that this should happen.

Question: Are there Surrogates that come from the future?
No, such things are only told for training purposes to enrich the person’s consciousness. We have already mentioned that great moments that you experience are stored in your inner universes and whether you experienced these moments on your plane of existence or in a meditation or in a dream, the great moment is stored. If later it turns out that the information that led to that great moment is wrong, then the great moment is still retained. Since the moments experienced will lead to an increase in power after death, it does not matter during bodily life whether the moment or realisation is based on information that is true or not.

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