A0616: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 3

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When we speak of the supreme scientist who was partly responsible for the downfall of the Lemurian continent, this Lemurian is a high Lemurian personality, so you will perceive in the further blog entries how the social order was handled among the Lemurians. Chamuel is the name of the scientist who held the highest office a non-religious person could hold in Lemuria. Lemurian society was not unlike the society of modern humans today, but Lemurian society had many advantages that you current humans will only attain after official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. This official first contact will be accomplished by all of you humans of Earth together, and if the official first contact is accomplished before the end of the present decade, then your present form of society will have changed, and thereafter all humans will work to transform society so that you will enjoy many of the benefits that many years ago the Lemurians lived long ago. The Lemurian culture disappeared about 1.5 million years ago, so Atlantis was born on Earth exactly that time ago. Several hundred thousand years ago Atlantis, as we will describe it to you, perished and nothing of it remains on the surface. When Chamuel tried in vain to harmonise the energy beam of the Earth’s main energy node, he did something that hastened the demise of Lemuria. While Lambaster was constantly trying to divert the original energy beam past the earthly-astral planes via a kind of bypass effect in order to allow the earth an unchanged amount of energy, Chamuel was constantly trying to harmonise the now even weaker main energy beam with all kinds of magic tricks, which resulted in Earth receiving very large amounts of unaffected energy through Lambaster’s bypass, and at the same time Earth was stimulated by energy salvos fired by Chamuel and his followers as they sought to harmonise the ever weakening main energy beam. The Earth was escalating because it was being overwhelmed with the current amounts of energy. The planet was on the verge of collapse, so Earth’s organism closed the defective area, causing the main energy beam to ebb away on the Lemurian continent. The fact that the energy beam could no longer penetrate the planet activated many geological processes that had long been waiting to be released. Each continent floats with its underside on a magma-shaped mass that is distributed around the entire planet. The Earth’s main energy stream ensures that this magma-shaped mass is continually enriched with energy. The soul of the Earth uses this energy for many things, but the geological process under the continental plates is fuelled by the energy salvos. As the main energy flow became weaker and weaker, a huge chamber formed under the Lemurian continent because the magma-shaped mass collects where the energy flows leave the planet or where they enter. Lemuria was an entry point for these energy streams, and as the Lemurian scientists weakened this main energy beam over a long period of time by extracting enormous amounts of energy for their increasingly dangerous experiments, this enormous chamber slowly formed under the Lemurian continent. When Chamuel and Lambaster tried, in different ways, to support this main energy beam, they caused the entry channel into the earth under the Lemurian continent to close completely and when that happened, the chamber under the continent expanded rapidly so that the integrity of the Lemurian continental plate was weakened to the point that Lemuria eventually sank into the chamber that the Lemurian scientists had unconsciously created under the Lemurian continent for generations. When Lemuria sank, this chamber filled with the Lemurian continent, so that after some time the main energy stream also resumed its work. You will hardly discover anything left of Lemuria because it was transformed into the magma-shaped mass that the Lemurian scientists displaced by their experiments under the Lemurian continent. Chamuel was aware of his guilt, so Chamuel remained on Earth with some fellow scientists to rebuild the Earthly Lemurian culture. They succeeded, and how they managed to bring the Atlantean culture out of this catastrophe we will now describe in great detail in many blog entries, because you will discover many parallels that will transform your present culture into an advanced civilisation in a few years’ time, when official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is made.

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