A0612: Why are surveillance drones being sent back in time? – Part 4

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If you wanted to travel through time, how could you do this, we ask? You would imagine how it was in the past. This process is time travel as practised by you. You have heard correctly, every memory that is retrieved is a kind of time travel into the past and we are serious about that. You can also travel back in time and into the future, but as you know, predicting the future is more complicated than remembering the past. What actually happens when you travel back in time and experience a memory of yours, we ask? Let us first begin by explaining to you what a memory of yours actually is. When you understand that each memory within you represents its own universe, then you understand that each moment you have experienced is stored in the Akashic Chronicle as a complete copy of your entire universe. When the extraterrestrial scientist sends his surveillance drone on a journey through time, that surveillance drone will travel through those universes that were created by all living beings in your universe. Let us begin by clarifying for you what constitutes an experienced moment. If a person sits bored on the sofa waiting for time to pass because he is waiting for his friends to appear so that they can have a hilarious party, then the time of waiting is to be understood as an experienced moment. An experienced moment is not fixed in time, but we would also say that moments that are experienced can be differently knitted. When the friends appear, the person will experience an exciting evening that can generate many large as well as small experienced moments. A friendly argument can generate a great experienced moment just as much as the first meeting with a future partner. You see, the more that is triggered in a person, the greater the experienced moments can be. Usually beings do not experience great moments alone, but in groups, so a great moment can be shared by many who were involved in that moment. Imagine an excellent theatre performance where the audience can hardly stop marvelling. All the audience members share the same moment of the performance, each from a slightly different perspective, and each person will store that moment in their inner universes. Not only is what was seen and what was heard stored, but all the thoughts of that person and all the feelings and emotions are also archived. The Akashic Chronicle can be seen as a huge archive and now all visitors to the theatre performance are storing their moment in this archive. If all the people in the theatre performance archive this moment, then all the people on earth also archive their own moment in this archive. Even more, every life form on earth has also archived its own moment. It goes further, every living being in your universe archives their experienced moment in this archive just as the theatre audience does. If every moment is stored in this archive, then there is a detailed record of your past, which is more extensive if at a particular time in a place many living beings have experienced that moment together. Those attending the theatre performance are sharing this moment and as all consciousnesses are mentally entangled with each other. If you travel back in time you could not only relive your own experienced moment, but you could also experience the moment of the theatre performance from the perspective of the other participants in that moment, rather than just remembering what you heard, saw, felt and thought. You could explore the perception of each being sharing the same moment with you. You could not only see, hear and feel what the person sitting next to you perceived during the same moment, but you would also hear what the other person was thinking as they experienced that moment. If all this is accessible in an archive, what is the memory of a moment, we ask? You are physical beings inhabited by an incarnation. All the moments you experience as physical beings are transferred as a copy into the Akashic Chronicle when you sleep, but you yourselves also have a very large memory that has stored every moment of yours in great detail. This detail is only present in your inner universes, so the copy in the Akashic Chronicle contains many details of the moments, but is not as detailed. Therefore, you could now travel into your own inner universe and experience a moment that you have experienced in great detail. If you were to do this and travel to a moment where you experienced an argument with another person, you would experience that situation as an observer or you would sort of shift into your own body and experience the situation exactly as you perceived it at that time. When you then experience how this argument arose, you are in your right mind at that moment and not as emotional as you were at the time of the argument, so you understand much better why this argument actually escalated. Because your interlocutor has also stored their own moment in great detail in their own inner universe, you can switch bodies, so to speak, and perceive everything as your interlocutor perceived your argument. As long as the interlocutor still exists, at the time when you started your journey through the inner universe, you will also perceive the moment of the interlocutor in great detail. If the interlocutor is already deceased, then you can also experience the moment of the interlocutor, but not quite as detailed, because the records of the Akashic Chronicle are now being consulted. If you want to know what happened outside of your experience at that moment, then it becomes very costly because you would have to track down every living being in your line of sight so that you can move away from the place of your experienced moment. As this is an endeavour that is totally ineffective, you currently have no way of experiencing the environment outside of your experience. A real time traveller would not perceive his moment as an observer in his past, but a time traveller would become existent in the experienced moment so that his consciousness takes over his own body in the past. When the process is complete, a new universe has been created from the records of the Akashic Chronicle, with everything that made up the universe at that moment. We know, therefore, that in the energy stream of matter another bubble of the universe is not now being created, but another timeline is being created which exists separately from the original timeline. All the consciousnesses of the original timeline will use the living beings of the new timeline as a copy, so that the spiritual being that inhabited a body when the new timeline was created now effectively lives two lives, but they will not differ greatly, because everything has already been experienced once. The time traveller, who has now become conscious in his past self, will not be able to change much in this new timeline, because many situations are already predetermined, even if many details will deviate, so the progress of the new timeline will hardly be different from what the original timeline already dictates. The time traveller still has the memories of the previous timeline, but that is of little help to him because much will occur as it already did in the original timeline. Why can’t the time traveller travel back to his original timeline, we ask? Because now the time traveller cannot travel the inner universes of himself as he did in the original timeline, because now everything is records taken from the Akashic Chronicle. The time traveller has created their very own timeline that they can no longer correct. The person who once started the time travel in the original timeline no longer exists because he or she became existent with his or her bodily body in the new timeline. The persons left behind have no added value at all because no matter what the time traveller does in the past of his new timeline, it has no effect at all on the original timeline. So it makes no sense at all for a person to do real time travel and the past. Are you aware of these different timelines, we ask? Not really. You may be aware of something that is supposed to be different, but basically you are not aware of it at all. Can a person switch between these timelines, the writer wonders? No, no matter what you are told, you will not wake up in another timeline and continue to live there, but these experiences are created out of misunderstandings, because people experience something that they remember differently. However, these memories are not interpreted correctly, so a person assumes that their reality should be different, but it is not. People who think they have changed the timeline have a misconception of reality, so they misinterpret how the memory is created. You cannot de facto change the timeline, that is not possible for you physical beings, so that non-corporeal beings would be able to do that. A timeline represents a moment that has been archived in the records of the Akashic Chronicle. If you now travel the records of the Akashic Chronicle, you will be able to observe the moments that have been archived there. When you gaze upon the feelings and thoughts of beings there, you must know the exact time and place beforehand so that you can experience the correct records. As you are currently bound to your plane of existence with your body, you would not be able to travel the records as we spiritual beings can. That is what the extraterrestrial surveillance drones are for, and they can do something that we have only rudimentarily discussed before. An extraterrestrial surveillance drone has been given permission to travel the records of the Akashic Chronicle. Who gave this permission, we ask? The Institute of Incarnation has granted permission for research purposes, so that under certain conditions a surveillance drone may travel freely in the records of the Akashic Chronicle. What exactly does this mean, we ask? When an extraterrestrial scientist wants to examine the records of the Akashic Chronicle for research purposes, he himself has not usually been where he hopes to find helpful data to analyse afterwards. If the scientist was able to narrow down the area, then the scientist makes a request to the Institute of Incarnation. The extraterrestrial scientist will mentally connect to this institute and make the request. Basically, the request is granted, so the scientist sends the surveillance drones. How can you imagine the sending, we ask? The scientist becomes conscious in the surveillance drone because the scientist connects to the crystalline structure of the surveillance drone. The disconnected subconsciousness of the scientist will again form a temporary symbiosis and it will immediately know everything the scientist is up to. The scientist ends the connection to the surveillance drone and the surveillance drone starts its journey. For this, the small partial consciousness of the surveillance drone connects with the Institute of Incarnation. The small partial consciousness will change the holding power of its surveillance drone so that the surveillance drone changes the plane of existence. It is then quasi-spiritual in nature, for the scientist left behind. The surveillance drone will travel the records of the Akashic Chronicle without restriction, so that the surveillance drone will temporarily exist in the records to record data and collect samples. However, another universe with a new timeline is not created now, but the area of the records is temporarily created, which can then be examined and analysed. Since no entire universe is created in the stream of matter, but only a spatially and temporally limited construct, this temporary construct can also be reintegrated into the original timeline with you. A time travel of a surveillance drone is actually not real in the sense of: you as people of your timeline experience the moment with the surveillance drone, but this temporary timeline is added to your timeline, so that you yourself never experienced something like that, but a temporary you from the past experienced such a time-travelling surveillance drone and you then got the memory about it. We could describe many more situations and effects, but we have already gone beyond the scope of this blog entry, so we will have many more opportunities to go into this topic in the following blog entries.  

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