A0611: Why are surveillance drones being sent back in time? – Part 3

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When a surveillance drone is created, the surveillance drone is equipped with everything that seems necessary for the job, except that the consciousness of the alien scientist does not yet understand exactly how to control the drone. When the extraterrestrial scientist asked the subconsciousness of his incarnation consciousness to split off a small subconsciousness of his personality consciousness and transfer it into the surveillance drone, the scientist did not yet know how to control this kind of surveillance drone. When the scientist’s small partial consciousness was transported into the crystal, it was present in the same way that a crystal programmer today connects to a crystal. When you want to program a commercial rock crystal, you usually take the crystal in your hand and close your eyes. The consciousness of you knows very well what to do next, so now many consciousnesses will see to it that the personality consciousness of you now becomes more conscious on an astral plane, where the rock crystal with its shadow copy is also present. The crystal programmer enters the crystal on the earth-astral plane. When the crystal programmer is present in the crystal with his consciousness, many beings will see to it that you can practise there what you intend to do. When you have programmed the crystal, you will open your eyes and you will be aware of your body again. When the extraterrestrial scientist has a small subconsciousness transferred into the surveillance drone, he will do it in the same way as the earthly crystal programmer, except that this subconsciousness will remain in the crystal. If the scientist makes the request that the partial consciousness be disconnected from his personality consciousness, then the scientist hardly notices. If the disconnection and transfer was successful, the scientist can mentally connect with the surveillance drone and then becomes conscious in the crystal. When the scientist appears in the crystal with his personality consciousness, the small uncoupled partial consciousness is not represented as another consciousness, but the scientist has entered into a symbiosis with the small partial consciousness in the crystal. If the scientist did not know how to control the surveillance drone before, he will practise and learn it now. Because the disconnected partial consciousness has currently been reintegrated into the personality consciousness through the symbiosis, it automatically learns what the scientist learns. The scientist will familiarise himself with all the control units that have already been created in the crystal by the manufacturer of the surveillance drone. If you use a mobile phone, then you also have many possibilities to use this product. If you are very familiar with it, then you can use many functions of the product and it is the same with the surveillance drone, so that many functions are already integrated by the manufacturer and a consciousness only has to begin to operate these surveillance drones. When the scientist is familiar with the functions and can control the surveillance drone purposefully, then the extraterrestrial scientist disconnects from the crystal. When the scientist has consciously left the crystal, the temporary symbiosis of the personality consciousness with the small disconnected subconsciousness of the personality consciousness has been removed again, so that the small subconsciousness still dwells in the drone. The small partial consciousness knows exactly what it is and why it dwells in the surveillance drone. Since nothing is worse than being bored, the small partial consciousness will practise a lot and explore everything it has not perceived before. This partial consciousness is just like the scientist, like the personality consciousness that is conscious around the body of the scientist, but there are small differences that we will now list.

  1. The small consciousness does not have a large ego consciousness, so that egoistic actions are hardly to be feared. 
  2. The small consciousness has no physical body, so that it knows no fears or urges that are generated in physical beings by the body consciousness, which does not belong to the incarnation consciousness and which no longer exists after death.
  3. Every consciousness has a personality, so that this small consciousness has a personality similar to the personality of the extraterrestrial scientist. The longer the small consciousness remains in the surveillance drone, the more it will differ from the personality of the scientist. The difference will not be very great, however, so that after the drone is defective, the scientist will experience a change of essence when the small consciousness is reintegrated into the scientist’s personality consciousness. Everything the small consciousness experienced then becomes conscious to the scientist because the memories are now also present in him. The scientist could also connect with the consciousness in the surveillance drone during a mission, but that contradicts the function of such a surveillance drone because it is supposed to carry out its mission independently without having to be monitored by the extraterrestrial scientist. All interstellar-travelling species send out their surveillance drones because this corresponds to a scientific procedure that opens up many possibilities. 
  4. The small consciousness in the surveillance drone must have some way of perceiving its environment outside the surveillance drone. Imagine a room in the crystal where the small consciousness is sitting on a chair. In front of it is a kind of holographic projection that allows a panoramic view. When you connect to a crystal, you will usually see a building with many rooms where you can create. You will perceive yourself as you would in real life, but you will not feel the objects, you will have an idea of what it should feel like. Everything you experience in the crystal is mental, it is real, but not on your plane of existence. If you as a physical being sit in a chair to work, then you will also mentally occupy a chair when you work in a crystal. You do not need to sleep, nor do you have any needs when you are concentrated in a crystal. When the physical body is connected to your consciousness in the crystal, it is not exactly like that, but basically you do everything as you usually do on your plane of existence. The small consciousness sits on a chair and perceives the holographic projection of its surroundings. The surveillance drone does not have a camera or anything like that, so how can the small consciousness perceive a holographic projection of the environment, we ask? How can spiritual beings perceive the environment in the spiritual and material world, we ask again? A consciousness has no sense organs, only fractals of consciousness, so we perceive the environment through these fractals of consciousness, so to speak. The small consciousness in the surveillance drone is virtually only consciousness, so that it perceives the environment much more accurately with its fractals of consciousness than you humans do with your eyes. The consciousness does not think slower, as you might think now, but it thinks quite fast, but not as fast as the extraterrestrial scientist. The small consciousness thinks fast enough to be able to carry out its orders conscientiously and effectively. The consciousness fractals perceive much more than a human body can perceive, but consciousness fractals do not have a range that lets them perceive your star system as a whole, but surveillance drones actually have to be navigated and the further they travel the universe the better they get at it. Every surveillance drone is constantly learning, so these little beasts grow up quite quickly, if we want to sum up the basic sentiment of extraterrestrial scientists about their surveillance drones. All surveillance drones serve scientific purposes, because spying activities as you know them from Earth are completely outdated among the interstellar travelling species.

We have now given you a good overview of the possibilities of extraterrestrial surveillance drones, so in the last part of this series we will discuss the time travel of surveillance drones into the past. You can look forward to it, many interesting points will be addressed that will certainly cause you to look at each other with astonished faces.

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