A0610: Why are surveillance drones being sent back in time? – Part 2

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The extraterrestrial scientist will split off a partial consciousness from his consciousness and this small partial consciousness will be transferred into a crystalline structure in the surveillance drone. How can you imagine this extraordinary process, we ask? If you close your eyes, we have explained to you that you will become more conscious in a subconsciousness that resides on an astral plane and since each earth-astral plane has a particular task, this subconsciousness of yours on the earth-astral plane will pursue that task. When you concentrate on the so-called root chakra with your eyes closed, you become more aware of the subconsciousness of you that is present on the first earth-astral plane to experience the learning of emotions. These experienced emotions are stored as energy packets in the energy body that this subconsciousness forms. Whenever an feeling appears, this subconsciousness evaluates this feeling and completes it according to the stored templates. When you become more conscious in this subconsciousness, then you perceive the task of these earthly-astral levels very well, so that you can feel strong surges of feelings. When you concentrate on your so-called heart chakra with your eyes closed, all the traumas that have been held back until then are brought out so that you can work through these terrible experiences. This fourth earth-astral level has, among other things, the task of storing traumas that have not yet been worked through, so that one day, when you are ready, you will be able to deal with these traumas. The task of the fourth earth-astral level includes even more, but the traumas that you experience are dealt with there quite separately. Every subconsciousness of yours that inhabits an earth-astral plane will always take on the tasks of the earth-astral plane. Your sixth earth-astral plane is special because it is not actually a single astral plane but a superposition of all the other earth-astral planes, yet several subconsciousnesses of yours inhabit this plane. The sixth subconsciousness of yours has taken over the task of this plane, and in addition to the sixth subconsciousness, your personality and ego consciousness also inhabit this earth-astral plane. These three subconsciousnesses are constantly used by you because the personality consciousness is you as a person and the ego consciousness needs no further explanation. All the subconsciousnesses are going about a task and your personality consciousness does not actually know anything about it because until now it did not even know that there were other subconsciousnesses apart from it. All subconsciousnesses provide the personality consciousness with information that reflects their task on the earth-astral plane. The fifth subconsciousness is to improve your expression on the fifth earth-astral plane, for this purpose this subconsciousness is always discussing and sometimes very loudly discussing with the other subconsciousnesses on the earth-astral plane. All earthly people are present with their fifth partial consciousness on the fifth earthly-astral plane, therefore all these partial consciousnesses fulfil their task and discuss many topics among themselves, which some people still experience to some extent when they just wake up and still perceive voices in half-sleep, which they cannot assign. What is the task of the sixth subconsciousness of you on the sixth astral plane, we ask? The sixth subconsciousness of yours regulates the flow of information from the other subconsciousnesses to your personality consciousness. When a lot of information comes in, this subconsciousness decides what is most useful for the personality consciousness and filters out other information. How does this subconsciousness of yours know what is meaningful to you and what is not, we ask? The sixth subconsciousness of you knows exactly what you want to experience in this life and what your goals are, so it will proceed exactly according to your life plan. If we, as the Masters and Teachers of a person, guide you in your life, then the sixth subconsciousness of you will do even more, so we could also say that the sixth subconsciousness of you guides your life to do many things so that you can develop as you intended when you planned this human life in detail. But we also say that we have no direct influence on this subconsciousness, so that we too may make a request to the subconsciousnesses, but they can also simply say no, so that we then have to try in some other way to be of help to you in your life. The writer again does not believe a single sentence we say, but that is the way it is. You as a person are the personality consciousness that will one day appear in the spiritual world after your passing. Your whole being, which constituted you until death, will appear in the spiritual world in exactly the same way and when you awaken there you will still be the person from earth, but you will no longer have any connection with your human body, so that all fears, traumas and desires will no longer exist. You are then an incarnation again, which is the human person in essence, which now receives many memories from its previous existence as a spiritual being. You then walk with your personality from earth through the spiritual world. How the exact process after death is to be understood we have described in a series on death and this process takes place exactly as it was explained in the series on death. If we now return to the extraterrestrial scientist, the scientist asks a consciousness of himself to split off a small partial consciousness, so that the consciousness that is now transferred into the surveillance drone springs from the personality consciousness. The request for splitting off was made by the scientist to the incarnation consciousness that inhabits the astral plane, where the personality consciousness is also present. This partial incarnational consciousness segregates a small portion of the scientist’s personality consciousness and deposits it into the crystalline structure in the surveillance drone. Why can’t the scientist’s personality consciousness itself accomplish this, we ask? The scientist’s consciousness is very powerful compared to you earthly humans, but it is not yet so powerful that it can actually separate this small subconsciousness permanently and place it elsewhere. The incarnation in you is extremely powerful, because spiritual beings are very powerful beings and the incarnation in you enables you to do many things, but the incarnation in you must also adhere to rules, so that after death you can also experience the growth that you once expected before incarnating into the present life. When the small subconsciousness has been transferred into the surveillance drone, the extraterrestrial scientist begins to train this surveillance drone, because the surveillance drone is not yet ready to carry out the tasks that the scientist envisages. We will postpone the training of the surveillance drone to the next blog entry, so we would like to briefly tell you something about the incarnation consciousness within you, which you are now to experience. The incarnation consciousness in you observes your existence every single second and it gets to see the beautiful as well as the tragic moments of you. However, the incarnation within you is bound by many rules that it will follow. If it doesn’t and allows you to do something that is outside the rules, then life as a human being was not as successful as it should have been, because not only does the incarnation in you transform into the person you are, but after death you receive a guaranteed grant of power that is greater if you have mastered very difficult situations and thus become more and more human. If the incarnation breaks one of the given rules, it will only receive the guaranteed increase in power, but not a jot more. Therefore, all incarnations will abide by it, whether you like it or not. 

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