A0609: Why are surveillance drones being sent back in time? – Part 1

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If an extraterrestrial scientist wants to know what happened at a certain time in a certain place, then the scientist will send a surveillance drone through time and monitor the place he wants to analyse with many sensors. Why can’t the extraterrestrial scientist just look in the Akashic Chronicle at the records of living beings and see what happened, we ask? There are several reasons for this, which we will list briefly.

  1. The scientist was not in the desired place at the given time. Therefore, the scientist cannot travel to his own records for this data.
  2. The scientist knows that no higher life form was at the desired location at the time, so it is difficult to access information about another life form. 
  3. The scientist needs data that is not available in the records of higher life forms, because life forms can only perceive their environment to a very limited extent through their own physical sensors.
  4. The scientist is not sure of the place and time, so a longer observation is necessary, which must cover a wide area.

If you now think that point four is hardly solvable, then you have not realised what orbs are capable of that are trained for surveillance purposes. What such an orb is, we have described in detail in previous blog entries, so we will hardly go into it again. Spiritual beings will constantly split their consciousnesses to appear quite consciously in several places at the same time. We are very consciously aware of the different places and our different actions, so it is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for us to split our consciousness and put it back together again. You humans practice splitting partial consciousnesses every day. The writer writes down this text with one partial consciousness and with another partial consciousness he listens to his inner voice, which we use to dictate this text to him. When you are doing the dishes, you will very quickly split your consciousness because your body is using a partial consciousness for eye and hand coordination and at the same time you will be thinking about something that mostly has nothing to do with doing the dishes. It is only when you are highly concentrated in an activity that makes you forget time and the environment that you have a very little fragmented consciousness. What can you do with such a partial consciousness besides writing texts and washing dishes, we ask? You could become more conscious with a partial consciousness on an earth-astral level so that you change your existential focus. When you close your eyes and you “see” something in your mind’s eye, you have shifted your existential focus from your material plane to an earth-astral plane. Everything that you see with your eyes closed or that you can imagine in your so-called imagination, a partial consciousness of yours sees on an earth-astral plane. If you really believe that the so-called imagination arises in your brain, then you are on the wrong track, because the so-called imagination does not exist. You do not fantasise, but you manifest forms on an earthly-astral plane. Every person who has ever seen something in his mind’s eye has created something on an earthly-astral plane. Even now, when the writer is writing down this text, the writer is incessantly manifesting forms on the earth-astral plane. If you are not consciously forming forms on an earth-astral plane, you are constantly doing it unconsciously on almost all earth-astral planes, because you are represented with partial consciousnesses on all planes of the earth energy field. A partial consciousness can receive little or much potential depending on how much you focus on the action of the partial consciousness. If you are washing glasses, you will assign more potential to the subconsciousness for washing than if you are washing spoons. You have constantly split off several subconsciousnesses that are doing some kind of work so that you can shift your attention between these subconsciousnesses so that you can, for example, pay more attention to a football match on the television than to the spoons that you are washing. However, when it comes to the fragile glasses, you will shift your attention away from the football game on the television to the washing of the glasses, so that the subconsciousness for the washing of the glasses will have more potential that the subconsciousness for the football game had before. When the glasses are washed, the potential moves from the subconsciousness for the washing up to the subconsciousness that is now again attentively watching the football match on the television. Your total consciousness has a total potential depending on the level of development of the human being. If the total consciousness is split into two partial consciousnesses, then both partial consciousnesses can share the total potential equally or one partial consciousness receives more potential and the other partial consciousness less. If there is only the total consciousness, then this consciousness has the full potential and can think very quickly. If the total consciousness splits into two equally large subconsciousnesses, then one subconsciousness can only think half as fast as the total consciousness could. You humans do not know all this and you hardly notice the splitting and uniting of the partial consciousnesses, so that we can also claim that the average earthly human has little potential that his consciousness can use. The situation is different with extraterrestrial species that have already made their official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species and have thus ascended to an interstellar-travelling race. The process of official first contact always presupposes the pacification of the native species on the planet, so that the energy field of the planet is increasingly split up, as with the partial consciousnesses. The total potential of your consciousness is first divided among the partial consciousnesses that inhabit your earth-astral planes. You currently have seven astral planes, so strictly speaking you have seven sub-consciousnesses that have divided the total potential of your consciousness. On one of these astral planes you are represented by your personality consciousness. If your total potential is divided among seven subconsciousnesses, then each of these subconsciousnesses has less potential than if there were only three subconsciousnesses, because the original earthly energy field had only three astral planes, each with a task. Before your so-called Middle Ages, people had only three partial consciousnesses on three astral planes, which were inhabited by these three partial consciousnesses. Each of these three sub-consciousnesses was given more potential than now with seven astral planes, so people before the Middle Ages could actually think much faster than you do nowadays. During the Middle Ages, the Earth’s energy field was reshaped so that there were now seven astral planes. The consciousness of the people on Earth did the same, so that the total consciousness was not usually split into three subconsciousnesses, but now into seven, so that each of these subconsciousnesses also received less of the total potential of the total consciousness. In the sixth subconsciousness you are represented by your personality consciousness, so that with seven astral planes the potential of the personality consciousness is less than if the Earth had the original three astral planes. The extraterrestrial scientist has a very potent consciousness because evolution provides for it, and if this total consciousness is only divided three times as usual, then the personality consciousness of the extraterrestrial scientist has much more potential than you people on Earth have. Since this scientist is very potent in terms of consciousness, the scientist can also split off a small partial consciousness from his personality consciousness, which the scientist transfers into the surveillance drone, so that the scientist is also partially consciously present in the surveillance drone. However, since this split-off partial consciousness has very little potential, the scientist hardly notices the actions of the surveillance drone. Now that you know that your consciousness is capable of so much more, which you have hardly explored until now, you will also be very curious to see what happens next with the extraterrestrial scientist and his surveillance drone. You will learn much in this series that will broaden your horizons, because you are people of vision who will never stop exploring what has not been considered before.

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