A0606: How can an influenced space be created? – Part 2

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If a type of energy depends on which forms of energy are present in the type of energy, then there are innumerable forms of energy that make up the main energy flows in addition to the main energy flows. A main energy flow is the union of energy forms. We will discuss what exactly energy forms are another time, but each energy form has certain properties. If different forms of energy together correspond to a main type of energy that makes up an energy flow, then the sum of the properties of the forms of energy is also the task for this main energy flow. What distinguishes these main energy flows, we ask? This is going to be extremely interesting, because now we are going to discuss planes of existence, which we already mentioned in the first part of this series. A plane of existence is a major energy flow in your closed universe. Your universe is a closed system, although that is not quite right. What characterises a closed system of energies, we ask? A closed system of energies does not lose any potential of energy, but constantly reshapes it. If energy is constantly reshaped, then theoretically energy must be lost in this reshaping, or not? No, because the energy creates something for the reshaping and in the process also reshapes itself. If you were to look at the energy potentials of your energy forms, you would see something very specific that has been going on since the creation of your universe. The frequency patterns of your energy forms have been getting richer and richer since the Big Bang, but the potential has always been the same since creation, although there is one small exception that does not particularly matter now. If you could look at All That Is and that since All That Is has existed, you would also find that the potential in All That Is is unchanged, but the frequencies of the energy forms appear richer and richer over time. The Wingmaker have created your universe and all other universes according to the same automatisms that make up All That Is, so the expression “as in the big, so in the small” stems from this. Everything repeats itself and when you have recognised this fundamental pattern, then the creation that the Wingmaker have applied spreads out before you and the model is always the creature that we call All That Is and in which all that is exists. If the properties of your plane of existence depend on the energy forms, then does your plane of existence have a different combination of energy forms than the other planes of existence? Not all the energy forms of your plane of existence are also found in other planes of existence, but you share many energy forms. If many energy forms are the same, why can you not perceive the other planes of existence, we ask? Because the forms of energy, and therefore the qualities that go with them, are different in degree. If many different properties occur in one plane of existence, then these more potent forms of energy must also be separated from each other with a great deal of dark energy. So if there are many potent forms of energy in one plane of existence, there must also be a great deal of dark energy to separate these forms of energy properly. If your universe has “dense” and less “dense” planes of existence, then more potent forms of energy will be found in the so-called denser planes of existence than in planes of existence that are not so “dense”. If the dark energy is always to be equated with the so-called “density” of a plane of existence, then the dark energy makes up the holding energy that must be used so that a form can be formed from a type of energy on the respective plane of existence, so that it does not immediately dissolve again. When a thought forms something on a spiritual plane, the thought encapsulates a form of energy in a shell of dark energy that separates the creation from other forms of energy, so that a very precise thought mobilises a great deal of dark energy to transform a quantity of energy of a form of energy into a creation that is then held in form by the very potent shell of dark energy. How can you imagine this happening on your plane of existence, we ask? Imagine a stone. A stone is made up of many particles of matter that represent a form of energy. Combinations of energy forms can also represent a matter particle, so that this creation must be separated from the other energy forms. Therefore, around each particle of matter is a shell of dark energy that encloses the energy form or forms. If you look at a figurative atom, this atom has a certain size in which the electrons move in their orbits. This shell that encloses this atom is an invisible screen of dark energy that you have not yet directly explored, but which you have already used. The atom, with its more or less known components, has a certain potential, but this potential would never be enough to explain your atomic bombs, but the tremendous explosive power comes from using the holding energy of an atom to live out your destructive rage. If you know that an atomic chain reaction results in an unfolding of energy that you cannot control, then you have in fact used the potential of dark energy to accomplish what led to the downfall of Lemuria and the city states of Atlantis. You are about to make the same mistakes as the Atlantians and before that the Lemurians. Fortunately, I am not very successful at it because you are only developing complex and useless devices that have not yet revealed to you the true nature of dark energy. We will already start the series on the origin and fall of Atlantis in a few blog entries, because the writer has already made arrangements for that, so we will then go into the subject of dark energy in great detail. Dark energy is the holding energy that consciousnesses use to manifest a form on an astral energy plane. If the consciousness uses the dark energy to bring something into form and to hold it, why do you humans on earth not notice this, we ask? Because your forms on the plane of existence are endowed by you with so much holding power that your so-called thought power is not at all able to fight against the prevailing holding power of the matter particles. If you close your eyes, then after some time you are travelling with a partial consciousness of yourself on another plane of existence, because strictly speaking your consciousness is present on all planes of existence, but in the waking state you have mostly directed your so-called existential focus to your plane of existence. When you now close your eyes, you become more conscious on another plane of existence and you begin to perceive the surroundings on this other plane of existence with your consciousness fractals of partial consciousness. When images or scenes appear before your mind’s eye, you are at that very moment on another plane of existence, but with a serious difference. All planes of existence, except yours, contain much less dark energy, so that the forms on these energy planes are only held in shape with a very “thin” shell of dark energy. If there is only a little dark energy used for a form, then your thought power can also transform these forms into another form much more easily, so that your so-called imagination represents just that. When you fantasise you are much more aware on another plane of existence and your consciousness begins to transform the energy forms on that plane of existence and for that you automatically use the dark energy of your universe. Every fantasy is a creative act on another plane of existence in your universe. Isn’t that fantastic, we ask? You have learned something today that no human being has actually known and that all spiritual people have never even begun to understand. We have not laid the foundations for these concepts in this series, but we have been training you in them for over 600 blog entries, so that you should really start reading the blog of the writer from the beginning, then you will also generate the insights that the writer has long called his own, because he has really meticulously documented every revelation from us and published it as a blog entry. We have now laid the groundwork for the final part of this series to reveal the true nature of the influenced spaces so that you understand how they work. Once you have internalised the concepts you will be one step closer to the creation of the Wingmaker.

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