A0605: How can an influenced space be created? – Part 1

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When we speak of an influenced space, we mean a three-dimensional space, the way you usually perceive a space. Why do we call such a space an influenced space, we ask? Imagine the following situation: You walk into an ordinary shed that is perhaps three metres by three metres in floor space and perhaps two metres high. When you step through the door, you are standing in a hall that exceeds the footprint of the shed many times over. When you leave the shed and walk around the shed, the shed will again have the three by three metre footprint. The inner shed corresponds to an influenced space, but outside it still has the same floor space. We want to teach you in the three blog entries on this subject so that you understand why this is possible and what the extraterrestrial species are doing to create such an influenced space, because you would have many applications for it. When the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is over, you will learn the principles from the extraterrestrial scientists and apply them. Why can there be more in a room than the outer size of the room would lead you to believe, we ask? You people of Earth are constantly being led by the nose because your plane of existence is only one of many planes, and we choose the name of plane deliberately because your Universe has many planes that are not fixed in their “size”. If you were able to measure your Universe, the result of space would only be the result of your plane of existence, but the Universe has many planes that are created in three and more dimensions. You perceive only your plane, so you may now be sitting in a room on a comfortable sofa and perceive nothing out of the ordinary. If we were to tell you that many things are happening around you on other planes that include the room you are in, you would rub your eyes in wonder. For example, if you had a device that could make the other planes visible, you would be horrified at what is happening in your space. You humans cannot perceive all of this and it must be so, otherwise you would be very confused when there are strange beings in your room who seem to be talking to each other. Your plane of existence contains a very strong holding power because your plane of existence is the densest plane among all other planes. We reveal why this is so in another blog entry on this subject. So your plane of existence is very “dense” and your holding power of the elements is so strong that your thoughts can hardly influence the energy of your plane of existence and thus all things of this plane of existence. There is the double-slit experiment where, by observing the experiment, you enrich the light photons with something that changes the attraction of the light photons so that you can influence very light particles of your plane of existence. However, since you otherwise have little possibility of using your creative thoughts, we can also assert: No living human being on earth can impressively change material things through his or her power of thought. There are people who are mentally capable of much, but we are talking about the average person. Since you have little mental influence on your environment, we can also say: Your plane of existence is the most dominant plane of existence among all planes of existence in your universe. Are astral planes also planes of existence, we ask? Yes, but only to a limited extent, because the terrestrial-astral planes are generated by the energy field of the Earth, so they are hardly present in the next larger planet in your star system. When we speak of planes of existence of your universe, we mean planes that encompass your entire universe. If you could gaze at the other planes of existence, you would notice something very characteristic. All the other planes of existence seem to overflow into each other. What do we mean by that, we ask? If you look at a Polaroid photo, the photo took some time to appear two-dimensional, but if you look at it closely, it was there when it was taken, you just can’t see it yet. What does the Polaroid photo have that other planes of existence have, we ask? They are there, just not visible to you. Now, if you had a device that could make these planes of existence visible one by one, then it would appear like the Polaroid photo because the plane of existence is already there. When you want to marvel at the next plane of existence, the device would slowly fade out the previous plane of existence and at the same time the next plane of existence would already fade in. You see, the planes of existence are not strictly separated from each other, but they are all present at the same time, so that there is a smooth transition between the planes of existence, which is so graceful that it can also be said that depending on how the focus of existence is set, there can be an infinite number of planes of existence. You humans have a very strict focus on one plane that constitutes your plane of existence and all other planes of existence are blanked out for you. Let us now return to the subject at hand. An influenced space does not reveal a plane of existence that you cannot perceive at this time, but an influenced space is something similar that you can only comprehend when we enlighten you on forms of energy that represent your space that you can perceive. What is an energy plane, would be the first question? An energy plane represents a main flow of a type of energy in a closed system, so there are several main energy planes that exist separately in that closed system. Main energy flows must also be separated from each other, so that the areas between these main energy flows contain a form of energy that separates the main energy flows from each other. This energy that is responsible for separating the main energy flows is the dark energy that we have already discussed in other blog entries. If you now think that dark energy is bad, then you have not understood the concepts that we have been teaching you for years. Dark energy separates the main energy flows and in order for it to be able to do that, dark energy knows all the types of energy that are in your Universe. If the dark energy did not separate the main energy streams, your Universe would not exist and we believe that All That Is would not exist in the form that we all perceive All That Is together. Each type of energy has a consciousness and depending on how potent a type of energy is, the more or less a consciousness can use that type of energy to create something on a plane of existence. Imagine a large house has a large hallway on each floor and there are doors on the sides of each hallway. Each door has a specific meaning, so that each corridor in the building has as many doors as the floor needs to do its job. Each floor is responsible for something different and the floors are separated by concrete floors and concrete ceilings, so each floor is a separate area that can exist independently. When a person stays on a floor, the person can use the doors that exist for certain tasks there. However, if the person wants to do something but it cannot be done on that floor, then the floor that can handle the task must be chosen. Each main energy stream has a different task, so the main energy streams can be distinguished by what you can do with the type of energy. The dark energy separates these tasks from each other, so that different energy flows were created that have different properties, so that different tasks can also be solved with them. You will find out what all this has to do with the topic of this blog entry in the next part.

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