A0604: What are the so-called Orbs? – Part 4

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Now we would like to tell you something about the surveillance drones of the extraterrestrial scientists, because there are some misunderstandings about what these drones are actually capable of.

  1. They can travel the universe even though they seem quite small. Interstellar-travelling species do not have to worry about energy problems because only underdeveloped species actually do not know how to use an inexhaustible energy source without having to use complicated technology.
  2. Extraterrestrial scientists do not abduct or kill people on Earth. Only your scare story tellers create these scare stories to be heard by the frightened listeners. When tissue material is collected from people, the Council of your star system has approved it. No extraterrestrial scientist will do anything unless this stellar council has agreed to their request. Very few people of Earth even get to see such a procedure, so it can also be said: No brutal alien races are using earthly humanity to do reprehensible things. This is recent superstition, which only serves to entertain, but contradicts all scientific procedure. In the past, when there have actually been incidents that are borderline reprehensible, it was always something that was not planned in this way, so that most people did not understand what was going on in the incident in the first place.
  3. All extraterrestrial scientists have a code of honour that prohibits them from performing experiments on earthly humans that could lead to consequential harm. In rare cases, as in any other experiment, unforeseen situations may occur, but these are not intended per se, although we must also say that earthly organisations cause events in people that are many times worse than the accidental failures of the extraterrestrial scientists.
  4. All extraterrestrial surveillance drones have a security program so that these drones can never carry out certain procedures. We have already talked about the fact that a small subconsciousness of the extraterrestrial scientist is present in a crystalline structure in this surveillance drone. This small subconsciousness you may call the control of the drone, but each crystal in itself also has a crystal consciousness that can be programmed by any being, and this crystal consciousness has been given certain procedures on how to manoeuvre the drone, how to operate the instruments and how to handle the influenced space of the drone. These programs also contain many safety precautions so that the small subconsciousness of the extraterrestrial scientist would not be able to do anything reprehensible to a human being at all. The boundaries are very clearly set so that there are no surveillance drones that brutally mutilate humans or trigger something in the human that the human will suffer from. We are not saying that something does not happen temporarily to a human being, but these influences are only temporary and are not meant to cause chronic suffering. Accidents are happening, yes, but everything is being straightened out because Earth is under special protection at this time that will support the upcoming first contact so that you will receive a visit from an extraterrestrial species in just a few years.
  5. All the data collected by the surveillance drones is intended for a large community of extraterrestrial scientists, so that after your official first contact you will also be able to see what research has been done on Earth.
  6. When an extraterrestrial craft glows, it has a special purpose, which we will now explain. Why do these craft glow, we ask? Because they are to distract you. If you were not gazing at a glowing object in the sky, you would probably be much more aware that you are being watched and tested. Any extraterrestrial craft can travel from one place to another without this glow and these extraterrestrial beings do this and you never notice, but when these extraterrestrial beings begin to put on a light show for the Earth observers, the reason is that the Earth observers themselves are being watched and their behaviour is being determined. The data is analysed after such an event and the data can be used to determine how the native species reacts to extraterrestrial presence. Only the fewest observations are actually reported by you, so we can also say: You are not yet ready to experience official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, but you are so well connected globally that wonderfully staged extraterrestrial light ships can change your Zeitgeist almost overnight.

Now we come to our last category of a non-natural orb.

The Orb that came from the future
Hmmmm, thinks the writer, what purpose does such an Orb serve if the Orb can never get back to its original timeline? Exactly, the Orb as a physical object will not be able to get back to its original timeline, but the memory of the scientific partial consciousness will. What do we mean by that, we ask? Time travel is not possible and a time traveller who travels to the past will indeed travel to the past, but not in the way you currently assume. Suppose a person travels 10 years into the past. That would even work, but the time traveller does not travel back to his time, but time travel always creates a new universe, with all things and living beings. Where do the consciousnesses of living beings come from, you may ask? The consciousnesses come from the spiritual beings that inhabit all living beings in the original universe. A consciousness can split very often because consciousnesses build on each other. A partial consciousness of an incarnation inhabiting a living being is only a small percentage of the total consciousness of the incarnation. All the information that the universe generates at any moment is stored in what is called the Akashic Chronicle, so a time traveller chooses a moment in the Akashic Chronicle and by “appearing” at that moment in the past immediately creates a new universe. The timeline in the new universe will now diverge from the original universe so that these universes can never be rejoined. We have explained time travel very pictorially so that you can get a feel for how to understand the concepts behind it. Now, if a scientist is very curious and wants to find out “first hand” what it was like in the past, then such a surveillance drone is sent into the past through the Akashic Chronicle to collect data that is not readily available in the Akashic Chronicle. Once the data has been collected, the drone will dissolve and the extraterrestrial researcher’s partial consciousness will have many memories that will then be evaluated by the scientist. You will eventually try time travel into the past, but you will quickly realise all that we have already described in other blog posts about time travel and time itself, so you will quickly abandon it because it has no added value at all for the scientists who can never return to their timeline as a result of time travel. The surveillance drones that time travel like this will actually not cause another timeline and why this is not the case, I am sure the writer will ask us soon.

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