A0607: How can an influenced space be created? – Part 3

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If we now tell you what exactly constitutes an influenced space, then it could be that one or two people will not believe our explanations. No matter what we say, these people will never believe it because they are missing something crucial. Why can people not imagine some things, we ask? Because these persons are missing something and that can be described by something you call foresight. Imagine the following situation and you will know what we mean. A man and a woman want to do something and the woman suggests to the man to go for a leisurely hike through a mountain range. The man reacts cautiously to this, so the woman asks. 

“Darling, don’t you think it’s as wonderful an idea as I do?”

“No, if we go hiking I will quickly reach my limits and I don’t think that is so wonderful.”

“How do you know that hiking will push you to your limit?”

“Because a hike is exhausting.”

“But the hike could include a nice experience of experiencing nature together, don’t you think?”

“No, it will be exhausting and I don’t feel like having sore muscles the next day.”

“Wouldn’t you be happy if we did something different than usual for once?”

“But if we take the arduous journey, then we won’t gain any benefit from it because we’ll both be hurting a lot afterwards, which wouldn’t be so if we just stayed here.”

“But it would mean a lot to me to experience a wonderful day with you in the mountains, wouldn’t that be enough motivation for you to take on this arduous journey?”

“No, it will just show us the nature we can enjoy here too.”

“But if I begged you, would you agree?”

“No, you would only make me feel worse afterwards than before.“

What does this tell us, we ask? The woman knows that the hike is arduous, but she also knows that many things will happen during this hike, that it is worth doing this arduous hike anyway. She knows beforehand that the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. The man spontaneously sees only the exertion and the man knows, of course, that ultimately it is the woman who wants to do this, but just because the woman likes to go hiking doesn’t mean the man has to like it. The man does not have the foresight that the woman already has, so the man immediately closes himself off to this undertaking. The impending exertion alone has caused the man to put himself in a defensive position in order to now negate all the woman’s arguments with counter-arguments. If the man had the foresight that the woman already has, the man would have considered the hike, but as it is, he will do anything to just not participate in the hike. Now, when we explain to you something that will clarify the concept of an influenced space, beings with foresight will see in it something that they will integrate into their knowledge building, because they will already understand what this knowledge will provide for humanity in the future. Beings without the necessary foresight will only see something in it that upsets their present concepts of their knowledge building and if they want to take the arduous path of integrating this new concept and adapting the old concepts so that the new concept can also exist in their knowledge building, then they would have to invest a great deal of work in rethinking it all. They shy away from this, so that despite their knowledge, they would never start to evaluate the new concept, because they would then quickly realise that the concept is not so bad at all and that the present work for integration into the knowledge building harbours many more advantages than disadvantages. Every time a person with foresight evaluates a new concept, that person will openly sense the possibilities and from that they will draw conclusions that are tantamount to a vision. People without foresight only see the work in re-evaluating their present knowledge if they would seriously consider a new concept. People without foresight are not lazy, but they will never have vision of anything because they are too cosy to revise their prevailing concepts. Traditionalists are such people who are closed to anything new and use every opportunity to shoot down change. If you, dear readers, want to introduce this new concept to another person and this other person will do everything in his power to constantly refute this new concept, even though the person has neither understood the new concept in detail nor wants to address the possibilities from it that this new concept brings with it, then you have a traditionalist in front of you who lacks foresight and who does not want to put in the work at all to really understand the new concept, because then it could mean a lot of work for this person and this is what these traditionalists shun like the so-called devil shuns holy water. Just as the wife will hardly be able to convince her husband to go hiking, so you will not be able to convince a traditionalist of a new concept, because the traditionalist will do everything against it, just so as not to have any work with incorporating this new concept into his knowledge building. You, as readers of the Akasha Interviews, are blessed with foresight, otherwise you would not be reading the writer’s blog either, so we firmly believe that you will quickly integrate the new concept into your knowledge building, even if this means that you have to think about it a lot. Big and small insights are generated much more often by people with foresight than by people without it. Visionaries are people who have a lot of foresight, but visionaries also have their limits. An influenced space also has limits, but like people with a lot of foresight, these limits are much wider than the average space suggests. An influenced space is an energy package on an energy level that corresponds to your plane of existence. We tell you that your plane of existence is a form of energy that has a lot of holding power, because a lot of dark energy keeps the particles of matter in shape. When two particles of matter are next to each other, there is a lot of space between the two particles of matter that you hardly notice. If there is a space between two particles of matter that you cannot perceive, then your plane of existence can actually be compared to a porous sponge and you can neither see nor feel the pores of the sponge. If you were able to influence the pores of a sponge, then let us assume that you could gather these pores in the centre of the sponge. From the outside the sponge would be a sponge, but inside a sponge there would be a space that you could neither feel nor see. This concept figuratively describes how the space between the particles of matter can be reorganised, although you can neither feel nor see these gathered holes between the particles of matter. The dark energy used to hold the particle of matter in shape is not touched at all, but the dark energy is used to reorganise the space between the particles of matter and to separate this merged inter-plane with a dark energy envelope from all the particles of matter in your plane of existence. This influenced space exists on your plane of existence even though you cannot feel or see this space because the area between your matter particles is being reorganised. If such an influenced space existed in your room, you would not be able to see or feel that space, but a person in the influenced space would, strictly speaking, exist in your room, even though you cannot feel or see that person. Your human body is made up of matter particles, so you can simply pass through this influenced space because the matter particles of your bodies can pass through each other without the matter particles of the different human bodies influencing each other. The person in the influenced space would also not perceive what is happening outside the influenced space because the boundaries of the influenced space can be almost limitless without any being outside the influenced space being able to perceive anything of that space. If two influenced spaces pass each other, it is the same, so that an influenced space can exist everywhere. Are there naturally-influenced spaces, we ask? No, your influenced spaces on your plane of existence have always been created by a highly evolved species and we will always address influenced spaces because almost all interstellar travelling species use influenced spaces to do many things.

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