A0608: How is Earth’s energy field different from other planets?

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We will start by briefly explaining what the energy field around a planet is for, and then we will explain how your energy field around Earth is currently constructed. We will then briefly discuss the official first contact, as this official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species ensures that you find this energy field with you in the way that it is currently set up. Some call this energy field the matrix, but that is because they do not understand what it is for. After we discuss your energy field around Earth, we will describe as an example how the energy fields around planets are constructed, which do not experience a process of official first contact, because they are either not yet ready or they have already experienced this official first contact. If you know what will change for you in a few years’ time because you will have made official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, then you will hardly listen to the old wives’ tales of the storytellers, because hardly anyone of these scary storytellers understands what the terrestrial-astral levels of your energy field are actually intended for. What does a planet have an energy field for, we ask? So that higher life can exist on the planet. Why does a higher life form need an energy field, we ask? Imagine a plant. A plant does not correspond to a higher life form, but the concept of this can be described very well on a plant. A plant is alive and because the so-called life in the plant ensures that substances are transformed, a current flows through every living body caused by the friction of the substances. If the plant did not process substances, it would not be alive and would not have an energy field around it. The energy field around a plant is quite small and the energy field around a human being is much larger. Even if you don’t want to believe us, the earth as a planet lives, like a plant and also like a human being. The earth has a consciousness because all larger celestial bodies are inhabited by a soul. When a human being is born on Earth, an incarnation inhabits that body, no matter what is said elsewhere. A portion of an incarnational consciousness animates the human body because an incarnation not only brings a consciousness with it into bodily life, but also the spark of life that the flesh of the human body needs in order to exist independently. The incarnation, however, is not you as a person, but the incarnation consciousness will ensure that the human being on earth will also develop as is expected of a human being on earth. What do we mean by that, we ask? Imagine a human being who would not be inhabited by an incarnation. There is no such thing in principle, but we now assume that the earthly human being is not inhabited by an incarnation. If the not inhabited human being were to grow up, he would hardly be able to develop because the motivation that usually drives you humans is missing. The development of the human being stagnates and since the motivation is also missing, you will hardly become more human. That is why human beings are inhabited by incarnations that ensure that the human being learns the usual patterns of behaviour, and the energy levels of the earthly energy field, among others, are provided for this purpose. An incarnation consciousness is a spiritual being. The personality consciousness of a person is a small part of the incarnation consciousness in which many things have been done that this partial consciousness can no longer remember that it is actually a spiritual being that has existed in the spiritual world for a very long time. This personality consciousness is you as a person and your inner being is the incarnation consciousness that knows almost everything and is constantly watching you. As you grow older and older, you also become more and more like the incarnation in you. You become more and more what the incarnation is and the incarnation within you becomes more and more the person that you are. When you die at a ripe old age, you are a wise and mature person who is the incarnation within you. You radiate the incarnation within you and the incarnation within you becomes more and more the person that you are. On the day of death, nothing distinguishes you any more, because the person and the incarnation are already one being. As you become more and more mature, you receive more and more fractals of consciousness of the incarnation, so that over the years you merge with each other and become one being. You do not disappear after death, but you appear as the incarnation in the spiritual world, which is now indistinguishable in essence from the person on earth. You fall asleep on earth in order to awaken in the spiritual world as the person you are. You are then a spiritual being who previously corresponded to the incarnation that incarnated into your human body in order to then become as that person developed. In order that the human being may also develop rationally, the incarnation will see to that. It begins together with the personality consciousness to learn human life and for this the earth has provided different astral planes. The portion of the incarnation consciousness that animated the human body will divide itself among the astral planes so that each partial consciousness inhabits an earth-astral plane. Each astral plane of the earthly energy field has a task and the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation have taken on these tasks so that they train on the astral planes for the respective task. You as a person are represented with a small partial consciousness on the sixth astral plane and you share this plane with other partial consciousnesses of yours. You are conscious with your personality consciousness around your body, but the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation within you are present on the astral planes. Since all the astral planes envelop the earth, all the consciousnesses with their own energy field are usually also exactly where you stand with your physical body. All the energy fields of your partial consciousnesses form a kind of aura around your body through the subtle environment of the earthly energy field, in which all the consciousness fractals of the incarnation shine around you, so that medially gifted persons can perceive the shining. The partial consciousnesses of the incarnation train their tasks and you unconsciously learn along with them. Your Earth has many astral planes, but there are always seven main planes around a planet. Each main plane may be inhabited, but usually the soul inhabiting the planet splits off three consciousnesses inhabiting three special astral planes. All higher life forms will automatically split their consciousness as the soul of the planet dictates. If you now have not three but seven astral planes that are inhabited, it is only because you are to be pacified so that you can experience your official first contact. Because there are now seven sub-consciousnesses present, instead of three, and they are doing a special job, you have been given much fewer fractals of consciousness as a personality consciousness, which make you think very slowly. If you are very slow in thinking, then the spiritual world can guide you much better so that you learn to become more and more human. When the official first contact has been made, then the soul of Earth will rearrange the energy field so that only three of the seven main astral planes are inhabited. You will automatically receive more fractals of consciousness for the personality consciousness, so that not only can you think much faster, but you can perceive the astral planes much better. When you can perceive the astral planes much better, then conscious astral travel will be possible for all of you. Let us now move on to the astral planes of the Earth.

The seventh astral plane of the earth
This plane is inhabited by a partial consciousness of incarnation and the task has much to do with what you can visualise. We do not mean the visualisations you practise on the sixth astral plane, but the seventh astral plane houses a gateway to a universe that is coupled to your body and that will exist as long as your human body lives. When you travel through this seventh astral plane and pass through the gateway to your universe, then you may be God, because you can then create things that have the same matter as you know from earth, only that you can form this matter with your thoughts, because the holding power in this universe is much less than is the case with you on earth. If you think of a living being there, then it exists and lives as you know it from earth. If you create a creature that has to eat, then you should also provide the food. You can create whole worlds in this own universe, like the Wingmaker, that exist just as yours do, only it will all pass away when your physical body passes away. There is much more to this plane that we will address in time.

The sixth astral plane of the earth
Here is a partial consciousness of incarnation, as well as you as a personality consciousness and your ego consciousness. Many beings are found here because the sixth astral plane of Earth is a superposition of the other astral planes of Earth. The task is to guarantee an interplay of all planes. The subconsciousness of the incarnation must therefore evaluate the flow of information from all the other subconsciousnesses of the incarnation of you and let through only that information to the personality consciousness which seems important.

The fifth astral plane of the earth
The subconsciousness of the incarnation learns how a human being should express himself, verbally and also through body language. All partial consciousnesses of all human beings discuss with each other incessantly on this earth-astral plane. This can also lead to heated arguments, so that there is a lot of arguing and discussing on this plane. 

The fourth astral plane of the earth
The partial consciousness of the incarnation stores all terrible experiences here. When the time is right, the partial consciousness will try to overcome these traumas together with you. Many hiding places have been created there to reveal something extraordinary to each person, if they are looking for it.

The third astral plane of the earth
The solar plexus main energy node not only connects all the astral planes together, but this main energy node is also a direct connection to the incarnation body of the incarnation in the spiritual world. When you experience surges of energy, you receive a surge of energy from the incarnational body from the spiritual world. 

The second astral plane of the earth
This subconsciousness of the incarnation learns how to send out frequencies that are unconsciously received by other people, so that you also communicate with other people through it. We have already told you that women who are ready for conception emit frequencies that hardly any man can ignore. Men send out dominance or even frequencies that are supposed to magically attract disciples when the person evolves into a so-called guru. There is more to report, but not today. 

The first astral plane of the earth
People experience strong emotions because the incarnation within you experiences a feeling. The incarnation within you experiences everything as you perceive it. When the feeling of the incarnation is received by your body, the human body can transform the feeling of the incarnation into an emotion. When an emotion appears in the body, this subconsciousness of the incarnation within you will ensure that all the information that this emotion has generated is also properly stored, so that this subconsciousness always monitors the body to see if a similar emotion appears, so that the subconsciousness can produce the stored emotion again. The emotion is learned and executed again and again when the same or a similar situation occurs.

Another planet that is not experiencing official first contact will also have seven astral planes, but only three of them will be inhabited.

The first astral plane of an alien planet
Here, as on Earth, the emotions are dealt with.

The fourth astral plane of an alien planet
The solar plexus main energy node is very important, so that the connection to all seven astral planes still exists. Furthermore, the personality consciousness and the ego consciousness are represented here. The flow of information is still directed by a partial consciousness of the incarnation, but not as much as on earth. One more thing should be mentioned – The personality consciousness is constantly travelling around through the solar plexus main energy node, so the personality consciousness can travel very consciously on all astral planes.

The sixth astral plane of a foreign planet.
This plane provides for the connection with the spiritual world, so that the partial consciousness of the incarnation enables the personality consciousness to do much to perceive this connection also. What about the universe on the seventh astral plane, we ask? This universe can be accessed through the partial plane between the sixth and seventh astral planes. We will go into this subject in more depth in later blog entries. 

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