A0600: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 18

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The Wingmaker have created other creatures that still exist today and that we do not count as classical spiritual beings. Whenever a Wingmaker has an idea for a new being, all Wingmaker will deliberate vigorously about that new being, because a new creature will only be created if clearly the purpose for creating it is justified. If a Wingmaker creates a creature on a whim, then that creature may have nothing to do for its entire existence and that is the worst punishment a creature can suffer. That is why every new creation must also have a purpose, which must be determined very precisely beforehand. The Wingmaker have a lot of support for this because very many spiritual beings help the Wingmaker with their creations and planning. When a new creation is presented in the spiritual world, a lot of work has already been done on the blueprint of the being and the purpose is always given. This was the case when the blueprint for the Dragon was presented.

The Wingmaker have created many creatures and these creatures mostly live on planets in a universe. If we take the human species, people on a planet will always form a society and when a society has reached a certain maturity, there will always be leaders and led people. Leaders are usually elected and monarchies are always short-lived because the blueprint of human beings intends that leaders will stand out from the masses of people, so monarchies are very fragile because many monarchs are not leaders of masses in the true sense. When leaders of society are elected, these chiefs also need journeymen to maintain law and order. If the human species on a planet is very peaceful because the body of the species on the planet has already been set to be so peaceful, then the humans will very quickly form a group and then a society. Since the beings are very peaceful, it is also hardly necessary to ensure law and order. There are always exceptions who are either exceptionally peaceful or exceptionally criminal. If society has nothing to oppose these exceptionally criminal individuals, then it will not be the elected leaders who will see to the welfare of society, but these groups of criminal individuals will determine how well society is doing. This problem disturbed the Wingmaker and they came up with a solution.

There would have to be an authority on the planet that could emphatically ensure law and order, even if the vast majority of the resident beings are extremely peaceful. Since a being of the species can hardly be used for this purpose, the Wingmaker considered a being that on the one hand is absolutely righteous and on the other hand has attributes with which the being not only knows how to impress, but the being must also have the power to put a stop to the criminal individuals on a planet. That was the purpose for the dragon and the Wingmaker added many more attributes to the creature that you usually give to a full-grown dragon. A dragon on a planet will never guard treasure or have a taste for virgins, but dragons have the sole purpose of keeping law and order among the native beings. The dragon appears one day where it is needed and if the native species has never seen a dragon before, the astonishment is very great. If the dragon starts protecting the population from local criminals, the local population will very quickly see this as good-natured behaviour, so they will also quickly trust the dragon. If large groups are fighting each other brutally, a dragon will immediately begin to separate these hostile groups on the battlefield, no matter how many lives it will cost among the warriors. The dragon does not tolerate warlike confrontations, no matter what the blame, a dragon will brutally end warlike actions. This is recognised immediately, so that dragons are also recognised by the leaders of groups of peoples. But the dragon can also dispense justice, and for this the dragon empowers a native being to transmit its jurisprudence. For this purpose, the dragon enters into a symbiosis with a righteous native being, and once the symbiosis has been consummated, these two beings are bound to each other for eternity. These right-speaking beings are usually called the dragon riders among you, but they do not speak the law, but the dragon transmits its judgement to the so-called dragon rider, so that the dragon rider only transmits the information. The dragon knows everything, because hardly any thought of the native beings can be concealed from the dragon, so that all beings on the planet will abide by the judgement, because they certainly do not want to be visited by the dragon. Dragons are exceedingly intelligent and dragons are inhabited by dragon incarnations who have had themselves transformed into a dragon by a spiritual being.

Dragons have the task of maintaining law and order, but dragons per se have no consciousness because a dragon is created from a spiritual being. Just as Wingmaker take the blueprint of a human being to create a human being from a human-like being, Wingmaker take the blueprint of a dragon and apply this blueprint to an ordinary spiritual being to create a dragon soul or, most often, a dragon incarnation. Now, however, there is no full-grown dragon floating in the spiritual world, but the consciousness of the incarnation is adjusted for the crucial attributes of a dragon and since a dragon must also be very powerful, the 4th main plane no longer feeds the spiritual being, but created beings, like the dragon, receive a new and very powerful source of energy. All created beings that are created from a spiritual being are, from the moment of creation, beings of the 8th main plane and since most beings of the 8th main plane will always ensure law and order, the energy of righteousness, among others, is strongly represented in the energy of the 8th main plane. But also a very powerful healing energy is represented in the 8th main plane, which every being of the 8th main plane can also use. Every dragon that incarnates as a human being on earth is not only extremely righteous, but can also become a very powerful healer who will achieve healing successes that are hardly possible for healers of the 4th main plane. 

A healer of the 8th main level will generate his own healing energy from a certain point in his life as a healer, whereby healers of the 4th main level always act as a body to body interface for a spiritual healing being. 4th principal level healers receive the healing energy and transmit it, whereas 8th principal level healers transform the healing energy in their human bodies themselves. Before an 8th level healer begins to transform their own healing energy, the 8th level healer is also made aware of why they are capable of doing it in the first place, so that powerful healers who constantly dream of roaming with dragons can be sure that they represent a created being capable of much more, which we have already described in detail in the blog entries on 8th level healers and dragons.

Let us now return to the Wingmaker and we would like to say a few final words: The Wingmaker have only the welfare of all living beings in mind. They would never do anything for their own gain, so stories about these beings that portray the Wingmaker in a bad light are absolutely untrue. The Wingmaker have no need to appear before you to proclaim that they are the creators of everything, but the Wingmaker will ceaselessly ensure that the spiritual beings in the spiritual world have ever new opportunities to evolve, for that is precisely the purpose of the Wingmaker, that is the only purpose for which they were created and since the beginning of time they have been pursuing precisely that purpose of their existence. The next time you think about why something is the way it appears, try to determine the purpose behind it, then you will know why the Wingmaker predestined it to be exactly that way. If everything has a purpose, what is the purpose of Everything That Is, we ask in conclusion? Think about it, dear readers.

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