A0601: What are the so-called Orbs? – Part 1

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These so-called Orbs are light phenomena that cause a lot of sensation and we also say that these so-called Orbs are not always of the same kind, so we have to divide this subject into four categories so that you can understand what people are talking about when they talk about the so-called Orbs. First of all, an Orb is always something that looks like a glowing ball of energy, but an Orb can be much more than that, so we can’t cover all four categories in one blog entry. We need four blog entries for this so that you can gain a comprehensive knowledge of it. 

The light Orb
This first attempt to describe an Orb will amuse many readers, but we say already, only the first part of this series is amusing because Orbs are actually controlled by alien intelligences. The ordinary Orb is an appearance of light that is of natural origin and by this we mean something that has intelligence but does not act remotely. When such an ordinary Orb appears in your vicinity, people are very confused at first because they cannot understand what this light phenomenon actually represents. A so-called Orb of light has a consciousness because an ordinary Orb represents a life form that does not inhabit an ordinary body as you know it, but life forms, in your jargon, represent something that is physically present. You would never attribute consciousness to an air breeze, so an air breeze is not a life form to you. But if consciousness can exist disembodied, then there are countless intermediate stages to your definition of a living being. The general Orb is a life form that does not have a body that corresponds to your bodily attributes, but it is figuratively a body because an Orb does not represent a spiritual being, but is something between a spiritual being and a life form as you humans define it. The general Orb has a personality because all higher evolved beings develop a personality. An Orb is also intelligent, but not as you understand it. Since an Orb has quasi-physical senses, the common Orb will also perceive its environment as all living beings do, but usually an Orb does not exist on your plane of existence, so an Orb usually has to consciously leave its plane of existence to perceive your environment. An Orb does not propagate, but an Orb can create another Orb, whereas Orbs are not inhabited by a spiritual being, but Orbs are created when condensed energy forms a consciousness. This description is far too vague, so we need to back up our claim with an analogy so that you understand what constitutes a consciousness in the first place. Let’s say you are kneading something and after a while you are not sure if there is enough dough in your sculpture. Then you can add more dough to the sculpture, but you run the risk that the adapted dough will fall off the previous sculpture because it has not bonded well. If you take the previous sculpture and knead it again with the added dough, the new sculpture would be stronger than before. Now, if you imagine an energy stream that is made up of many energy fractals, then the energy stream is very homogeneous, if we want to describe it that way, because each energy fractal contains an identifier so that all energy fractals know that they belong to that energy stream. Now a spiritual being uses something from this energy stream, because the spiritual being on a spiritual level draws something new from the previously mentioned energy stream with these energy fractals. Now the consciousness of the spiritual being takes something from the energy stream through thought processes and because every creative process also always leads to a manifestation on a spiritual level, the creation will take on the identification of the creator. If at some point this manifestation is dissolved, the former energy from the energy stream cannot easily rejoin the original energy stream because it now has an identifier of the Creator, so that an unused energy package lingers on a spiritual plane that corresponds to the previous manifestation but no longer has any holding power. This energy package will travel the spiritual world because all energy is always in a state of flux. Just as a piece of dough cannot simply be adapted to the sculpture, this energy package cannot easily rejoin the previous energy flow. Now imagine that the spiritual being, with the previously mentioned energy stream, manifests a great deal. Now innumerable of these manifestations are dissolved again, which do not have a great holding energy. These energy packages clump together, so to speak, because these former creations have the identification of the Creator and attract each other, so to speak, like magnets. We spiritual beings have existed for a very long time and we manifest incessantly, so it happens again and again that our dissolved manifestations find each other and create an ever larger energy package. This energy package has a consciousness and the bigger this consciousness becomes, the more it resembles the creator of the manifestations, but this consciousness has no curiosity, so that many spiritual beings have fun giving these manifested consciousnesses a mini spark of their life, so that this consciousness automatically starts to become more and more human and that includes curiosity. How do these consciousnesses come to have a quasi-body, we ask? They develop so much curiosity over time that they find out how such a quasi-body can be created. When they have developed so far, they start their journey of exploration through the universes, because there they can experience many things with their quasi-bodies and sometimes these Orbs also come to you to experience what there is to experience with you. They are very curious and we also say that because they have taken over many things from their creator, they also have different personalities, so that they also get up to a lot of mischief. When you meet such an ordinary Orb, not much will happen except that you will be very surprised.

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