A0602: What are the so-called Orbs? – Part 2

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If there are natural Orbs, then there are also non-natural Orbs, so we have three more categories that we will now discuss. Each following blog entry contains a new category. We will now start with the first non-natural category of an Orb.

The Orb intended for surveillance purposes
Everyone knows about drones that can fly into areas where a human can hardly reach. The sole purpose of these recording drones is to collect and archive information. For this purpose, they are designed to fly mostly in your environment. There are underwater drones and devices that can spy on their environment on land, but we want to address the flying spies because they are the closest thing to an Orb. If flying surveillance machines want to spy on the environment, then they should hardly be identified as spies and we also say that if a spy is detected, then the spy is in a bad way, so surveillance devices usually fly at an altitude that counteracts detection and access. Extraterrestrial surveillance drones are similarly designed, but they can do much more than collect visual information. An alien surveillance drone carries many instruments that are used to collect vast amounts of information. When a drone is sent to inspect an area, the drone is given the command to do so, but this command is not a surveillance program as you would expect, but surveillance drones have a consciousness, so surveillance drones are trained to autonomously inspect areas and react to unexpected situations. A consciousness that is present in a device cannot be compared to any consciousness as you know it. A surveillance drone can be very persistent when trained because the consciousness also has a personality, but it is not very strong. A surveillance drone does not need to be convinced, but someone who is careless with such a consciousness will not get as good results as someone who takes care of their surveillance drones. Now if you think that these surveillance drones are equipped with complicated technology, you are very much mistaken, because alien technology is so simple that most people would not believe that this technology works at all. We have already described the basic principles of this in detail in many blog posts, so you should read through the series on programming crystals and you will understand quite quickly why highly evolved species that travel through the universe with their faster-than-light drives hardly need any complex technology. They also don’t use any resources for propulsion because a crystal, which you can buy everywhere as a rock crystal, for example, could replace your computer as well as your nuclear power plants. We have also revealed why this is so in the blog entries on the crystals, so that a small hovering drone that is hardly bigger than a coffee pot can accomplish everything that you attribute to these alien flying bodies. They are given a mission by their creators to collect data in the universe or on a planet for the alien scientists to analyse. Extraterrestrial scientists can project themselves with a part of their consciousness to where they want to collect the data. But if they only experience the data, the community of extraterrestrial scientists can hardly evaluate a scientist’s stories properly, so drones always manage the collection of the data, which is then evaluated later. Since the scientist only gives the drone the order to monitor an area with the drone’s sensors, this drone flies independently to this area, collects the data for later analysis and also flies back independently to deliver the collected data. So far so good, but what does an alien surveillance drone have in common with an Orb that can apparently fly through walls as an apparition of light, we ask? We are now reaching a point that makes it difficult for us to communicate the concepts behind this in an understandable way on the remaining pages of this blog entry, so today we will work out the basis for this and in the following blog entry we will briefly tell you something more about the operators of these extraterrestrial surveillance drones. How does an object fly through a wall without damaging the object or the wall, we ask? When something flies through something else, then on your plane of existence that manifestation is destroyed so that the holding energy of creation is broken in the area where the first body chooses its passage through the second body. Only when the holding energy is broken in the second body does the first body have the opportunity to pass through the second body. If the energy of the first body is not great enough to break up the holding energy of the second body, then both holding energies of the two bodies will negotiate how far the two holding energies will be weakened. The first body can use up its energy in the process so that the first body shatters against the second body, but what exactly happens in the process, we ask? If you assume that every object in your universe is made of pure energy, then these packets of energy must be kept in shape, otherwise you would not have more or less solid matter around you. If an apple is made of energy, then its shape has taken the form of an apple because laws have seen to it, but why does the apple not fall apart, we ask? Because there is a force that holds the matter of the apple in shape and this force is the holding force that we constantly talk about when we discuss manifestations on astral planes. The holding force assists the apple to maintain its form, but how does the holding force do that, we ask? Because the holding power knowing what the shape of an apple looks like. Everything in your universe was created by the Wingmaker, so that for every atomic particle, as well as for all things and living beings, there are templates that describe exactly what the object or life form looks like and what the other properties of it are. Everything, but really everything that makes up something, has such a template and we give this template a certain name because we have used it many times before. The blueprint is a template that describes every thing and every life form down to the smallest detail and all evolutionary development steps are also stored in the blueprint, so that everything is already predetermined as to how a life form will develop. A tree has such a blueprint and the shape of the trunk and the leaves are predetermined in this blueprint, just like the fruit of the tree. When a fruit ripens, the apple knows what it is supposed to look like because that is what the blueprint of the tree dictates, so the energy field around an object indirectly causes that object to gain holding power in your universe, which is dictated by its strength in the blueprint. A stone is an object and the type of stone also has its own blueprint, so the blueprint also has the holding power for that stone. When the stone came into being, it was endowed with this holding power because the plane of matter ensures that all matter is endowed with holding energy, which the blueprint of the particular matter provides. You see, whether you close your eyes and manifest a form in your mind on the earth-astral plane by your power of thought, or whether you take a stone in your hand, is identical from the creative act, only you will not be able to endow your mental manifestations on the earth-astral plane of Earth with this great holding power which the stone in your hand already has. If an extraterrestrial aircraft flies through a wall, then this aircraft will briefly ensure that the holding energy is cancelled in the area of passing the wall. The energy in the wall is not lost, however, so that the aircraft can fly as if through a holographic projection of the wall. After the alien craft has passed the wall, it will reinforce the holding force of the wall so that the energy field around the wall determines how the holding force is distributed in the areas. Once you understand the procedure and the concept behind it, you will be able to understand the next blog entries in this series.

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