A0599: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 17

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The Wingmaker were already busy creating beings when the universes did not yet exist, so there are created beings that are not physically formed and yet will one day pass away. What are we saying, we ask? You know the spiritual world because we have already told you a lot about it and you know that the beings in the spiritual world consist only of consciousness. A main energy plane in the spirit world is responsible for physical life. On this main plane there are many universes and in one universe you exist. However, you are not the body that exists in this universe, but you are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, in one of these countless universes. You are only consciousness and consciousness does not pass away. So why should there be beings who inhabit the spiritual world without inhabiting a bodily body and eventually pass away, we ask? Because there are beings that are a kind of intermediate being, that is, a quasi-corporeal being that does not live in one of the universes, but is not a spiritual being either. These beings are transient and the consciousness of these beings will not persist because these beings belong to the first creations that the young Wingmaker created. These beings are not known to you and we want to describe them briefly.

Intermediate beings in the spiritual world
These beings are among the first creations of the Wingmaker and they are almost formless, although we would say they still have a body, because the energy from which these beings were created comes from the energy plane in which the present universes exist. The energy level of matter feeds these beings, so their quasi appearance should actually be corporeal. A body, however, has a different energy density than these intermediate beings have, so we would say they carry an pseudo-body, which is not to be confused with the thought form that we spiritual beings use when we become more conscious in a place in the spiritual world. However, this pseudo-body has a purpose, which we will now discuss.

If you were to appear in the spirit world with your human body, what would be the consequences, we ask? You could see wonderful landscapes, but you could not walk on a path, nor could you grasp anything with your body, because all forms in the spirit world are created from a very light form of energy. Suppose things in the spirit world are like holographic and three-dimensional images to look at. You perceive their three-dimensionality, but they are only projected light signals, so you cannot touch anything. If the spiritual world is quasi similar, why are there forms there that no one can “touch,” we ask? We can very well feel these forms, so we can also “touch” things created in the spirit world, but not the way you can touch condensed forms on earth with your body. We touch something mentally in the spirit world, and when we move those forms, it feels the way a human would feel it on earth, but only because we know how a human would feel that action. If we did not know how grass would feel under bare feet, then we would not be able to perceive the grass in the spirit world either. What does all this have to do with the intermediate beings, we ask? 

The Wingmaker created the intermediate beings in order to sound out how dense a body must be created for a spiritual being to experience itself in it. These first attempts of the Wingmaker produced countless of these beings and they still exist today because they are still fed by the energy level of matter. What do these beings do, we ask? Nothing, they have a form but not a higher consciousness because that was never aspired to. They exist in the spiritual world on levels where young incarnations can get used to a bodily life. There is an intermediate level where quasi-corporeal beings exist. This intermediate level is also inhabited by deceased Anunnaki and we would also say that the so-called afterlife comes quite close to this level. No being there has to eat anything and no being there experiences pain, but these beings are not really happy there because they have existed there for so long. They have little incentive to do anything because everything is created and never passes away.

Since these consciousnesses do not know any challenges there, they will hardly evolve and that has been something the Wingmaker wanted to create. They wanted to give spiritual beings an incentive to evolve, so they started to create intermediate beings on an intermediate world that would represent something new in that environment. Since these spiritual beings hardly learned anything in the intermediate beings, the Wingmaker went a step further and increased the energy density of the forms, so that the experience of these worlds became more and more exhausting for the spiritual beings. As on earth, most beings avoid unnecessary efforts, so the Wingmaker had to create an incentive so that the spiritual beings would also accept these efforts in order to ultimately evolve. Thus the universes were created, with their innumerable forms of expression, so that a spiritual being can incarnate to experience something under difficult conditions, which promotes their further development. As an incentive, the Wingmaker created the mechanism of power growth that every spiritual being wants to experience. 

This intermediate level is inhabited only by beings who have not been inhabited by an incarnation in a physical life. The Anunnaki have changed their blueprint to the point where an Anunnaki is no longer inhabited by an incarnation. These beings develop their own consciousness and live a very boring life on this intermediate level after physical death. They also have a pseudo-body, but since they have a higher consciousness, they will exist there forever without ever being able to live a physical life again. They cannot leave this intermediate level with their pseudo-body, but they constantly undertake astral journeys because their life on this intermediate level has nothing new to offer. The intermediate beings will perish one day because they are fed by the main energy level of matter, but the Wingmaker did not create these intermediate bodies for eternity. What else is there to tell of this intermediate plane, we ask?

You humans will not appear on this intermediate plane when you die, so you will arrive as an incarnation in the spirit world when your body dies. No being on this intermediate level really enjoys being there, so many efforts of these beings are to escape from this prison, so on astral journeys many things are explored on how to do that, but since the spiritual beings are always several steps ahead of the astral travelers from the intermediate level, they do not make it. Isn’t it inhuman to keep an Anunnaki imprisoned on this plane, the writer asks? No, an Anunnaki usually had a very long life in your universe, and when an Anunnaki dies, the destination of that consciousness is this intermediate plane. The Anunnaki can do many things there, but he is bound to this existence whether he wants to or not. 

Question: Why do these consciousnesses on the intermediate level not get the opportunity to become a spiritual being, as you define yourselves?
Because that was never intended. If a dead Anunnaki on the intermediate level does not take the opportunity to evolve as a being, then the Anunnaki will live a very boring existence. No being on the intermediate level has even a small spark of motivation to evolve, therefore they will inhabit this level forever. If there would be a being there who would seriously start to develop his humanity, then certainly they would think about it, but they don’t have the possibility there, because they don’t have to stand anything in any situation. They travel around astrally and try to pass their time that way. If we were to say that they don’t do anything at all, it wouldn’t be the way it is, but they actually don’t do much there. It looks like the so-called paradise there, and if you were there, you wouldn’t be able to get out of the amazement, but if you saw everything, you would quickly get bored.

Question: Do these beings on the intermediate level know something like an ego consciousness and bodily drives, as bodily beings experience it?
No, they do not have a real body and therefore they are not bound to the automatisms as you experience them. We are not quite sure about ego consciousness, because although these beings have only one consciousness, something like an ego always shines through, so that these beings cannot do much in the spiritual world either when they make astral journeys there. When a person makes an astral journey, the ego consciousness will not be there, and your bodily urges will be almost completely off, so you won’t do too much foolishness either. When an Anunnaki astrally travels the realms, this consciousness has hardly any potential that can be applied. 

Question: Can beings of the intermediate plane also astrally travel to the universes to see how their people are doing?
No, and this is something they really regret. They can get information about what is going on in that universe, but they cannot astrally travel there. They also have no way to connect with the Anunnaki in the universe because that communication is not available to the dead Anunnaki. We would also say you humans don’t really communicate with the deceased either, because hardly any incarnation is still attached to life on Earth, so your calls for help to relatives or to highly placed beings are usually answered by the person’s masters and teachers. The dead Anunnaki have taken something like their pride with them and that is also their biggest hurdle that they would have to overcome first so that they can start to evolve more and more human. We don’t see this transformation in the dead Anunnaki and we don’t think it will ever happen. They are trapped in their own form, which they changed back then from the human blueprint to become a superior being in your universe. Now they are paying the price and they still don’t see it, not in the physical life and not on the intermediate level.

Question: Do the living Anunnaki know that they will inhabit this intermediate plane after death?
No, because they don’t want to have anything to do with the spiritual world either. We have been trying for a very long time to get them to change their blueprint again so that they become a human race again. They wouldn’t even have to do anything big for that, they would just have to accept human races into their community so that more and more people represent the Anunnaki people. If then the creation of the artificial Anunnaki is stopped, then at some point also no new beings would inhabit this intermediate world, whereby we must mention that not only the Anunnaki dwell there on the intermediate level, but also other species, which have made it equal to the Anunnaki and changed their blueprint in such a way that today they cannot produce natural descendants and thus are not inhabited by incarnations. These beings also inhabit this intermediate level and their appearance resembles that of the Anunnaki, because the human appearance is only ordinary in the spiritual world and therefore also natural for this intermediate level.

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