A0598: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 16

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The great white Grey are closer in kinship to you than the Grey species, but the Grey species also share many similarities with you because your human blueprint is an extension of the blueprint of the Grey species. You share many ways of doing things with the Grey species that you will not find in other non-human species. Take the social structure that you work out during your evolutionary history, you have inherited that from the Grey species. Another commonality is mating among yourselves. The Grey species reproduced as a young species in a similar way as the human species, so all your physical instincts for that were taken from the Grey species. We will give another interesting example that you will find hard to believe that the Grey species practices. They love to laugh so much that social gatherings, like the ones you have all the time, have been adopted by the Grey species.  

If you were to face a Grey being today, you would hardly believe what we have just described, because the Grey races are also evolving, so they do not practice procreation as young human races do, nor do they have many social occasions in which they frolic as humans are only too happy to do. They still love to laugh and they are up for a lot of shenanigans, but their steady evolution makes it hardly necessary for them to eat vast amounts of food, so eating and drinking behavior has changed completely. The Grey species creates its offspring, and when you later reach a certain level of development, you too create the offspring, just as the great white Grey are already doing. 

There is an evolutionary leap in the human blueprint that will make physical reproduction unnecessary, so that Earthly humans will one day dispense with it completely. Anatomy will take this change in behavior as an opportunity to dismantle all the bodily processes and organs that are now still necessary for reproduction and rearing of offspring. There will still be sexual organs, but in a reduced form. The woman’s breast will regress so that the physical appearance of human beings will become more and more similar. When these highly evolved people create offspring, they create a new being through their thoughts. They need a partner for this, so that there are still parents in the conventional sense, but they mentally create a being that appears smaller than the parents, but that is already very developed. There are no babies that have to grow up for years, but the created being is already independent and can immediately help the parents with many things. These created beings are also inhabited by an incarnation, so that this incarnation already knows many things that make it up, but the created being will still learn many things and gather a great deal of knowledge that will generate a great deal of growth. 

If we want to compare the earthly human being with such a highly developed human being, then we say with conviction: You earthly people are living so dangerously at the moment that a highly developed human being would be afraid of it, but earthly people will never gather as much knowledge in an earthly life as a highly developed human being, that’s why the power attribution from a highly developed human being is also greater than from an earthly human being. However, the earthly human being experiences completely different moments than a highly developed human being, so that many incarnations in the spiritual world are torn between what kind of human life they want to lead. An incarnation that chooses a highly evolved human form will prefer another life form in terms of its essence, but because its intention is the granting of power, it will prefer a highly evolved human form to all other life forms. What do we mean by this, we ask?

Imagine an incarnation in the spiritual world. Spiritual beings consist only of consciousness, and consciousness consists solely of fractals of consciousness. These fractals of consciousness gather in the spiritual world to assume a quasi-solid form on an energy plane. They are not physical forms, but they are thought forms that manifest around the cloud of consciousness fractals. Just as you can form a shape in thoughts, so do spiritual beings, only that these fractals of consciousness clothe themselves with this thought-form. If the spiritual being has chosen a shape in the spiritual world, then it usually keeps this shape when it contracts its consciousness fractals in a place in the spiritual world in order to be able to perceive the surroundings there more consciously. Do you actually know what these thought forms are that the spiritual beings choose, we ask? No? Well, then we will tell you. They all look the same as you humans on Earth, and there is a special reason for that, which we will reveal today.

We told you that all human races in your universe always look a little different because the environment of the planet and the appearance of the human-like being on the planet from which the new human race is created must always adapt to the environmental conditions, so a human-like being on a planet with a dense jungle will develop differently than a human-like being on a desert-like planet. That is why you will find very many expressions of the human species. Why then are all spiritual beings clothed with a thought-form that looks confusingly like you earthly humans, we ask? Because All That Is once walked around like this in the young spiritual world. All other spiritual beings wanted to emulate the Creator and copied this thought form. Only on very special worlds can human-like creatures mature that can one day be used to create human expressions that come closest to the thought form of the Creator. These planets are not uncommon, so that in your universe there are many races of humans that are almost indistinguishable from you earthly humans. At a closer look you will distinguish yourselves as human races, but at the first and second glance you will not.

Why are there incarnations now that would like to choose such a human form in your universe, but then choose a highly evolved human form, we ask? They are the beings who were already present there in the spiritual world at the time of the Creator and have been wearing their human thought form since time immemorial, which was closest to the thought form of the Creator at that time. They boast that at times they roamed the spiritual world with the Creator in their human form. In order that these first and haughty incarnations also receive a change of essence through a bodily life, they should never wear your human form in your universe, that could not be helpful for the spiritual being. Does the Creator still roam the spiritual world with his human thought form, we ask? No, the Creator is no longer present in the spiritual world as a thought form, but his consciousness is still there. We would want to discuss the so-called Creator in a separate blog entry because you still do not know who this Creator actually is. 

Let us now return to the human races. There are several races of humans in your star system, but not in a large population. Many Grey are to be found and also many great white Grey who control much of what alien species do in your star system and in other star systems, so that these highly evolved human races are looked upon as a big brother by many young human races once they have gained the knowledge of this human race. Where the great white Grey are to be found, the common Grey are also not far away, because these beings can work very harmoniously with each other, which both species appreciate very much. They are closer to each other than many would assume, so that the great white Grey and the common Grey also laugh a lot with each other, because that is their nature, just like with you earthly humans. 

We now have two more parts of this series to go and we would dedicate the last parts to the Wingmaker because they are responsible for you being able to live as physical beings in this universe. We will reveal some news about the Wingmaker that you do not know. The Wingmaker do not only create the physical life forms, so you will be amazed when we finish this series.

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