A0597: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 15

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Earthly humanity will one day have an outer appearance that can hardly be compared with its present appearance. When Earth humans interbreed with other human species, because the official first contact will be made this decade, and Earth humanity will receive technology as a gift from the alien species to travel between the stars, the Earth gene sequence will spread rapidly through your galaxy. Then, as you travel to more and more planets to visit other species, you will notice something startling. Not all human races look like you earthly humans, but there are very advanced human races that would be considered non-human in appearance, but are a true human race. Why is that, we ask?

Imagine the first human race on a planet. That first human race in your universe looked almost like you look on Earth. Now, on another planet, imagine the second human race that looks just like you. Now imagine the one hundredth human race on an alien planet and it will still look very much like you Earth humans. Now imagine the one thousandth human race and this human race will also not look very different from you earthly humans. All human races at first looked very much like the earthly human type and we also say they all have physical differences, but every being immediately recognises the human type of being in every young human race. Didn’t we say that there are human races that can hardly be assigned to a human type externally, we ask? Yes, we did, because it is true.

You know from your Hollywood blockbuster films the grey alien beings, also called Grey. This species looks very inhuman because it is also a non-human species. Now take the outer appearance of the small Grey and enlarge the proportions so that a large Grey is created, which can also be more than two metres tall. Now we want to give this big Grey another colour so that its outer appearance is more white instead of grey. This tall white Grey is a human species that once looked like you earthly humans. This human race is very old and so it has made many physical evolutionary leaps that are part of the human blueprint. That is why there are many young human races that look like the earthly human type and there are evolutionarily advanced human races that look less and less like the present earthly human type, but more and more like the tall white Grey. This human type has no special designation because evolutionarily advanced human types do not give themselves a special designation. They all come from the human blueprint and are therefore human beings, just as you are human beings on Earth. 

However, the tall white Grey have evolved over millions of years, so their physical appearance has changed again and again. We have already told you that the Wingmaker used the blueprint of the Grey species to create an improved blueprint, which we call the human blueprint, so it is not surprising that the human species shares many similarities with the Grey species. One commonality is external appearance, so the basic form of the non-human species of Grey represents the final evolutionary leap of a human race. The human proportions will grow and the white colour was chosen so that there is another visual difference that distinguishes the human species from the Grey species in their final evolutionary representation. You earthly humans will appear millions of years from now exactly like the tall white Grey. You will make several evolutionary leaps until you not only look like the tall white Grey, but you will also gain abilities that you would liken to magic. We have explained to you in a blog entry how a being can virtually create an object out of nothing and when you have evolved over many years you will perfect this ability so that the tall white Grey can materialise anything they desire virtually out of nothing. This ability is widespread among all corporeal beings and we have explained the basic principle of it in detail. 

The tall white Grey do not speak in the way you communicate, but their first evolutionary leap was to learn the ability of telepathy, just as you earthly humans will soon have more and more telepaths among you who can thus establish mental communication. The second evolutionary leap will be the change of physical form and this change will occur because as a future advanced civilization you will eat healthier and healthier, so food intake will change. You will spend less and less time eating and drinking extensively. Your outer form will not experience this change overnight, but this change will take a great deal of time. You earthly humans will not experience these physical changes in isolation, but the planet is initiating all physical changes throughout the earthly race except for telepathy. How can you imagine this global change of the earthly race, we ask?

First of all, we must say that all subsequent physical as well as mental evolutions are already predetermined, so that in the blueprint of the human species all evolutionary leaps are recorded. Every blueprint, for every living being, gives all the evolutionary steps, so that we as spiritual beings can see in today’s earthly humans what all the humans of the earth will look like in a thousand or ten million years, because we can recognise the energy field of every species. Every living being, whether human, animal, plant or a body cell, has such an energy field around it and every body cell perceives itself in the energy field of the being, so that the body cell of a human baby knows where it is to be found in the baby form. Since every body cell perceives itself in this energy form, it can also look up in the gene sequences of its DNA what its characteristics are as a body cell in the energy field and how it should react to its environment. A baby has a different energy field than a child or an adult human being, so that this energy field, which is generated by the body, grows with it over its lifetime, so that an adult human being can also develop from it. We have already dealt with this topic in detail in past blog entries, so you can read the information. 

What does this mean for the further development of earthly people, we ask? Nothing, because you hardly notice anything about it. You should only know that a human race will make many evolutionary leaps, so that each human race starts out appearing like the earthly human type. The first evolutionary leap is the ability of telepathy, which is not only learned by the human species. After that, over many thousands of years, your outward appearance will become more and more like the tall white Grey, which are also a human species. This happens so slowly that earthly humanity hardly notices this change. In the next blog entry in this series we want to discuss the different human races again, so we will tell you a little more about the tall white Grey.

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