A0593: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 11

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Today we want to explain to you something about the human species that will play an important role for you earthly people in the future. We once said that the first evolutionary leap that the earthly human race will make is the ability to learn telepathic communication. We do not mean that humanity will one day collectively begin to learn telepathy, but the Wingmaker have deposited the first evolutionary leap in the human blueprint so that at a certain point in human history you will begin to communicate telepathically with other beings. We will reveal to you today the background of when and how it will happen, and we will also explain why telepathy is the predominant mode of communication and why you humans still cannot do it.

What kind of communication is telepathy, you may ask? When a being communicates, packets of feelings are transmitted from one being to another. What are feeling packets, we ask? Feeling packets are frequencies that beings use to visualize feelings. What is visualizing, we ask you? Visualization is the ability to give form to a feeling on an energy level. How can you visualize, you ask? Close your eyes and think of an experience or a form. If you think you are somehow reliving the experience in your mind, or you can perceive some kind of form in your mind, then you are visualizing. If you are asleep and you can remember the dream, then that was a visualization. When you meditate, you automatically visualize, because your so-called mind becomes more conscious on an earthly-astral level, where this so-called mind of yours constantly dwells. Everything that you can imagine in your imagination, you visualize. Every thought of yours manifests a form on the earth-astral plane and no matter how confused your thought is, it will form a form on the earth-astral plane. These forms usually do not last long because there are spiritual beings on the earth-astral plane that process these fleeting forms of your thoughts to create something on the earth-astral plane that we will discuss in a subsequent blog entry to this series. 

All thoughts form a shape on an energy level, so it is not presumptuous to say that every thought represents a packet of energy that you transform into a shape on the earth-astral level. If every thought is an energy packet, is every energy packet also a feeling, we ask? No, there are feeling packets and there are information packets, which differ in the type of energy used to create these energy packets as form on the earth-astral plane. Your thought corresponds to a feeling because everything that constitutes you is feelings. Feelings are not emotions, but feelings are transformed into emotions by the human body, but first is always the feeling and the energy that creates a form on the earth-astral level with this feeling then decides whether it is a feeling package or an information package. We know that everything is really information, but let us first assume that feelings and information can be separated by the energy form that creates a form from it on the terrestrial-astral level. The feeling you often experience is always an emotion and how exactly an emotion is created we will also explain in a following blog entry. 

If a thought is a feeling because you are creating a form from a certain type of energy, then that energy reflects the type of energy of the feelings. If there is an energy form for feelings, how is this energy form different from other energy forms, we ask? Because in the energy form for feelings there is already all the information for communication between beings. There is, so to speak, a translator of feelings that every being knows and through this transmitter the communications are conducted. Why do we call this translator transmitter, we ask? Because it works only in one direction. 

Every being is quite special and you human beings are even extremely special. When you communicate with another being, your transmission of information is so backward that you can’t help but get caught up in misunderstandings all the time. You have languages that are so complicated and so different that you can hardly communicate properly with people who exist outside your bubble of life. Not only do you speak different languages, but what is said must be considered in the overall context, so that a conversation held between two people will be interpreted differently by them depending on where they are. Not only do you speak, but your overall appearance and gestures are also decoded in a conversation, so your method of communication is an invitation to misunderstandings. This was all designed by the Wingmaker because it requires you to use an incredible amount of resources to relay something that you then somehow linguistically encode in the hope that the recipient of the information will be able to decode the actual message correctly, which works most of the time, but is extremely fragile if the people don’t know or like each other. If you had a way to transmit information unambiguously, then there would have to be a translator who already knows every piece of information and thus can never transmit anything incorrectly. This is accomplished by the energy form of feelings, which you should not confuse with the energy of so-called love. The energy form of feelings uses packages of feelings that are processed in a way so that every kind of being gets the same information decoded in a way that triggers the same visualization in a being. What do we mean by that, we ask?

Imagine a human being and a non-human being. Let’s take the species of Archons, because the Archons are beings that exist in a different frequency band, so you will never encounter an Archon. The Archons have eyes, but they function differently than your human eyes, so an Archont perceives a physical object differently than a human being. If the archont and the human perceive this physical object differently, why will what is seen by both species form the same shapes on an astral plane, we ask? Because the transmitter for the feelings knows exactly how the organs of sight of the archont and the human work. When the information for what is seen arrives in the consciousness of the being, the filters of the organs of sight have created a different image than in other species. The transmitter knows the filters of the species, so the information is decoded according to the species, so that the created form on the astral plane is the same as in another species. The consciousness of the archon will see something different from the consciousness of the human, but both beings, seeing the same physical object, will create the same form on the astral plane. If the transmitter always decodes the information correctly so that the same form is always created on the astral plane, then the transmitter can also be used for communication between alien physical beings to transmit the correct information as feeling packets. 

Telepathy makes it possible to transmit packets of feelings that lead into the transmitter, which decodes the information as a packet of feelings, so that on the astral plane a form is created that any consciousness can interpret as a visualization, no matter what species the information comes from. We communicate exactly in this way with this writer and he did not want to believe us for a long time that we constantly transmit feelings to him, which his consciousness perceives and which are then transformed as it is usual for a human being. The writer receives our packages of feelings and his consciousness recognizes the decoded form on the astral plane, which is used for communications for you humans. The consciousness of the writer recognizes the form and then will search in his memories for what that astral form is. Every thought thus forms a shape on the astral plane, so that every spoken word forms an exact shape on the astral plane. We know these forms known to the writer, so we know what words are in his vocabulary. So we choose only words that the writer already knows and send these astral forms to the writer’s consciousness. The writer perceives these forms and from his memories these forms are then formed into linguistic contexts, which he then perceives as his own voice in the spirit. 

This is the process you call telepathy and the writer practices it whenever he needs information, which we then provide to him in exactly this way. The writer can also speak to us in his mind, so that we have already had very lively discussions, but the writer cannot establish telepathic communication with another human being in this way, because your level of development does not yet provide for it, so that we will use the next blog entry to conclude the subject of telepathy for you humans.

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