A0594: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 12

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Telepathy is already activated in some people, but mostly they do not know about it yet. When a person has a telepathic gift, we do not necessarily mean the communication that the writer practices with us, but there are isolated people who could already initiate telepathic communication and communicate with another person. How is this different from the writer, we ask? The writer can communicate wonderfully with the spiritual world, but the telepathic connection for this is always established by us, so that we as spiritual beings experience that the writer has a question, which we already receive before the writer has spoken the question in his mind. When we notice this request, we start the telepathic communication. The writer cannot establish this telepathic communication without help, so that true earthly telepaths, as well as almost all extraterrestrial beings, are very good at establishing this telepathic connection. For this, a human being on Earth would not only have to be able to visualise well, but the consciousness of the human being would have to be able to use a certain form of energy and to do so very consciously. 

Energy forms can always be seen as energy fractals, so that the human consciousness has to make a leap of consciousness so that the fractal of the human consciousness is different. When the human consciousness fractal becomes more and more refined in its form through becoming conscious, then the human consciousness also soon has access to this particular energy form, which can thus establish a telepathic connection. When man becomes more and more conscious, because he has overcome many obstacles and thus becomes more and more powerful, then the outer appearance of his fractal of consciousness changes to such an extent that a subset of it will one day also contain the form of energy that is necessary for telepathy. 

Man will one day make this leap of consciousness and when this happens, more and more people will be born who can communicate telepathically with other beings. A wave of telepaths will be born so that the leap in consciousness will not be experienced by individuals, but the whole of earthly humanity will experience this change in consciousness together. No, if some readers are now thinking of ascension into the so-called 5th dimension, then we say to these people: Forget all the nonsense you have read about it. Yes, there will be a global event that will accelerate this shift in consciousness, but people will not experience ascension or transition to a second earth. All these stories should be interpreted symbolically because the global event will force all of humanity to work through this shift in consciousness. We are already saying you will be a totally different person than you are now when this global event comes to an end. This global event has a beginning and after a few years it will end. When it is over you will all have made a leap in consciousness and because it is written into the blueprint of the human species that the first great leap in consciousness of a human race on a planet should result in the activation of telepathic abilities in humans, in a few years children will be born who will have these telepathic abilities. Before that, the global event will have ended and the children born afterwards will automatically have these abilities. In a few generations it will be completely normal for all earthly people to communicate telepathically, because with the major global event humanity will experience a change that will lead to this shift in consciousness among you on earth.

However, this great event will not take place so that you can learn telepathy, but so that earthly people can be accepted into the galactic community, and no, we certainly do not mean the Galactic Federation of Light, but the community of interstellar travelling species. What do we mean by that, we ask? If we look at your star system, there are intelligent life forms living on almost every major celestial body, all of which have the ability to undertake interstellar travel. To ensure that the species in your star system do not only pursue their own advantage, there are always councils that determine how something is to be handled. Your star system has such a solar council and all other star systems have their own solar councils. Your galaxy again has a galactic council, as all galaxies in your universe are represented by a galactic council, so we can also say that every universe is littered with councils because intelligent life forms live everywhere, the vast majority of which can make interstellar journeys. 

If you do not know about this, there is a reason. The reason is that every intelligent life form on a planet is first given the opportunity to evolve independently as a race. At a certain point in the development of a non-interstellar travelling species, the Solar Council will determine that other species may offer assistance to this young race on a planet so that the race can develop more rapidly. When further development has taken a certain direction, then that race will experience official first contact with an intelligent alien species on the planet. We will now briefly explain why this is so, because we have already covered much of this on the writer’s blog. 

Every race on a planet will take certain paths in its development, and the human race has been constructed in such a way that it will always become particularly inhuman, in its dealings with each other and with its environment. If the race on the planet becomes more and more inhuman, then one day this race could do very great harm to itself and to the planet by its inhuman actions, more than that, if the race on the planet were able to travel to alien worlds, then this race would also do great harm elsewhere. So that the other species do not have to suffer, the process of official first contact was devised, which first pacifies the race on the planet, and when this race has become peaceful, then it receives so much support that the society can be accepted into the community of interstellar-travelling species. It receives the technology for this as a gift when the official first contact is completed. 

When the official first contact starts, the people of Earth can gaze for years at gigantic spaceships in the firmament, and for years you see only these spaceships, but the extraterrestrial species make no contact with you. Neither to your great governments, nor to the great organisations that are supposed to represent the earthly common good. They stand in the sky for years with their spaceships and for years earthly humanity will only broach the subject of extraterrestrial life and only through this will earthly humanity be pacified. Each person will experience an awakening of consciousness in the process, which we have described in detail in many blog entries on this subject. In the end, this will be the trigger for future generations to be able to call the ability of telepathy their own. You humans can already do it sporadically, but only if a telepathic being establishes this communication. All conversations with spiritual beings are conducted in this way and no one can claim that they establish this connection themselves, but these are always highly evolved beings. 

When the official first contact starts in a few years, it will be completed by the end of the present decade, so that shortly afterwards you will ascend to a highly evolved species that will have true telepathic abilities. Before that you have much to learn, so that the awareness you gain during first contact will lead to you experiencing the necessary leap in consciousness as a humanity. Everything will change afterwards and if you want to know how the process of the official first contact will be carried out and what you can expect, you should read all the blog entries because we have already revealed so much. Finally, we say to every reader, you will not be telepaths yourselves, but you don’t have to be, because the future generations will establish the telepathic connection and you will learn quite quickly what the writer is already practising all the time. 

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