A0595: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 13

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When the earthly human race was created on earth, the Wingmaker considered many things beforehand that affect your development on earth. Do you know how long modern man has existed on Earth, we ask? Seventeen million years ago, the Wingmaker created the first modern human being on Earth. In 17 million years, modern man has had many setbacks, but usually it takes much longer for a human species on another planet to evolve into something that matches your society and your technological level. Why is that, we ask? 

You earthly humans are a special breed of human. We use the term breed specifically because you are not actually a homogeneous race like other races of humans on other planets. It is customary for an intelligent race on a planet to remain uninfluenced until it has reached a social level that justifies influence by other kinds of beings. Even then, the race is not influenced in such a way that its native genetic material is altered by alien beings. What do we mean by this, we ask? If a human race were to live on Mars, with hardly any human appearance, then such a being today could easily form a partnership with an earthly being, so that the human offspring from it would be a mixture of the parental human races, belonging neither to the earthly nor to the martian human race. However, this mixed human being grows up on a planet and will one day pass on its gene sequences to its offspring, so that several human races will live on one planet. Generally, however, there are hardly any of these mixed beings on a planet, because the races in the process of development do not experience any mixing of the genetic material. Only after an official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species does the native race open up to the extraterrestrial races, so that very slowly a mixing of the races of a species takes place. You on Earth experienced this intermingling a long time ago and to an extent that is unparalleled in your universe. Why was there this intermingling of the Earth human race before official first contact, we ask?

You on Earth are the first human race to realise the full potential of the human blueprint in a few million years. When 17 million years ago the Wingmaker applied the human blueprint to a human-like being on Earth, they were very aware that the Earth human race would not enjoy the development that the present highly evolved human races have enjoyed, because these highly evolved human races had a tranquil development until their official first contact. These human races also developed an inhuman form of society and they fought among themselves, but not as brutally as you did and as you still do. You earthly humans are truly the most extreme manifestation of the human species and you must be, otherwise you will not be able to realise the full potential of the human blueprint in millions of years. The other human races are constantly exploring the universe and they discover new species on other planets from time to time and they always discover a new human race. Since new human races are always different from all human races known up to now, it is extremely interesting for highly developed human races what distinguishes the new human race from existing human races. Most of the time, the difference is rather small, so that this new human race is left to itself again. 

When the Wingmaker first created a new human race so extreme that it could later use the full potential of the human blueprint, they knew that the other human races would quickly notice this enormous potential. If a human species can mix with another human race, the genetic make-up of the more dominant human race will always determine the abilities of the offspring. No matter which human race mixes with the earthly human race, the offspring will always inherit the dominant genetic material of the earthly parent. Now, female extraterrestrial beings of another human race could come to Earth and get impregnated by an earthly male, then the offspring would look more like the extraterrestrial female, but the potential slumbering in the offspring would be the earthly potential. This is what alien human races could undertake in order to provide their own human race on their planet with the earthly potential, but this endeavour is very ineffective because hardly any female human wants to act as a birthing machine.

You humans on Earth reproduce so rapidly among yourselves that another approach promises much more success for this. The extraterrestrial human race ensures that its own genetic material is spread among the earthly humans and that is why you have several human races on earth. If the extraterrestrial genetic material is represented in the earthly genetic material, then external characteristics of the extraterrestrial human races will always shine through in the earthly human races, so that the extraterrestrial human races have chosen certain areas on earth which had a certain population and have introduced their own genetic material there, so that the rapid multiplication of the earthly population ensured that a new human race arose in this area, which was then promoted by the extraterrestrial human races. What the alien human races did not know, however, is that the Wingmaker anticipated such a thing, so that they did something to the earthly human race that they would not otherwise have to do. 

When groups share certain external characteristics, these groups usually keep to themselves, so that different human races only mix very slowly, because many human races also have external differences. The alien human races knew this and assumed that the different earthly human races would keep to themselves and only very slowly open up to the other human races. The Wingmaker, however, disguised the earthly human race in such a way that the earthly human races no longer saw any problem in mixing with each other. In this way, the Wingmaker were able to ensure that the earthly human race would one day have mixed to such an extent that countless new human races could emerge, which, after official first contact, would enrich the entire universe with their potential and their extraordinary genetic make material.

When the Wingmaker made this change to the earthly human being 17 million years ago, they had precisely this procedure in mind. Other changes were made, which we will discuss another time. In conclusion to this blog entry, it should be mentioned that the different human races on Earth represent something special that cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.

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