A0596: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 14

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When we speak of human beings, we also behold forms of beings that barely look like an earthly being. Why are there human races that hardly look like a human being, we ask? Because your human form is only ever the basic form. When the Wingmaker apply the human blueprint to a human-like being, the creature that is then created will not look exactly like earthly humanity, but each human-like creature used by the Wingmaker differs in part because each planet is created differently, so the creatures that appear human-like also evolve differently. Why is this, we ask?

Imagine the following situation. There is a blueprint for a human-like creature and there is the human blueprint. If the blueprint for the human-like creature always creates the same creature on two different planets, then applying the human blueprint to these same human-like creatures on the two different planets would also always create the same kind of human. If these two human races were to meet at some point, then the intermixing of the two human races would hardly create any new human races and the diversity would hardly increase, so that it would make no difference at all. If, however, the two human races were enriched by diversity, then many more mixed races could also arise, so that this diversity would ensure that the number of human races would increase. If there are many different human races, certain characteristics will be passed on that have proved their worth. If such mixing one day ensures that the diversity is so enormous that all the characteristics of a human being are represented in all the races, then something will change that was so intended by the Wingmaker.

Humanity on Earth is made up of different human races and it is only because the Wingmaker made a special adjustment to the Earthly human body that you have no inhibitions about interbreeding these human races. You are mixing so rapidly since your globalisation that many humans already have human characteristics that are hardly found in other human races in the universe. You are becoming more and more robust because robustness has taken hold in many races. Why do certain characteristics assert themselves more quickly on Earth than in human races on other planets, we ask? For this, let us return to the example mentioned at the beginning and let us assume that these two human races are different on the two planets. Let us assume that on one planet there is a dense jungle and on the second planet there are rather steppes and it is quite dry there. The human-like beings that have evolved on the two planets come from the same blueprint, so that the different climate, as well as different living conditions, created two beings from the same human-like being that could not be more different. 

Now the Wingmaker are starting to apply the human blueprint to these differently evolved human-like beings on both planets. As the future humans on the planets are created from these human-like creatures, the human and the human-like creature share many similarities, so that the human on the planet can cope with the climatic conditions very well. If the two different races of man always evolve, then the groups of man will prevail on the planets that have been able to adapt most quickly, because natural selection will ensure that the groups of people who have not adapted will not be able to spread, and the groups of people who have been able to adapt very well will spread even more quickly. The groups of peoples that can adapt develop more and more quickly a form of society that can guarantee the survival of the group of peoples, so that now a refined selection begins in the group of peoples that favours the couples that already have good human characteristics. At a time when men and women have to do hard physical labour to guarantee the survival of the family, individuals who are not capable of hard physical labour will also hardly be able to pass on their genetic material, so that in the course of time, depending on how the society is structured, the individuals who have the best guarantees of survival at that time can always reproduce. Thus, depending on the form of society, the best characteristics that can guarantee the continuity of society in this epoch of development will always spread.

When the two human races have evolved as far as you humans on Earth, they will have their official first contact with an intelligent alien species. If you could look at the two human races, they will be very different in appearance and each human race will have developed different degrees of human characteristics that were necessary for the development on the respective planet. If you look at only one human race, then you will hardly notice any outward differences in the individuals of the human race, because the variance of the genetic material is not very great, so that everyone can immediately recognise which planet an individual comes from. This is how it is with all human and non-human species, because they have not mixed with extraterrestrial genetic material in millions of years. The race on a planet will remain among themselves until official first contact is made, and when first contact has been made, then each race on a planet will be given the technology to travel between the stars. 

Only then will these two human races from the example visit each other. If they have established diplomatic relations, then in time pairs will also be found among the human races so that the offspring will be a hybrid of these two human races. This intermingling will take place very slowly because groups that share external characteristics always want to remain among themselves, so that these mixed pairs will also find each other, but only sporadically. The mixing of these human races will take a very long time and then the characteristics that have developed over millions of years in the two human races will be mixed and the resulting mixed being will have the characteristics of both human races in it, which will increase the diversity of these mixed beings so that they are better than the parents when it comes to diversity, which shows the best characteristics of a species. 

If quite a lot of different human races start interbreeding, then the mixed beings will get more and more of the characteristics that have prevailed in the individual human races and thus guaranteed the survival of the race on a planet. The present mixing of the human races is so yawningly slow in your universe that you humans of Earth are just the opposite as far as the mixing of the human races is concerned, and this also makes you interesting to all other alien human races. You on Earth are already made up of different human races that are mixing at a rapid pace. The alien human races that long ago introduced their genetic material into certain populations on Earth are now seeing what would become of their own human race if they finally began to practise large-scale racial understandings so that their own intermingling could finally progress. When Earthly humans travel the stars after official first contact, you will be a human race with the greatest diversity by an absolute margin, because you will be a welcome guest with your human potential and your diverse genetic make-up.

The alien human races that brought their genetic make-up to Earth’s population at that time will resemble certain racial groups, so there are some Asian-looking human races that will be particularly welcoming to the Asian population on their planet and hope that many Earthly couples will accept the offer of permanent residence. Couples will also be found who have the same external features but are from different planets, so that earthly Asians will be given many opportunities to resettle on “Asian” planets. This is a hope that human races who are more like African natives also have, so that your mixing on Earth blended many human characteristics from many alien human races. The European-looking humans of Earth will also have many opportunities, but the more you resemble an alien human race in appearance, the more likely you would be to relocate to an alien planet, because all alien human races prefer to keep to themselves, and so an Asian or African appearance, for example, would be very advantageous. 

You will have many opportunities, but everything takes time, so that in time many extraterrestrial couples and individuals will officially live among you humans, but this will be experienced more by future generations. You present readers will enjoy the official first contact and it will not be long before it starts. By the end of the present decade, everything that constitutes this process of official first contact will also have gone through. This process will soon begin and a few years later you will have risen to a new advanced civilisation and be visiting your brothers and sisters on alien worlds because you will receive the technology for inter-star travel as a gift from the community of interstellar travelling species.

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