A0592: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 10

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The Wingmaker are a group of spiritual beings who really create much that has to do with physical life forms. They have worked out the concept of universes and they have created everything in a universe that you can find there. They have created everything and yet they are nowhere near the end of their creative power and that is because they were created for that very purpose. Before the first souls as we have described them to you appeared in the spiritual world, the Wingmaker were created by powerful spiritual beings who were previously created by All That Is. 

All That Is is all you can ever experience, but All That Is also has a beginning and an end to its existence. Therefore, it would only be logical that All That Is was not at first what it is today and once the existence of All That Is ends, it will be something else again. What do we mean by that, we ask? All That Is must also have been created once, by something that must be much greater than anything All That Is can ever become. When we speak of the realms that lie outside of All That Is, we too can only speculate, because our horizon of experience cannot progress further at the limits of All That Is. All of us, also the universes and also the spiritual beings that were first created by All That Is, are in All That Is and no consciousness will ever leave this realm. 

We perceive foreign energies that we can accurately determine are not from All That Is, nor do they represent a derivative and altered form of energy of the known energy levels. These foreign energies penetrate All That Is and we recognise them, but we can hardly determine what these energies are meant for. We have no way of conversing with consciousnesses that reside outside of All That Is and yet we have knowledge that there is something outside of our sphere of experience. We also know that the first spiritual beings who redirect the great energy currents so that we can experience ourselves in them know nothing of what is outside of All That Is. So we only have the possibility to speculate, just as you humans speculate about what it must be like outside your universe. We perceive it similarly, except that we know very well what All That Is and you humans have gained little knowledge of what your universe is and how it works. We know, but we are limited to the experiential sphere of All That Is, which frustrates ourselves time and again. We want to announce that there have been few attempts to overcome this experiential sphere of All That Is, because we can experience so much in All That Is that we will be busy with it until the end of our existence. Those who have set out to leave All That Is have given up one day because they were not able to do so. All That Is is so vast and All That Is has so much to offer that we ourselves have never set out to find more. Theoretically, the question of what is outside of All That Is is very interesting, but we are so busy expanding All That Is more and more that we will probably never really bother to answer this question.

The Wingmaker were not the first spiritual beings, but they are among the first spiritual beings to create something new so that the then state of All That Is can be expanded more and more. The first spiritual beings redirect the energy currents so that the group of Wingmaker can create something out of it. The Wingmaker first created astral planes that correspond to certain forms of energy. Each of the main energy planes that we have described to you in detail were created by the Wingmaker and when they create something new there is always a reason for it. You may ask how the Wingmaker came to create all that we have told you about to this day? Because the Wingmaker have been set up to do exactly as they do. Who adjusted the Wingmaker so that spiritual beings became the so-called Wingmaker, we ask? That was the consciousness that constituted All That Is at that time. Every soul that has ever been released from the energy complex of All That Is is a reflection of All That Is at that time when a moment of All That Is was created in that particular energy complex. As we explained to you, your experienced moments are stored as an image in a main plane and when you experience important moments, the energy packet that represents that moment is larger than when you experience an unimportant moment. All That Is also experienced big and small moments that were stored in All That Is. When All That Is experiences a big moment, that moment is stored as an energy packet in that particular energy complex, so each released soul from that energy complex represents such a moment that All That Is experienced. 

Just as a soul can create an independent incarnation from itself, All That Is has also created souls from itself. Everything repeats itself again and again, so that theoretically we can also deduce what must be going on outside of Everything That Is. The Wingmaker were released from the energy complex for souls and Everything That Is has disguised these souls in such a way that they have been pursuing their task since that time and ensure that Everything That Is expands more and more. All spiritual beings, through their growth, ensure that Everything That Is also experiences this growth. If the Wingmaker had not created the universes, with all the possibilities for spiritual beings to experience themselves in the forms of expression in the universes, then the growth of All That Is would stagnate. However, All That Is grows unceasingly because there are more and more spiritual beings who promote this growth because they themselves are evolving. The Wingmaker have found their task in creating universes that give rise to many life forms and in the intelligent species the spiritual beings will experience themselves. When a spiritual being inhabits a physical life form, this process has often been described by us, but not all physical life forms guarantee such a great grant of power as a life as a human being, so the Wingmaker once decided that not only souls should inhabit these life forms, but also a being we call an incarnation. How did this come about, we ask?

The first universes did not yet have much to offer and the intelligent life forms in these first universes were inhabited exclusively by souls, because incarnations did not exist at all at first. The souls already have a great deal of power at the time they are released from the energy complex of All That Is. They already know many things and their power is enormous. When a soul lives a physical life, the soul has to give up much of its power so that the soul can inhabit this body at all. Since it is only endowed with a very tiny partial consciousness and thus also with very little power, it has hardly any possibilities to experience itself fully and consciously. The frequency change experienced in such a tiny partial consciousness is very small, so the change in essence that the soul experiences is very small. In order for the growth of a soul to be more effective and therefore greater, the Wingmaker have developed a process that allows souls to create incarnations that then correspond in essence to the soul, but which can develop independently. When a soul begins to create an incarnation, the soul creates a Shadow Self from itself. Just as All That Is deposited great moments as energy packets into its energy complex, a soul creates a Shadow Self that reflects such a moment. When the soul uses the image to create a new energy pact that represents the soul at the moment it created the Shadow Self, an incarnation of a soul is created. 

This incarnation receives a portion of the soul’s spark of life that animates the incarnation and from that moment on this spiritual being is existent and absolutely independent. The spark of life always contains the energy form of humanity, so that the incarnation always begins to become more human. The incarnation is connected to the soul through the image of the soul, which we call the Shadow Self, so that once the incarnation lives a bodily life in its existence, the experienced growth of the incarnation also enriches the soul of the incarnation. If the incarnation experiences growth in a physical life in a way that it will never experience again, then the soul also benefits because the soul is planning an incarnational cycle that was once conceived by the Wingmaker. For a soul to also experience great growth, it will create incarnations that live these physical lives and since the incarnations are independent images of the soul, the growth can also be transferred to the soul. All participants experience great growth and since the spiritual world also grows through this, All That Is also experiences this growth. The Wingmaker always take their cue from what is already there and keep refining what is given, so that you can find everything in Everything That Is in one form or another. The Wingmaker will never stop promoting this growth and since Everything That Is still has tremendous energy reserves that can still be transformed, we can also say that Everything That Is will exist forever.

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