A0591: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 9

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When the Wingmaker presented the human blueprint to the spirit world, it was a memorable moment because the spiritual beings present understood what a human being is supposed to be capable of. When the Wingmaker started to explain what the purpose of this new species was, a so-called murmur went through the room because the Wingmaker were preparing something with the human species that did not exist in this form before and some spiritual beings were not pleased about it at all because it questioned the uniqueness of these beings. What do we mean by that, we ask?

The human species will one day become something almost indistinguishable from a spiritual being, and yet a spiritual being will be more than a highly evolved human being. When we report on the spiritual planes of the spirit world, we are talking about the main energy planes of All That Is. When man reports that he has explored the spiritual world in an astral journey, the human consciousness is not exploring the main energy planes of the spiritual world, but the astral planes of your planet. You with your entire universe are only such a small aspect of All That Is that it would not be noticeable at all if this entire universe simply disappeared, and yet your universe and all other universes are so extremely important for the growth of spiritual beings in the spirit world. If the universes did not exist, the growth of spiritual beings would be very slow and thus All That Is would also develop only very slowly. In order for this to change, the Wingmaker have created not only the universes, but also every living being in them, so that the incarnations in these living beings can develop further. For this, incarnations not only need tasks in the bodily lives, but incarnations also need an incentive to live a bodily life, because each incarnation would hardly choose a bodily life on its own, but incarnations are rewarded for growth. When a spiritual being learns something in the spiritual world, the being’s frequency spectrum is enriched with new frequencies that reflect the lesson and the knowledge gained from it. 

If a spiritual being has increasingly finely graded frequencies, then that spiritual being has gained strong realizations that lead to these intricate frequency patterns. If the spiritual world recognizes such a frequency jump in a spiritual being, power is attributed to this spiritual being and the being can do more with only one thought after this attribution of power than before. Spiritual beings consist only of consciousness, so that this power is everything what a spiritual being strives for. If now every great realization in a spiritual being produces a frequency jump, then many great realizations would also mean very much power. 

Spiritual beings hardly have big realizations that would initiate such a frequency jump because they already call most of the knowledge their own with the moment of creation and should they lack information, they simply ask for it and have this knowledge. They can hardly experience so called AHA experiences because nothing is new or extraordinary for a spiritual being. You could ask any spiritual being the most complicated questions, they could answer all the questions because spiritual beings can bring out all the knowledge, but they have had to do almost nothing at all for it, so they have had hardly any so called AHA moments, which always precede a great gain in knowledge. The Wingmaker have recognized this dilemma and they have created the universes with all their expressions for this purpose, so that spiritual beings can gain great realizations in these life forms, which is a prerequisite for growth and also for the desired increase in power. No spiritual being has only gained power and no realizations, but realizations is the prerequisite for a spiritual being, so that it can also deal worthily with the new power.

Every lived life will increase this grant of power and a human life contains everything that you can experience in a bodily life. You can incarnate into non-human intelligent life forms, but you will hardly experience as much as you would in a quiet human life, because the Wingmaker have designed the human body so that you can truly experience all the aspects that a physical life form has to offer. If you have lived one quiet and tranquil human life, then you have experienced everything that your universe can offer you. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to incarnate several times, because after one human life you will not experience anything new that you have not experienced before in this way. Repetitions do not generate a grant of power, so that regressions always show past lives of other spiritual beings and only in the fewest cases a life that the spiritual being once lived in the human body. There are exceptions, but they are so rare that you should not assume during a regression that you as a spiritual being have lived this past life. Hardly a spiritual being would voluntarily live again a bodily life if he does not receive a grant of power for it, which also justifies all the efforts. 

If you die, then you are again an incarnation in the spiritual world, only that your experiences and the attained realizations from the human life have made you exceedingly powerful. If you would incarnate again as a human being or as a non-human being, you will hardly learn anything anew in this life that you have not learned before, so that you hardly receive additional power. You always receive power only for new realizations and hardly a new incarnation generates enough power that it would be worthwhile for an incarnation to incarnate again. There are spiritual beings who have taken over tasks and there it is also necessary to incarnate on worlds to fulfill these tasks. So, do not be afraid of the stories about re-incarnation, they are mostly completely wrong, because unfortunately the information transmitters often put their own interpretations into the transmitted information, so that it is quite difficult to transmit this subject correctly.

Now, if every great realization leads to great granting of power, what kind of power would be given to spiritual beings who gain so many realizations in a single bodily life that we would say many realizations are no longer to be experienced in this universe? The granting of power derived from this would be so enormous that a spiritual being, which did not incarnate before and thus has only little power, would be so powerful after a bodily life that even spiritual beings who are very highly placed and powerful today would not appear so powerful next to it.

What do you think, what did these highly placed spiritual beings think when they learned from the Wingmaker that the human being will one day ensure this immense grant of power, because not only will the incarnation exist in a human being for a very long time, but the abilities that a human being can attain in that time are so tremendous that such great realizations will be achieved in this life that the grant of power can hardly be measured. The highly placed spiritual beings immediately recognized the potential of the human species and they also knew that their social standing in the spiritual world is endangered, because the spiritual beings who have lived a human life today enjoy a guaranteed grant of power, which seemed a great deal at that time. If the human being still gains great realizations during the bodily life, which hardly corresponds to the average, because the human being goes on a search and recognizes why things are going the way they are at the moment, then this human being always gains new realizations, which makes him mature and grow already now. When the human life is over, the attained power will be so much more than the guaranteed power, so that these incarnations are capable of much more. 

When the highly placed spiritual beings realized that one day they will lose their social standing in the spiritual world, something like an ego consciousness appeared, which spiritual beings almost do not have at all, but they received a lot of information from the Wingmaker, which reassured them, because ultimately everything is directed towards the growth of All That Is and thus sensitivities of spiritual beings enjoy less importance than the overall growth. 

What did we want to tell you with this blog entry, you may ask? Every human being will ensure through his human life that the growth in the spiritual world is increased to such an extent as no other living being could, in which a spiritual being incarnates. When, in millions of years, the earthly-human race has evolved to the point where it can exploit the full potential of the human blueprint, the growth of All That Is will increase exponentially, because there will then be living beings who receive so many great realizations in a single human life that the resulting increase in power can hardly be quantified today. Much power always goes hand in hand with great realizations, so you humans are already ensuring that the spiritual world is enriched. In the next blog entry in this series, we will describe the Wingmaker in more detail, so that you know who created your universe with all its forms of expression.

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