A0590: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 8

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When the man begins to transform himself into a so-called guru because he has overcome the self-imposed automatism for reproduction, then the second energy body will begin to generate the frequencies that will attract the disciples of the new guru. The woman who consciously refuses the reproductive cycle because she is determined not to bear offspring will experience a change physically and also mentally, which we will now describe.

If the woman cannot bear offspring because her decision to do so has ensured that the placenta is now used to enrich the brain with certain things, then the woman becomes more and more masculine in spirit, because this transformation activates masculine attributes in the conventional sense, which women normally only experience in a very weakened form. Women who do not wish to have offspring are perceived more and more like men as they advance, so that there are women among you who have a very dominant aura. How a man radiates outwardly has of course something to do with the energy bodies, but the most radiant power among these energy bodies is possessed by the second energy body. When the man transforms into the guru, the woman who consciously decides not to have offspring becomes more and more like the man, because the second energy body radiates the frequencies of the man. When the woman tends more towards the man’s approach in spirit, then something has happened that we will now explain.

When the woman’s placenta is used to make changes in the brain, then the brain is strengthened in certain areas and this strengthening leads to areas of the brain being linked to fractals of consciousness that are meant for male dominance. You hear correctly, the man uses many consciousness fractals to act out dominant behaviour. If the man could use these consciousness fractals for thinking tasks instead, then that man would have a lot of potential available. If a man could renounce these dances of dominance, then he would be able to do more than if the man lets the automatisms of dominance work and dances the dance of dominance. If the woman now begins to dance more and more the dance of dominance because that is how it was intended in the blueprint of the human species, then the only question is why did the Wingmaker incorporate such behaviour into the blueprint, we ask?

Imagine the following scenario and you will immediately see why.

When a village had to fight for existence in the early stages of social development, it was always the men who were responsible. Imagine an act of war between two distant villages and suppose the number of men in a village is steadily decimated over a long period of time. Then the continuation of the village is in danger and now something happens that was deposited in the blueprint of the human species in exactly this way. All the female villagers will start to take over the tasks of the missing men. This is not very unusual at first, but when it comes to hunting or protecting the village, men are predestined to do so because, among other things, that is what they were created for. But if there are hardly any capable men left for hunting and protecting the village, then women try their hand at it, and women who have not previously borne offspring will then transform into something that has female attributes physically, but which more and more resembles a man in spirit. There are many women who transform in this way in the history of humanity on earth and they were just as brutal in their actions as their male comrades-in-arms were.

Nowadays, when a woman transforms into something intermediate between a woman and a man, that woman does not have to fight physical battles because most men do not have to fight those physical battles either, but men who have to assert themselves in social life are just as ruthless as they were when they had to fight physical battles all the time. A woman who is transforming more and more into a man will do many things to justify her reason for transforming. There must be a reason why a woman refuses the reproductive cycle and when the transformation is complete, her immediate environment will also know what the real reason is because this woman will now relentlessly start to live up to this reason and for this she needs characteristics of the man, which among other things is dominance, which provides a man with the will to assert himself in order to achieve his goals. The woman will also experience a change in her thought processes because men actually not only perceive their environment differently, but men also process this information quite differently. This transformation, which makes a woman more and more a man in spirit, does not take place in a short period of time, but the actual reason for this impending transformation must first experience a manifestation in the woman, which is then so strong that the blueprint provides mechanisms that then initiate this transformation in the woman. The woman becomes more and more of a man by her thought patterns and the resulting action, but what happens to a man who becomes more and more of a so-called guru by renouncing his reproductive cycle, we ask?

The man who is now undergoing a transformation into a so-called guru will also have a reason to justify that transformation. The man who is now transforming into a so-called guru has gained a lot of knowledge beforehand that makes him realise that he does not have to dance this dance of automatisms because he understands how and why these automatisms work. Once the man has gained this knowledge, there will always have been experiences in the man’s life that cause him to renounce the reproductive cycle. If the man is forced to live celibate, then the effect is zero, because celibacy never strengthens the conviction to do so, but celibacy is something that almost always destroys this process. Only a man who stops dancing the dance of procreation of his own free will will experience the transformation into a so-called guru, and all persons who are forced to do so in any way will never become a so-called guru, because the blueprint only grants this transformation to strong-willed persons who can also handle it.

The so-called guru, after the transformation, will call many abilities his own, which we have already mentioned many times, but a so-called guru does not have to live celibate for the rest of his life, because all the abilities, once attained because the person proved himself worthy, will never be taken away from the person again. If a so-called guru should indulge in procreative instinct after his transformation, he still retains his abilities. If a person consciously dances an automatism again, however, the person can handle it much more skilfully than persons who live the dance of automatisms unconsciously.

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