A0588: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 6

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Humanity on Earth is an exceedingly new human race and when the Wingmaker created the first humans on your planet, they already knew that this human race would one day be able to use the full potential of the human blueprint, because by then the Wingmaker had gained so much experience with the human species that they dared to take this step with Earth humanity. Why do we say dared, we ask? Because until then the Wingmaker always adjusted the human bodies on the alien planets in such a way that they could gradually attain more and more potential, but until then they did not dare to adjust the human body in such a way that the body consciousness was enabled to attract so many consciousness fractals that the power that so many consciousness fractals carry can also be used by a physical being. What do consciousness fractals have to do with a being being much more powerful if it can attract more of these consciousness fractals, we ask? We have already told you a great deal about how human consciousness is structured and we have explained to you that consciousnesses build upon each other so that a consciousness can also split to perform two different tasks in parallel, by this we mean the following:

Imagine a man doing the dishes, even though some women are experiencing a challenge with that right now. The man is doing the dishes and already the man has split his personality consciousness several times. One sub-consciousness is busy actually washing the dishes and with another sub-consciousness he is listening to the sports news. By the time the sports news is over, the man has also washed some dishes, but because the man was directing his attention focus more to the sports news, he has almost no memory of washing the plates and glasses. How can this be, we ask? Imagine that the man’s entire focus was on washing the dishes. Here we assume the man was so focused that there was only one very dominant consciousness with which he was laboriously trying not to break the dishes as he washed them. The radio was playing in the background, but the man hardly noticed the radio program. At a certain time, the sports news comes on and when this news was announced by the radio announcer, the man washing dishes became alert and he takes his focus from washing the dishes to direct it to the sports news. The man still continues to wash the dishes, so his consciousness is instantly split. 

A partial consciousness continues to wash the dishes and a partial consciousness listens carefully to the sports newsreader. Since the man finds it more exciting what is being reported on the radio, this partial consciousness listening to this sports news has more consciousness fractals available than the partial consciousness trying to wash the dishes. We have said before, consciousnesses build on each other so you are not usually aware of the splitting and merging of subconsciousnesses at all, but when you focus on one thing, you are very effective at thinking. If you were also listening to another person, you would not be so effective. When one subconsciousness is doing something, it is doing it twice as fast as when that subconsciousness is split into two subconsciousnesses of the same size. When two subconsciousnesses do different things, they are only half as fast as when only one subconsciousness does one of the things. But it can work in parallel when the partial consciousness splits. 

If the man is doing two things because he is washing the dishes and listening to the sports news, then both subconsciousnesses could have the same number of consciousness fractals, but if the man is consciously concentrating on the sports news, then consciousness fractals will be drawn from the subconsciousness that is washing the dishes and made available to the subconsciousness that is listening to the sports news with interest. By having fewer consciousness fractals available for washing the dishes, the subconscious will have far fewer memories of the washing than of the sports news, because the few consciousness fractals have fewer memory stores available for the washing. The few consciousness fractals for the subconsciousness that is supposed to do the washing up will also ensure that this subconsciousness is less effective in doing the washing up, so that the risk of incorrectly washed or broken dishes is now much higher and this is only because the person is paying more attention to the sports news. The man has split his consciousness and has then directed the focus of his attention more and more to the sports news, so that the subconsciousness that follows the sports news is capable of much more than the subconsciousness that is responsible for washing the dishes. 

If man can split the potential of his consciousness at will, why can’t you really do several things at once without depriving one subconsciousness of so many fractals of consciousness that the action is performed so unconsciously that it is hardly noticed, which is exactly what happens, we ask? Because you only have a certain number of consciousness fractals available for your thinking tasks. The number is not so important at first, because at the moment you are not at all able to attract the fractals of consciousness that are available to you, and here we come to a point that is a lot of fun for us, because we get to wash your heads. Hardly any human being really understands what these consciousness fractals are and hardly any human being knows how these consciousness fractals are coupled with your body. Everybody talks about consciousness and many believe that the brain mass is responsible for the consciousness of you to arise. All complete nonsense, because the brain mass is only the interface to your consciousness, but this brain mass does not produce consciousness, because consciousness has already lived in the spiritual world for a long time before you were conceived. You as a spiritual being are pure consciousness and you have a vast amount of consciousness fractals that make you up. 

A single fractal of consciousness of you is you as a being, just as two fractals of consciousness of you are. Except that two fractals of consciousness can solve the same thought task twice as fast as only one of your fractals of consciousness. If two consciousness fractals can find the same solution twice as fast as only one single consciousness fractal, then countless consciousness fractals must come to the same solution very quickly, and that is exactly how it is. If, however, you as human beings do not have all your consciousness fractals at your disposal, then the reason is that you should not think so quickly either, because then you would quickly get behind all the secrets and that is exactly what you do not want, because then you cannot gain any insights. As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this series, the spiritual beings who live as physical beings on a planet want to make experiences and gain many insights that they can hardly gain at all in the spiritual world. For this purpose, the fractals of consciousness have been limited to a certain number. This limited number of consciousness fractals will ensure that, firstly, you cannot think so quickly and, secondly, few consciousness fractals also mean little potential that you humans have at present. If you had more consciousness fractals available, you could think faster and you could do things mentally that you would consider magic today, because many consciousness fractals always mean that you as a being have more power than you would with few of these consciousness fractals. 

So if you have more power at your disposal because you can use more fractals of consciousness, then you could also perceive the spiritual world much better, so that nowadays only persons who have generated a great deal of consciousness are so powerful. If a person is constantly evolving, then he gets more power because he can attract more consciousness fractals than persons who have evolved only a little. When you become more and more conscious, you have gained many great insights that have matured you, and these insights are always accompanied by the possibility of gathering more fractals of consciousness around your body than when you have not evolved much. If gains in awareness allow you to attract more fractals of consciousness, then you have not attracted very many of these fractals of consciousness at this time because a large number of these potential fractals of consciousness are not being used by you humans at all. You are not supposed to be able to attract so many consciousness fractals at the moment either, because then you would be far too powerful and could bring much disaster upon earthly humanity. However, in the future you will be able to attract very many of these consciousness fractals and then you would be almost as powerful as spiritual beings are, so that you must first develop so far as a species so that you are also worthy of possessing so much power.

The Wingmaker always adjust the human body on a planet so that the body can attract very few of these consciousness fractals at first and as the race matures on the planet, the body can attract more consciousness fractals. However, the Wingmaker limit the maximum number of consciousness fractals that a body can attract, except in the case of the earthly human race, because the earthly human body can one day attract as many consciousness fractals as the human blueprint provides. When earthly humanity is ready in a few million years, then ordinary people from earth will have as many consciousness fractals available for their thinking tasks as no other human race is capable of, and if in millions of years there are people among you who are still more evolved than the average race, then individuals will be capable of acting like a spiritual being, because these people will then no longer be subject to any limitations, so that they will be so powerful that they can create and destroy galaxies just by thinking about it. 

That this possibility seems a little threatening to the spiritual world should be obvious to every person, so that we can also claim that the Wingmaker have truly created the crowning glory of creation with the earthly human race. The Wingmaker are the creators of all worlds and living beings, so they are also your creators. You as spiritual beings are not as powerful as the Wingmaker are, but even as spiritual beings you could create worlds equal to your world. 

You are not yet very powerful as spiritual beings compared to the average spiritual being, but if you keep gaining knowledge because you are also looking for it, then you will experience such an enormous increase in power after your physical life that all your efforts on earth will have been more than worthwhile and these insights that you are now gaining as human beings will let you gather more and more fractals of consciousness around your body so that you are already capable of much more than without these insights.

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