A0589: The Genesis of the Human Species – part 7

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The human species has many ways to express itself. It can choose the linguistic form or it uses gestures, which can transport a lot of information. But what you also accomplish is communication between human beings, through the frequency packets that you produce in the second energy body and that are perceived by all beings. Your second energy body has the task of guaranteeing non verbal communication, so that people can also communicate with each other, if they do not share a way of communication or if indirectly something is to be announced, but which the human being does not express at all. What do we mean by this, we ask? 

Imagine a woman who would like to become pregnant. This inner drive to carry out a pregnancy is stored as an automatism in the woman’s body and when certain signs appear that would favor conception, the woman’s second energy body will begin sending frequency packets that signal this readiness to conceive. Men are magically attracted to these frequency packets, so they want to assist the woman in her impending pregnancy. The woman’s body knows very well when the right time for conception would be and the man’s body can perceive very well when these special frequencies are sent out by the woman. The bodies of the man and the woman force people to perform this reproductive cycle and very few women and men can resist this automatism. 

If a woman comes to the conclusion that she herself does not need any offspring, then the woman’s body will begin to transform the woman’s body, because not bearing offspring has far-reaching consequences for a woman. If the man resists this reproductive instinct because the man realizes that this reproductive instinct is no longer necessary, then the man’s body will also be transformed so that these people will react differently to their environment, as all other people do every day. You are living a dance in which your bodies surrender to certain automatisms that determine your lives, and only people who understand these dances can be able to dance them or just watch them. All other persons dance the dance of automatisms without knowing that they perform this dance every day. This vast majority of people surrender to the automatisms of the human body without understanding why they actually perform these dances, which are often performed as animal acts and which are purely physical.

The human body wants to provide for the continuation of the human race, so many things are performed in a body that will make you perform the dance of automatisms. How strong these automatisms work in a body is determined beforehand by the Wingmaker and we also say that the more brutal the species will act on a planet, the stronger these automatisms will be.

If the earthly man would not be so inhuman, you would also perform the sexual act much less than you do at present. If there are people among you who have to think about this sexual act all the time, then these people are in close proximity to a woman who is ready for conception or you have strengthened the automatism for reproduction. If you have passed the age of 40 and this automatism is working very strongly within you, you have created your own automatism in your body that you must constantly repeat. If you know this, then this self-imposed automatism can also be deleted again. If you yourself have created this automatism and also deleted it again, because the sex drive is almost no longer present, then your body reshapes itself.

The woman will receive masculine characteristics and the man will evolve towards a guru. The woman who decides not to get pregnant because she realizes very quickly that she will never have offspring for certain reasons will change physically and also mentally because the human blueprint provides for such behavior. When the woman has made the lasting decision to renounce the reproductive cycle, the woman’s uterus is changed so that it can no longer support a pregnancy at all. The man starts to change physically to the extent that many characteristics of a man are now not as prominent to that person as they were before. 

The man must first be able to assert himself physically against other men, so that the man enjoys a high reputation with women. For this, a pronounced muscular appearance is advantageous, but intellectual attributes are also increasingly preferred by women. If the man has overcome his automatism for the reproduction independently, then the physical attributes are also no longer so important. When the man spends less and less time to assert himself physically against other men, the body starts to radiate the frequencies of the guru. Regardless of whether the man actually becomes a guru or even has the knowledge of what is supposed to make a so-called guru, the body starts this process and the man is automatically perceived differently by his environment because these people have a specific purpose. They are supposed to advance societies and for that it is indispensable that these persons have overcome these physical urges. 

If societies are led by persons who still have many automatisms active and dance the dance of automatisms, then these persons will find it very difficult to advance positive change in society. Persons who are driven by automatisms are not only subject to these physical drives, but they can hardly renounce the prevailing Zeitgeist. The so-called gurus can do this and not every guru is recognizable as a so-called guru, but they have one thing in common – they magically attract their followers and only in this way are they able to bring about a change in societies. The man is predestined for it, because the male body produces many very strong automatisms and only very strong-willed persons are able to master these automatisms.

The man who has mastered his reproductive instinct will experience a physical transformation and many persons feel physically as well as mentally attracted by these so-called gurus, so that a so-called guru is always trained by the spiritual world so that the necessary changes in society can also be addressed.

When the woman has completed her physical transformation, she will spiritually become something equivalent to the spirit of a man. This is a topic that we will explore in more depth in the following blog entry to this series, to explain to you what we mean when we speak of the spirit of the woman or the spirit of the man. You will find a lot of information that you can then connect to something greater.

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