A0585: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 3

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The human species is the youngest species among all intelligent species because the Wingmaker stopped creating intelligent species a long time ago. If a new intelligent species is to be created, it must first be clarified what fundamentally distinguishes this new species from existing species. When the difference to the species has been worked out, then it must be determined how far the evolutionary development may advance, by which is meant the mental potential of the new species. If the Wingmaker have progressed this far, then the new creature has already received many characteristics that make it unique. Once the conditions under which the species can live have been determined, the Wingmaker will begin to create the first prototypes to see whether their considerations were correct. If the creatures do not correspond to what the Wingmaker once conceived, then they will keep adapting the blueprint until the desired result exists. This is how it has gone with all species and the intelligent species are special because intelligent life forms can be inhabited by incarnations. How can you imagine this, we ask?

Imagine a spiritual being in the spiritual world. For that you actually only have to imagine a compressed bundle of energy on an energy plane. If you were present on an astral plane, you could imagine this bundle of energy as a cloud of consciousness that shines in many pastel shades. It shines because on an astral plane there is no glow per se. This shining structure is pure consciousness and since all information is always energy packets, a consciousness can really experience everything that is present as information on this energy level. This consciousness does not need eyes to see or ears to hear because this information is frequency packets that any consciousness can decode.

This consciousness is you as an incarnation and when you were created by a much larger bundle of energy you were already exactly as you were when you decided to live a physical life as a human being. You experienced a lot in the spiritual world over a long period of time, but it hardly changed your nature. When you were created by the much larger bundle of energy, you already knew most of it and you accumulated many memories until shortly before incarnation, but you hardly gained any great knowledge because much knowledge was already passed on by the much larger bundle of energy and you can simply gain new knowledge by connecting to the knowledge database, which you also call the Akashic Chronicle. This knowledge base has much more to offer than the physical lives that are constantly being recorded. This spiritual being that you were until recently knows everything, but it has not been able to gain any knowledge because all information is available. You would think that would be a great thing if the knowledge was simply present, but it is not, because it is not your knowledge, so you are only able to recite old knowledge. When you gain knowledge, that knowledge has led to growth within you and you are able to do more than you were able to do before. You, as spiritual beings, receive more power for each growth, so that you can then accomplish more with a single thought than you were able to do before you gained the knowledge. If you, as spiritual beings in the spiritual world, know everything, then you can only recite this knowledge and for this you do not gain power, because the recitation of knowledge hardly brings forth great realization, which, however, is necessary in order to gain more power. 

When All That Is began to generate growth, it created some spiritual beings who are responsible, among other things, for giving power to new spiritual beings, but only if these spiritual beings develop themselves further. If they have learned something or gained knowledge, then they receive more potential and thus also more power. All spiritual beings in the spiritual world strive for more power because then they are not only capable of doing more, but more power supports the development of more humanity. Every spiritual being becomes more and more human, and we have often described what exactly constitutes humanity. If the incarnations in the spiritual world hardly experience growth because they can hardly gain great knowledge, then they have the opportunity to incarnate into a physical life because a physical life always generates a lot of great knowledge, so that the real reason why there are universes populated by countless intelligent species is solely to be an opportunity for spiritual beings to experience growth. We are talking here about growth that seems so enormous that all spiritual beings already incarnated in the spiritual world are measured by this increase in power. However, spiritual beings only receive an increase in power when they learn something new. Incarnating again into a physical life generates little or no added value, because incarnations in a physical life learn and experience everything that justifies this increase in power.

In a new life you will hardly experience anything new that you have not experienced before, so that the stories about reincarnation mostly actually represent a past life, but not one that you have lived, but always from incarnations that were created by the same great bundle of energy as you. This great bundle of energy represents a soul to you and you as a created being correspond to an incarnation of that soul. If you want to experience growth as a spiritual being, then you can live as a physical being for a certain time. When the life is over, you always receive a guaranteed grant of power for it, because this grant of power is already fixed before incarnation. If you have chosen a quiet physical life, in a species that offers little variety, then you will receive the guaranteed grant of power, which is less than in a physical life, in a species that has to overcome many obstacles. If you choose a physical life on earth, then the guaranteed grant of power is the highest, because the humanity of earth is the most extreme life experience for a spiritual being, so that a life as a human being on earth is not only the most dangerous, but the earthly human being experiences the most enormous emotions and he can also experience the greatest insights. If a boring life on earth guarantees the highest grant of power, then all incarnations want to experience their only physical life on earth, so that afterwards they also receive the highest grant of power. If an incarnation also experiences much in this human life, by which we mean that the human being develops further than was already planned before, then this grant of power becomes greater and greater, because every great realisation multiplies this grant of power. This seems a lot now, when the guaranteed grant of power is already enormous, but every great realisation increases this grant of power again, so that you could truly say that you have received as much power as hardly any other incarnation on earth.

The human being is unique in itself, because these experiences that the human species experiences do not exist in this way in any other species. Suppose you put several beings from different species together so that these different beings need each other to survive. Suppose among these beings there are humans of Earth and also extraterrestrial humans. We also assume that there are beings that are not human. We would want to see among these non-human beings the little greys and we still take beings that also look very inhuman but do not act inhumanly. If this population is the size of a small village, then after some time you will be able to recognise certain patterns in the behaviour of the villagers.

The human species is moving closer together, no matter where these beings come from. All human beings will come together among the beings who are different. What do we mean by that, we ask? Suppose the alien humans speak a different language from the earthly humans and suppose they are physically different from the earthly humans. Nevertheless, they will come together very quickly because pack formation is very strong in their blueprint, even if the strength of the automatism varies between the human races. The human races will flock together quite quickly so that there will be the human species and the non-human species. The human races will act as one group, whereas the non-human species will form their own groups and would hardly join together at first.

If there were only a few humans in this village population, what would happen, we ask? They would look for suitable individuals to integrate into their small group. If they discover beings who have a similar view of how the destiny of the village could be directed, then they integrate these individuals into the human group. This does not mean that all of the non-human beings will automatically be included in the human community, but the human species was created in such a way that it will always form competing groups, which in their totality will advance the welfare of the human species. If you were to observe the non-human species, you would hardly see such behaviour because this competitive behaviour was specifically designed for the human species. If human society did not form competing blocks, it would evolve very slowly. The human species is unique in its approach because the Wingmaker found in the non-human species that the evolution of the forms of society was very slow, so one day they came to the realisation that they had to incorporate something in the blueprint that would create this competitive behaviour. 

We will discuss what exactly happens in the next blog entry in this series, because everything has been tuned to the duality of the human species so that you as humans automatically develop something that is not found in this strong form in any non-human species. Non-human species also know duality, but not to the extent that the human species develops it. 

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