A0586: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 4

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Humanity as a species has many characteristics that distinguish it from non-human intelligent life forms, so these characteristics are exceptional in nature. For you as a human species, these characteristics are all too human and therefore exceedingly natural. To conspecific species, these characteristics are so extraordinary that these conspecific species can hardly understand how you can exist with these characteristics. You may wonder about our choice of words, because this is the first time we have called something related to the human species, which we have never done before, so we will now explain what exactly we mean.

When we speak of a kindred race, we mean beings that were created by the same blueprint, but exist on different planets and can evolve there without outside influence. You on Earth are also special in this area, because you do not correspond to a human species on Earth, but many human races began a long time ago to enrich the earthly human species with their gene sequences, so that different human races could develop on Earth, but they are related to each other, so that they correspond perfectly to the human blueprint despite extraterrestrial influence.

The human races of Earth will mix ever more rapidly, so that there are already human beings on Earth that hardly exist in this way in the galaxy. When we look at your Universe as a whole, your galaxy is special because there are hardly as many different life forms of the human race as there are on Earth. Earth in your galaxy is an original source of the human species, and this is because the Earth human race was chosen to fully conform to the human blueprint at some point in the future. Earthly humans will have matured so far in many millions of years that they will be mentally almost like a spiritual being as a physical being. We are talking about the mental faculties that you have not developed at all at this time. You will be the first human race to be mentally capable of being like your so-called god, because you will be able to do things with only one thought process that you can only allow your so-called gods to do today. By the time that happens you will have spread genetically throughout your universe and the result of that will cause quite a stir because already today this enormous potential is to be found in the earthly human race. If the human race of Earth already holds this potential within itself today, then many human races from other star systems have also recognised this, so that they have already ensured with their genetic material that the earthly humans can later be quickly integrated into their societies, so that this earthly potential will also spread quickly among the extraterrestrial human races. 

But we were talking about kindred species that do not conform to the human blueprint. The little grey creatures that you call Greys are a kindred species that expect a lot from your gene pool, so they have been trying for a long time to be more like the human blueprint than their natural blueprint. To do this, they keep changing their natural blueprint to incorporate human traits that are supposed to bring them closer and closer to the human blueprint. When we talk about the species of little grey aliens, we are talking about a species that is much older than the human species, but it already shares with the human species many of the characteristics that appear human. When we talk about characteristics we always mean the differences from other species, so the species of the little Greys share many characteristics that the human species share, so you have an intersection with the Greys that is greater than with any other non-human species. The Greys are your closest related species because the human species is an extension of the blueprint of the Greys. We have already said that you will evolve physically into beings that are the same as the great white Greys and that have physical characteristics that all Greys now share. So when we speak of kindred species, we mean the so-called Greys, who are the closest to the human species among all non-human species. 

If certain races of Greys experiment with constantly changing their blueprint to give them more and more characteristics that distinguish them from the human species, then one day they will end up just as the Anunnaki are yet to do, because the new species created by these changes is not an evolution of a species. These changes always result in existing characteristics of the species being replaced by new characteristics of the other species, so that the purpose of a species is no longer fully served. When the purpose is tampered with, they may have improved physical or mental aspects, but other traits have had to give way, so the long-term consequences are much worse than the short-term gain. The Anunnaki will disappear because they no longer have any purpose at all. 

If such a species no longer has the opportunity to mix with other species, then one day they will also no longer evolve because they only favour their own culture and are not given the opportunity to renew themselves through external influences. You humans on Earth will get this opportunity and all human races in your universe are looking forward to it, because the forthcoming first contact with an Intelligent extraterrestrial species will be the starting signal for earthly humanity to enrich every human race outside Earth with its potential. The few races of Greys who try to improve their blueprint will one day realise that their original blueprint has the best features for their species, so they will stop trying.

We wanted to tell you about duality, so we will start with that in this blog entry and we will need the next blog entry to tell you all about it so that you understand why duality exists and what it means for you earthly humans.

What exactly is the much-named duality, we ask? When you look at a game, it is always about winning. If someone wins in a game, then there is also at least one loser and if there is one or more losers, then that is the duality we are talking about. There can only be losers if there are winners and that also always means that there are blocks that compete for something. If there is competition, then there are also beings in that competition who want to be better than other beings who are also in that competition. If competition means that beings compete with each other, then there must also be a motivation for this competition that pushes these beings to be better than other beings. If we disregard the automatism of reproduction, what else do you compete for in your society, we ask? Exactly, social prestige is a strong driving force that pushes each individual to always be better in a competition than other individuals. If competition drives you to excel, then this action could ensure that society as a whole also advances, because a winner will always lead to imitators who also want to be winners in a competition, to be perceived differently socially, to be perceived as losers. 

Social status plays an exceedingly large role in the human species, so that socially highly esteemed persons have a great deal of power, which they can use as they please. When a highly esteemed person makes a statement, more attention is paid to that statement than when a less highly esteemed person makes the same statement. Why is this, we ask? A highly valued person will be able to exert more influence because he or she has more authority among people than a not so highly valued person. If authority leads people to believe a highly valued person more than a not so highly valued person, then we could also claim that an authoritarian person is believed in everything, whatever that is. But that is not so, because a highly esteemed person has to earn the authority first and for that he or she has to do a lot to gain this high social status in the first place. If a person makes history in politics because he or she was capable of things that no one could achieve before, then that person will gain authority because he or she was able to successfully contest a political contest in his or her favour. That authority was won on the yardstick of political competition. You have different contests that you contest and contests that are contested among many persons or organisations will generate greater authority in human perception than contests that are contested on a small scale. If a person manages to compete in a much-viewed competition, his social status is instantly increased and his authority ratings also rise. If the performance is not enough for a victory, participation in this much-seen competition has already ensured that the participant has gained authority in the public eye. If participation alone ensures that public interest in this person increases, then something is triggered in the observers of the competition that we will describe in more detail in the following blog entry. 

Once you understand why the human species cannot help but compete tirelessly with other beings, then you will understand the true nature of the much-named duality, and you will be able to explain to every human being what duality does to the individuals of a human race, because every competition increases that duality within you. Now I am sure you are asking how you can weaken this duality because you know that duality fought out in competition will always have negative effects on individuals, but we will clarify that in the next blog entry.

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