A0584: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 2

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We start by explaining why the Wingmaker conceived the human species and then you will discover the Wingmaker’ real motivation behind it. When the Wingmaker present a new creature, that creature always has a purpose it is supposed to fulfil. All animals, plants and insects on earth have this purpose because every creature has a reason to exist. The Wingmaker do not simply create creatures out of curiosity, but Wingmaker create all creatures for a single reason. If the ant did not act as it does, your forests would not function as they do because there is always a plan behind it to make nature function as you know it. If the ant was missing, many biological things would not be processed and the ecosystem would falter.

When someone programs a computer game, the game can be elaborately made so that the graphics have a lot to offer, or the graphics can be kept very simple, which would then reduce the enjoyment of the game. If the Wingmaker had not created so many creatures, then the experience of an intelligent life form would not be very rich. If you look into nature, there is so much to discover that you cannot explore it all in a single lifetime. All biological processes are guided by automatisms that are present in every living being. Humans are subject to so many automatisms that we will only mention a few of them. Reproduction, breathing, sleeping and the will to go on and on. 

If there are automatisms in every life form, then the automatisms will also always determine the life of the life forms. You cannot help living out your automatisms at all. The writer does not find our designation of automatism justified, because he would rather say that living beings are guided by their instincts, but a trained automatism is to be assessed similarly. If you train yourself to do something, you will unconsciously repeat that trained action whenever there is a reason for it. An inner desire or drive reacts in the same way because certain actions are unconsciously performed. These automatisms are predetermined by the Wingmaker so that the being also acts as the Wingmaker once intended. The Wingmaker deposit all automatisms in the blueprint of a being so that all spiritual beings can determine how the being will react to its environment. If it is already determined in the blueprint of a being how it should react under certain conditions, how can one imagine this procedure in an intelligent life form, we ask?

Imagine a human being who is not subject to any automatisms. If man did not feel the instinct to reproduce, the human species would cease to exist at all. If man did not follow the instinct of pack-building, you would have no form of society. If you did not have a social form, you would hardly be able to do what you are doing. You have read correctly, you have an automatism in your blueprint that is pack formation and it is only because you are subject to such an automatism that you can form a society at all. 

When we look at your form of society, we say the following: All human species develop similar forms of society. If all human species evolve similarly because they are subject to the same pack formation as an automatism, then surely all human races should evolve similarly inhuman. Why is this not so, we ask? Because the strength of the automatisms is different. Take the reproductive instinct. The reproductive instinct is much stronger in the strength of the operating automatism in earthly men than in other human races. This causes earthly humanity to multiply very rapidly, whereas the spread of the human race on other planets proceeds much more slowly. When you multiply very quickly, the drive to do so is very strong. When a drive is very strong, that drive always has strong side effects, so that the drive to reproduce always leads to violence, because men often fight each other over it and women are much more likely to be victims of sexual violence. If the instinct did not have this strength, your acts of violence towards other people would immediately greatly diminish and you would be much more peaceful as a human race. 

This automatism that influences this reproductive instinct is configured differently in you earthly humans than it is in extraterrestrial humans, so this can be considered an extreme configuration. Who is responsible for these configurations, we ask? It was the Wingmaker, because they once determined the maximum extent to which the reproductive instinct could operate in the human species. All other human races have not been given this extreme configuration. If the Wingmaker determined how strong this reproductive instinct should work in a human race, how do they do it, we ask? The human blueprint is the same for every human race, but still the human races differ in the strength of the automatisms, so the human body on a planet dictates how strong the automatisms should work. Your human body contains the configurations of all human automatisms which you follow until you have mastered them. 

All automatisms were created for one reason and one reason only, and that is to provide an opportunity for incarnations to override these automatisms so that human life can provide for the incarnation to experience things in which it may grow. Yes, the incarnation has chosen this human life so that it can overcome all the obstacles that these automatisms represent. If you think carefully about what such an automatism actually represents, then you will quickly realise that they are tasks that are to be solved. How do you solve such an automatism, you may ask? By mastering the physical urge that is triggered by this automatism. Imagine that you are a man and that the automatism of procreation is very strong in you, so that most of the time you are busy acting out the sexual urge. If you were to perceive that it is not you who have this drive, but the human body that makes sure that you fulfil this drive, then automatically this drive would be weakened. Why is that, we ask?

The reproductive instinct will arise in the human body because many signals will make the consciousness think it has to find a sexual partner to act on the sexual instinct. The signals will generate thoughts that can be seen as a kind of blueprint by playing out the sex act so that the person knows how to perform that sex act. Everything you do instinctively as a human being is thus already stored in the blueprint so that a species, no matter what species, also knows exactly how to reproduce. These thoughts come and go depending on what stage you are at in your life, so that the reproductive instinct is actually only intended for a certain period of life and the human body sends out these thought sequences during this time. When you are in that period of life, your sex drive is very active and when that period of life is over, the thought sequences for an impending sexual act will subside. 

People over the age of forty should hardly ever indulge in this sexual act, but this is not the case. This is because during your time when the sex drive is active, you develop your own automatisms that will urge you to perform the sex act again and again. This self-generated automatism is active until you delete it. If you now think of a program that could correspond to this automatism, then you are not entirely wrong, so that you should become aware of why you yourself have created this program and then you must understand that this program is no longer necessary, so that this program is terminated. The body consciousness understands that you no longer want this self-imposed automatism so that unconsciously the automatism is no longer lived out as an action. How do you become aware that an automatism program no longer seems necessary, we ask? You can only do that when you recognise this program for what it is. It is something that you do not need and that you have trained as an automatism. Once you recognise this, you consciously weaken this automatism because your body consciousness recognises in your thought processes the desire to do something about this automatism. We have paraphrased this process somewhat, so that we will describe it in more detail later on. 

When the body consciousness recognises that the automatism has become superfluous, then this trained automatism is weakened so that the automatism directs the human being less and less. Once man has understood all this, then this procedure is tantamount to a realisation that every incarnation is too eager to experience, so that mastering the sex drive is like a Herculean task in which most men fail. Once a man has mastered his sex drive, by which we mean the self-trained automatism, he has solved the Herculean task and that always means a very great grant of power, which always represents the beginning of something that comes close to so-called enlightenment. 

We once said that so-called enlightenment does not exist as you understand it, but there are persons who receive so much power in their lifetime because they have gained so much profound knowledge that these persons stand out from the crowd. These persons become so-called gurus because they create frequencies in the second energy body that magically attract disciples. These gurus do not have to do anything and yet people come to the so-called guru. Gurus have mostly mastered their previously self-trained sex drive. Having mastered the sex drive, they automatically start generating the frequencies that attract the disciples. This automatism is also stored in the blueprint of the human species, so that these persons can always pass on profound knowledge that they have already attained before. The disciples of the guru are human beings who have already been so adjusted before birth so that they are receptive to the frequencies of gurus and they are then supposed to ensure that the insights of the guru should lead to further insights in other persons when they missionarily carry these insights of the guru out into the world. 

All these automatisms were already established before the first human being was born on a planet. The sexual instinct is only one of many automatisms that work in every human being, and if the natural automatism has been mastered, then you will hardly receive any added value for it as an incarnation, but if you develop automatisms yourself, which you then recognise and also master sustainably, then you will receive an enormous added value for it as an incarnation. If there are natural automatisms, do these automatisms automatically weaken over a lifetime once they have been activated, we ask? No, the breathing will only stop when you die, but you can, for example, develop new automatisms for breathing that can then influence the natural automatism so that all reflexes are trained, which can have positive and negative consequences.

When you stutter, you have developed an automatism that negatively affects speech, so you can actually stop the automatism of stuttering when you realise that stuttering is unnecessary. Since stuttering has been trained, you gain a lot of power for mastering stuttering. When you have mastered stuttering, the automatism has been weakened, but the automatism is not erased and can be reactivated at any time. Did we not speak of automatisms as programs that can be deleted, we ask ourselves? No, a program or an automatism can only ever be weakened, but deletion is hardly possible. If the automatism has a very strong effect, then it can only be deleted with great difficulty, so that this automatism can only be weakened. If an automatism acts only slightly, the program can be weakened to such an extent that it is very difficult to reactivate it. If you can master the automatism for pack formation, then you would live alone and not care at all. However, as the hermit life is not very beneficial to you as humans, mastering such an automatism makes almost no gain, so we would advise against such a course of action. There are so many automatisms that you can inflict upon yourselves that there is little point in listing any more automatisms.

You now know that the blueprint of the human species has many natural automatisms that predetermine your human behaviour so that you are almost identical in behaviour. You can train your own automatisms that you can weaken like the natural automatisms, but you are guided by these automatisms that make you act as the Wingmaker once intended. However, you can outgrow yourselves by beginning to understand the automatisms and you will then gain many profound insights that will mature you into why people act the way they do and these individuals will eventually understand human behaviour to the point where they can see behind the facade of society. When they see behind the façade of society, they will have gained the understanding to calmly witness the actions without the automatisms of the human blueprint still being able to operate, because the knowledge gained will dissolve the natural automatisms, because the blueprint already provides for such behaviour. 

All the great thinkers of your epochs have learned to look behind the façade of social norms and only because they have gained such profound insights by then have they been able to dissolve the natural automatisms. The Wingmaker have planned such behaviour beforehand so that society can progress, because that is what the evolution of the species provides for. When the human species produces this kind of person in its development, it is to be regarded as a milestone, so that society always experiences a social leap through the thinkers and gurus.

Every species has such milestones stored in its blueprint and it is also predetermined when these milestones will be activated, so that there have been many milestones in the human species on Earth that have made little or relatively little difference, even if you would judge it differently at the moment. Human species that did not receive these extreme configurations have achieved enormous success in their social development in a relatively short time, because their automatisms could also be deleted much more easily than is the case with Earthly humans. As a result, these extraterrestrial people were able to change their social form much more quickly, which hardly seems possible with you people on Earth. Everything has its purpose, so that the milestones of earthly people can only be achieved by people who are exceptional and who can thus exert a strong influence on society. 

When earthly thinkers and gurus are compared with extraterrestrial thinkers and gurus, the earthly thinkers and gurus generate much stronger frequency patterns in their second energy body than extraterrestrial thinkers and gurus. They have to, otherwise they could not attract the earthly disciples either. The purpose of the milestones is the further development of the form of society, which is hardly possible with you on Earth, so that the forthcoming first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species takes over much that should actually have been carried out by the earthly thinkers and gurus long ago, because you should already have a much more human form of society. However, your extreme configurations of your automatisms have prevented you from doing so, so that we can truly say that you on Earth are the most extreme species that exists in your universe. 

In the next blog entry in this series, we will discuss some of the characteristics of the human species that make you unique among intelligent species.

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