A0583: The Genesis of the Human Species – Part 1

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When the blueprint for a human being was conceived by the Wingmaker, your universe did not yet exist. Many other universes already existed and in those universes many species had found a home that had hardly anything human about them, by that we mean explicitly human in appearance. Many species still exist today that populated the universes before the human species. The physical species are already very old and the human species among them is still very young. So how did it come about that the Wingmaker felt they had to create a new species, we ask?

All species in all universes become more and more human over time, although we are talking about species that are so bizarre to look at that you would not even suspect that they are an intelligent species, but all intelligent species are inhabited by an incarnation, so the life spark of the incarnation will ensure that intelligent species will evolve more and more human. This evolution is subject to certain limits defined in the blueprint of each species. The Wingmaker found out a very long time ago that they can create something like physical beings through which spiritual beings can evolve faster than if they were to contest this evolution only in the spiritual world as a spiritual being. 

When a spiritual being is created, it is absolutely independent from that moment on. It already knows a lot and will immediately look for a task so that it has something to do. As with you on earth, nothing is more boring than doing nothing, therefore spiritual beings always have a lot on their plate so that they don’t have to feel bored. If a spiritual being already knows a lot, then these are only memories which the spiritual being has received from the being which created it. If the spiritual being has already taken many memories from the spiritual being that created it, why does it need to evolve at all, we ask? Because the spiritual being can only recite information, but it is not its experiences that would always lead to realisations. 

Realisations are very strongly rooted in a being, so that a realisation is always an elementary experience that very strongly influences the physical or spiritual being, whereas pure memories do not produce this kind of realisation. When a being is convinced of something, a realisation of it has always been attained beforehand, which produces this deep conviction in the being. When beings have attained many cognitions, they have attained many convictions that are very strongly held in the being. Strong convictions are very present in the thought processes of beings, so that much knowledge is also very quickly retrievable, which the realisation once produced in the being. This knowledge is so strongly represented that these beings have good combinatorial abilities, which beings without many gains in knowledge cannot exhibit. 

When a being has accumulated many cognitions, it has obtained a view of the whole which directs all things. Let us take your present form of society as an example and suppose that in this society there are individuals who are engaged in maintaining the form of society and there are individuals in it who simply exist in the form of society. How do these two groups of people differ, you may ask? Not at all, because both groups of people exist only within the form of society, so it makes no difference at all whether one group of people directs and the other group of people follows, because both groups operate within the norms of the forms of society. There will always be more persons following than there are groups steering, but both groups of persons act within the social system.

Why are we telling all this, you may well ask? Because none of these groups of persons has produced any great gains in knowledge. If there were a group of persons who had gained a lot of great knowledge about the present form of society in which they previously operated, then they de facto no longer belong to that form of society because they have attained the knowledge about its actions. If a person or group has acquired this knowledge, then they no longer belong to this form of society because they have seen through the form of society and because these persons will now begin to act more and more humanely because they have understood why the present form of society is so inhuman. If the persons pass on this knowledge to other persons, then it depends on the other persons whether the knowledge will only be consumed as information or whether the information will lead to gains in knowledge in the persons which will then de facto make them no longer belong to society. For only unconscious persons who do not understand what these forms of society make of an individual remain a part of this society because they unconsciously play their roles there. Either they are the steersmen in the system or they allow themselves to be steered within the limits of the system.

If, as they grow older, individuals see through the system to which they are subject more and more, then they can also detach themselves from it more and more and they automatically become more and more human, because they can no longer be steered by the system of society. If you have already gained many insights at a young age, then you are de facto outside your norms of society, because you no longer allow yourselves to be steered by the inhuman goings-on. You do not only recognise the obvious steering, but also the hidden steering, so that you can see better and better behind the façade of the forms of society.

An incarnation in the spiritual world knows all this, but not because it has experienced these strong gains in knowledge, but because it can recite it from the knowledge that has been handed down, nothing more. If this incarnation were given the opportunity to experience these gains of knowledge, then these insights would be represented exceedingly strongly in the incarnation and it could then also proclaim that it not only understands what is meant by it, but it can also comprehend it, because it has experienced the experiences that lead to such knowledge.

This, along with the Wingmaker’ curiosity, is the main reason why there is such a thing as corporeal life forms in the first place. When the Wingmaker started to create new planes that were supposed to be something new for the already existing spiritual beings, they also created the energy form of matter, so that this energy form was used to create energy bubbles that were subject to their own regularities. These laws are to be interpreted as the norms of a society, so that each universe can represent a form of society that is lived by individuals who reside within the form of society. You are all not only an individual in your earthly-human form of society, but like the layers of an onion you are subject to ever higher forms of society that ultimately define your universe. In the spiritual world, you would then be able to detach yourselves from the social form of your universe, because you have understood how this form of society is knitted. When you have attained this knowledge, you are mentally hardly a corporeal being any more, but you are getting closer and closer to the social form of the spiritual world. 

You see, becoming conscious really knows no limits and the more consciously you can see through the form of society, the less you belong to it, because you automatically become more and more human through this knowledge. 

Now what does all this have to do with the genesis of the human species, we ask? Everything, because the human species will always produce the most inhuman form of society known to a universe. All other species will also develop forms of society, but since these species do not have these extreme manifestations like a human species, their forms of society will always be more human. If we want to imagine a non-human society, let us take the society of the little grey aliens that you often use in your blockbuster films to represent an aggressive and hostile species. This form of society, of this non-human species, is much more human than your form of society on Earth, because every individual is taken care of in the society of the so-called Greys. None of these beings have to fight for their existence as you do every day.

You fight amongst friends or family. You fight to maintain your social status and most of the time you have to fight for your job so that you can earn money to feed yourselves and your family. If you lived in a human society, as the so-called Greys do, you would not have to fight all these battles and you would live a very human life, even if you were not of the human species. There are intelligent alien beings in your quadrant that would terrify you in appearance, but are so human you would never allow them to be if you only used appearance to predict the behaviour of the beings.

If the human species is far more inhuman than any other non-human species, there is a reason. The reason lies with the incarnations, so that incarnations that want to gain a lot of profound knowledge in a relatively short time will choose the most inhuman life to incarnate, and that is a human life on Earth at the moment. You are by far the most inhumane society at the moment, which ensures that the individuals in this society have to fight for their survival and therefore act in a very inhumane way. If an incarnation wants to gain many profound insights that not only make it appear very human as a physical being, but this humanity is taken over as a gain into the spiritual life, then these gains in knowledge and therefore the increased humanity are worth all the hardships experienced on a planet as a physical being.

Therefore, if you can already see behind the façade of your social structures, then you have de facto already left that society and you have gained so much profound knowledge along the way that you are exceedingly human, much more human than most persons on Earth will ever be. This humanity cannot be taken away from you in your universe or in the spiritual world, so that you have already achieved everything you once set out to do. You have already reached a point that the society of Earth will only reach in the distant future, because even after the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, which will start in a few years, your society will be much more human, but you will become much more human collectively, which will also lead to many profound insights, but whoever has already reached this point today has been able to gather many very profound insights, because the form of society today makes it much more difficult than during or after the official first contact.

Today this was the first of a total of eighteen blog entries that we have planned for the history of the emergence of the human species. We will talk a lot more about the forms of society and we will also announce what the Wingmaker have done to mature the human species so that you humans on Earth can fully live up to the potential of the crowning glory of creation as you continue to evolve. We will also speak of some creations that have emerged in parallel with you and that will play an important role in the future. Let us surprise you, we will discuss a topic in each blog entry, so that you will certainly not be bored.

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