A0582: How can the kundalini energy be used successfully?

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The kundalini energy corresponds to the main energy from which your spiritual being draws its energy. If you are a newly created spiritual being, your main energy is on the 8th main plane. If you are not a newly created spiritual being, then you draw your energy from the 4th main level. If we compare the two energies, the energy of the 8th main plane has more potential than the energy of the 4th main plane. If you want to use these energies because you want to awaken the so-called serpent of Kundalini energy to release this energy, then we tell you the following: There is no such thing as the so-called Kundalini energy, nor is there a snake associated with that energy. There is a method so that your body is permanently flooded with the energy by which you are constantly fed as a spiritual being. We have already described what all this means in a previous blog entry on the so-called kundalini energy, so we assume that you have already read this entry.

Let us assume that you have read the previous blog entry and you now know very well why some people think they feel this so-called kundalini snake. We also assume you have asked to access your main source of energy and we also assume you can tame this energy even though it will change you. We also assume you are so level-headed that not only do you know all about it, but you are now ready to do something with this surplus energy, because not only can you handle the influx of the main energy, but this energy wants to be used. Now the question is, what should you do with it?

You should definitely ask yourself this question before you ask for this so-called Kundalini energy. Let’s say you want to help other people with it by starting to work as a so-called spiritual healer. Then you don’t need the kundalini energy at all, because a spiritual being provides this healing energy, so the kundalini energy can hardly be used for that. Suppose you are a person who has to deal with other people a lot, so you are an authority figure who has to assert yourself all the time. Then you could make good use of this energy, but authority figures will hardly be able to command this energy, because they are to some extent always guided by their ego consciousness and are therefore the last persons who should receive such an excess of energy.

If you are a person who is exceedingly shy and who can hardly assert himself, then this energy could be a help, because the person will then receive physical and bodily changes that are positive.

Can you do something special with this extra energy, we ask? No, if you think of extraordinary abilities now, but you will get easier access to the spiritual world. When you then go on journeys, because astral journeys are much easier to initiate, you are always under special observation, because with this extra energy you are also always capable of more than astral travellers without this extra energy. If you are a person who would like to become more assertive, then you can try to activate this so-called kundalini energy, but we advise all other persons not to do so.

If you are curious and you want to experience this energy, then you can activate it and after some time ask for this extra energy to be silenced so that you are not further influenced by it. When that extra energy goes away, the gateway to the spiritual world is still open, so they have easier access to it than other people.

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