A0578: Why can a person draw on the knowledge of incarnation?

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When a person thinks about something, many frequency patterns are generated. When these frequency patterns are generated, the human consciousness has the possibility to look for them in their so-called memories. If these new frequency patterns are constantly compared with the stored frequency patterns, then many of the stored frequency patterns are activated and they rise, so to speak, into the consciousness of the human being and many people then more or less remember a moment that corresponds to such a stored frequency pattern. When the right memory has been found as a frequency pattern, then it depends on the strength of the memory how well the person can remember the lived moment. By strength of memory we mean the following: If you experience an insignificant moment, then the frequency pattern of the memory will be different than if the moment reflects something epic. As with repetition, the stored frequency pattern of memory will be much more intricate and rich if the moment has a deeper meaning for the person than if the moment is more insignificant. We have explained why this is so in a previous blog entry, but what does this have to do with the knowledge of incarnation that is incarnated in your body and which you become more and more as an artificial personality consciousness the older you are, we ask? Because the incarnation also carries many frequency patterns as memories that you can also experience. 

The consciousness that represents the incarnation in the spiritual world decided to incarnate into the human body that you have also been carrying around your entire human life on earth and it split off a partial consciousness from itself that is now present in the energy bodies around you. All the partial consciousnesses were given a special task, which they carry out conscientiously, for the grant of power to the incarnation, which it receives when the human life has ended, also depends on this. This expression of incarnation is present in your universe as consciousness and it has drawn together most of the fractals of consciousness from the universe around the human body, so that many fractals of consciousness of incarnation exist right around you. Each fractal of consciousness of the incarnation also always contains the memories of the incarnation as frequency patterns and if you know that the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation during your bodily life transmit more and more fractals of consciousness of the incarnation to you, the artificial personality consciousness, then you also receive their memories when you assimilate these fractals of consciousness. If you have already received many fractals of consciousness as artificial personality consciousness, then the memories of the incarnation will become more and more dominant in you. If this were so, then surely older people must remember life as an incarnation much better than younger people, we ask? No, because the human being, which you represent as an artificial personality consciousness, is not supposed to receive the memories of the incarnation at all, because this contradicts the personality development of a human being. 

You all have to deal with this personality development all the time, because that corresponds to this much-named becoming conscious. If you do not manage to develop yourselves, because through all the obstacles that are given to you by the human body, you still do not manage to experience an awakening of consciousness, because your reflections hardly lead to insights, then the memories of the incarnation would not help at all, but your awakening of consciousness is stopped and the strong frequency patterns that make you as a personality are hardly developed. If you transfer all the knowledge of you to a small child, where will this child develop, we ask? It can hardly develop any further because it hardly gains any knowledge. Until the child dies, it will be able to recite many things from these memories, but it will not develop because it can hardly learn anything more. The incarnation in this child will be almost the same incarnation that incarnated, so that after the death of this human being, hardly any new extraordinary frequency patterns will have been created, which, however, characterise these incarnations, because after a bodily life they are always more than before. The incarnation of the human being who already received the most knowledge as memories as a child will hardly be more, because only strong moments create these extraordinary memories and strong knowledge in the human being. Why do you want to go to school when you already have all the knowledge as memories, we ask? No, you don’t want to, because school time would be a waste of time and all the memories that made the children grow because they could master tasks, you don’t have them, because for you it is only memories of knowledge that you hardly understand, but which you could recite. So if you cannot produce memories of incarnation, it is for that very reason. You are supposed to be able to develop and you are supposed to gather knowledge, which you only obtain when you set yourselves tasks that you solve in one way or another.

But if there are people who think that they are temporarily merging their personality consciousness with a part of the incarnation consciousness, then they are not wrong, but they usually do not understand what that really means. We will now describe vividly what happens and if you understand what this means, then it is not witchcraft, although the meaning behind it is different, so there is a lot of room for interpretation as to why people will do this. Many effects occur, which we will also address. If the person decides to become something that is somewhere close to personality consciousness and that includes portions of an incarnational subconsciousness, then the person has not understood what this momentary new consciousness actually is. Suppose a person succeeds in attaining incarnational consciousness, which of all the subconsciousnesses does the person choose to attain, we ask? Does the person even know that each subconsciousness in your total consciousness has a specific task, we ask?

Let us assume the following scenario and we will assume that the person has found a way for these consciousnesses to enter into a short-term symbiosis. The person has now done something, which we will explain at the end of the blog entry, and the person has entered into a short-term symbiosis with a partial consciousness of the incarnation. Let us assume that the person has chosen the heart because he or she believes that everything from the heart must always be interpreted positively. The partial consciousness in the fourth energy body has several tasks and one task is to deal with the person’s traumatic experiences. Now the following happens: The fourth subconsciousness in the fourth energy body will lend some of its potential to the personality consciousness via the mental entanglement of the consciousness fractals, because this is a natural process that you particularly use when you are highly concentrated before a peak performance. It does not matter whether the peak performance is mental or physical. These individuals will report a state where time seems to run much slower. We have called this state of consciousness the Being Moment. The personality consciousness will now have more fractals of consciousness at its disposal. The person who is about to experience the Being Moment will concentrate hard on the head area, so that the sixth subconsciousness in the sixth energy body is used to enrich the personality consciousness in the sixth energy body with fractals of consciousness. The person now experiences the task much more intensively, for which the partial consciousness is responsible. Among other things, the sixth subconsciousness gives the state of consciousness and since the state of consciousness is responsible for how the time of a moment is perceived, the person experiences time quite differently. The person who focuses on the fourth subconsciousness for short-term symbiosis will find, among other things, all traumas that will trigger strong emotions. 

If the person uses this method more often, it will quite quickly release the blockages and fears that the person has built up into traumas. If the person dwells in this state, the memory of the incarnation also automatically becomes his memory, because each fractal of consciousness contains many of these memories. When the person receives the memories, he will understand many things that seemed completely hidden before. The partial consciousnesses also perceive the person’s environment and actions, so that they themselves know and understand much that the person still has to learn so that they can generate this knowledge themselves. The incarnation already knows everything, so that it provides a vast knowledge that the person calls up in this state of consciousness. When the person loses this state again, however, some consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness receive memories of the experienced state of consciousness, so that the person still knows fragments, as after a dream, but hardly knows or understands the context behind them. However, the person has a rudimentary knowledge of what it was about, so they think about it a lot and resolve their traumas. If the person is able to do that, then it was worth all the effort, so the end justifies the means.

What do you think? Can a person act like that on their own, we ask? No, all spiritual beings will take into account the prevailing belief patterns to cause the person to address his traumas because the fourth subconsciousness desperately wants the traumas to be resolved. Persons who think they will stay in this heightened state of consciousness forever only believe it because it is not they who can initiate this state of consciousness, but the incarnational consciousness will take the opportunity to fulfil its duties. We are not saying that the person is just being used, but you do not have the power at all to just merge with your incarnational consciousness. We have talked a lot about the multidimensional consciousness, but you as a personality consciousness are only a small part of it, so incarnation enables you to do many things. When incarnation enables you to do something, the purpose is always there, so people with a lot of traumatic experiences also have a lot to deal with and these temporary states of consciousness help with that, no matter what the person sees in it, it’s just a state of consciousness.

Now how can a person access the memories of the incarnation, we ask? By beginning to practise dissociation. Many things will happen in the process, but you will always attract fractals of consciousness of the incarnation in the process so that you become aware there as well. If you choose an energy body and you focus on the energy node when you dissociate, then you become aware at that level. If you practise this often, you will not only be able to maintain this state for longer, but you will attract more fractals of consciousness each time so that the knowledge is there as a memory within you. If you keep forgetting most of the memories, then you have not attracted enough of the fractals of consciousness of the incarnation, so that you are still beginners. These memories have no useful value to you unless you are engaged in the spiritual world. However, because you have a heightened consciousness, you will recognise many things that you have not otherwise recognised, but depending on which energy body you choose, the task of the partial consciousness will also determine your sensory impressions, so you should at least know the main tasks of the energy bodies and their partial consciousnesses, otherwise these can be frightening experiences that you experience.

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