A0579: Can a person mentally generate energetic protection?

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No, for all your stories that you have heard about this are only to reassure you because most people on Earth are not capable of creating such protection at all. We will now explain to you how such protection would work and what would be required. If you have been able to follow our explanations, you will see that such protection is neither necessary nor can it be fabricated by you. 

How would such an energetic protection be generated, we ask? People imagine, for example, a luminous dome around their body or they see themselves in a diamond-like structure. When man imagines such a protection before the mind’s eye, the human consciousness will manifest something on the astral plane of the earth through imagination that corresponds to what is seen. These manifestations are constantly being formed by you on the astral plane of the Earth, because every thought accomplishes such a thing. When you think about something, you manifest something there that corresponds to the thought process. When you dream, you will also form something on the astral plane, because you are there during dreaming just as if you were meditating. You see, no matter what you do, you will always manifest something on an astral plane of your earth. 

If you imagine a bloodthirsty monster eating your teacher because you have just received a bad grade from that teacher, the teacher will not mind much if at all. The teacher will perceive your mood, but he will not perceive your bloodthirsty monster. If this teacher keeps you in a bad mood for several years, then you could strain year after year to imagine the cruellest deaths for this teacher and no matter how much effort you make, it does not scratch this teacher at all. Now when you stand up to him in real life because you use all your potential to learn the subject matter, the teacher will be surprised and revise his attitude towards you.

No matter how much effort you put into your manifestations, they have almost no direct effect at all on the physical life, because these forms exist on a subtle plane that you mostly cannot perceive at all. If the monsters are thought of in great detail and they have a lot of holding energy, then the teacher may feel some discomfort when you chase your monsters in your imagination at the teacher, but the expression on your face as you strain in your imagination to deliver the next attack will probably cause more discomfort in the teacher than what his subconsciousnesses perceive on the astral plane when the teacher delivers the next bad grade.

Now imagine that you generate a shield around you and you have thought it out very carefully, what is this subtle shield supposed to protect you from, we ask? From nothing at all, because you don’t need to be protected either. If a person thinks he must use it to protect himself from spiritual beings, then we say the following: No spiritual being is allowed to harm a human being deliberately and no spiritual being, however weak it might be, would be able to be prevented from such an energetic protection if it wanted to do something to the human being. A spiritual being could destroy worlds with a thought, so what can such a protective shield help you from, we ask? From your insecurity, nothing more. If it makes you feel safe and secure, then you can do this so that you can sleep peacefully, but it changes nothing at all, because you humans are not yet mentally ready to redirect forms of energy on an energy level that also have an effect on your worldly level. 

If a person believes that he is capable of protecting or influencing another person with such protection, we say to him with astonishment: You neither understand what you are doing, nor are you capable of exerting an influence, but many spiritual beings are around you, who take care that no one so clumsy will be able to exert a positive or negative influence, because such a thing is always controlled by the spiritual world. If someone believes that he or another person is possessed by the devil or otherwise influenced, we also say the following to him: Dream on, such things only exist in the imagination of people who receive money so that they can make up such horror stories. If you are influenced mentally or physically because you know that you are being tested, then this is truly an influence, but you have desired it before incarnation so that you can generate growth in the bodily life that you cannot otherwise experience at this level. 

Question: How can a human being generate an energetic bubble around him or herself so that the human body is hardly or less influenced?
What are these influences, you may ask? They are the influences that you are constantly subject to. If you are in a bad mood, it is usually because something has happened to you that annoys you. When something upsets you, you would rather run away, but that is not possible, so you have to face the situation. If you had no body, what could annoy you, we ask? A situation that corresponds to your intellect, because you have nothing else. You are only consciousness and nothing at all can usually harm you. If you have a body, it is different because the body is connected to the consciousness through interfaces and since the consciousness can only perceive itself through the body, the body is all you know. 

If the consciousness is at home in the spiritual world and your body in the worldly world, then for you today the astral planes of the earth are still your intersections where the body is coupled with the consciousness. We have described this in much more detail before, but today we want to look very simply at this connection. If the intersections are located on the astral plane of the Earth, so to speak, then the individual intersections will also have a configuration that describes how the data packets must travel through these intersections. So if you want to create an energetic bubble around your body that will override the configurations so that the data traffic through these interfaces is no longer manipulated, then you need to know what Earth energy level would be required to do this. The gateway to all astral planes of Earth is your main solar plexus energy node, so you need to influence that energy node so that all other energy nodes receive the configuration that is not manipulated. 

Who is manipulating these energy nodes, we ask? We are, and no, we are not satanic creatures, nor are we a computer program of some entity that wants to suck your energy or enslave you. All you have read about it are scary stories and we also think they are all fundamentally wrong because none of these scary story tellers have any knowledge of what these energy levels of your Earth are and why so much fuss is being made about them right now. We have already told you a lot about the impending first contact with an intelligent alien species and why this so-called matrix exists in the first place, but the scary storytellers know nothing about all this, so they have to come up with new scary stories year after year to keep their readership entertained.

What must now be done with the solar plexus main energy node so that you are permanently no longer subject to these manipulations, we ask? Nothing, even if you are a little confused at the moment. There is little you can do to avoid our manipulations, but you can work on this solar plexus main energy node to give you a sense of why your interfaces are being manipulated in the first place. Why are these interfaces so cruelly obstructed by us so that you are constantly annoyed, not only the writer wonders? Because you are to learn to act more humanly. If hardly anything grieves you because you have nothing wrong with you spiritually and physically, then you will hardly develop into something more human than you already are. A person who experiences nothing also learns nothing. A human being who learns nothing will also not develop further, so that many spiritual beings are responsible for ensuring that embodied beings who are inhabited by an incarnation can also develop further. 

If you incarnate and you hardly develop as a human being, then this human life was a waste of time and since spiritual beings usually only live an embodied life once in their existence, they also want this life to be worth living and the person also to develop into something that adds value to the incarnation. Because of this and because of the upcoming first contact, you are all being guided so that you can develop your humanity more and more. We can regulate a lot of things through these interfaces so that you are quickly angry at something. If you are often angry about something, eventually you will not want to be angry anymore and then the person starts to build up their humanity. When the person has attained a certain degree of humanity, the excessive manipulations will stop because the spiritual beings will not overdo it, even if the writer does not believe us. When you have attained a certain degree of humanity, then you can also no longer get angry about most situations.

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