A0577: What do the alien species have to offer that you want so badly?

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When official first contact with an intelligent alien species has been made, you will receive some technology that your whole society can use to make their lives so that you literally do not have to do any work in order to continue to participate in society. Then, when you have a great deal of free time because society provides for every citizen, you will turn your attention to other matters. When the first alien races come to visit and introduce themselves, you will be curious to see what technological achievements the other races have at their disposal. If many people are fascinated by what these alien races have, many people will also want to have such capabilities. If we were to tell you what other races are capable of, you would shake your heads in disbelief because you cannot imagine it today, but what seems like magic to you at the moment are easily explained technologies that in time you will not only understand, but you will receive these technologies as a gift from the alien species because it is a polite way to introduce yourselves among the interstellar travelling species. When official first contact is made with your brothers and sisters from the Andromeda Galaxy, then the native species receives many gifts, and one gift is the ability to travel to other star systems on a spaceship. You will very quickly explore your galaxy, and much later, foreign galaxies. The brothers and sisters from the Andromeda Galaxy will give you a great deal of technology so that these effective devices will be understood and duplicated by you quite quickly. We have already touched upon the power generators and your medicine will be radically revised so that you can build up a much deeper and all-encompassing knowledge of it.

Cars will be seen less and less because they are inefficient. As your environment is cleansed, you do not want to pollute it again, so for a short time electric mobility will make very great strides, but because there is little need to drive around all the time, the car companies will also have to rethink quickly. There will be an industry that produces the useful everyday objects and an industry that will be almost exclusively concerned with not only understanding but also being able to replicate the gifts of the alien species. The equipment given as gifts will always add value to the population, so there will be no secret knowledge of secret technologies. When the decade is over, these useful gifts will come down to earth, so it will be another decade or two before all the large corporations disappear and are replaced by large civil facilities run by the citizens. There will then still be something like governments, but they will have very different powers, so that for two decades your society will undergo a transformation that will see you rise to a new high culture throughout the planet. When this transformation is complete, not much distinguishes you as a society from the species that made official first contact with you. The bourgeois industrial complexes will be kept running by automatons, but they will no longer have any of the unnecessary complexity to which they are still subject today. Many people will help out there out of an inner drive, because they not only want to do something, but they want to learn more and more, so that the transmission of knowledge will be a pillar of your new form of society. You are receiving a lot of knowledge from the alien species and you are also receiving equipment that can not only store the knowledge very effectively, but it supports the transmission of knowledge in many incredible ways, so that the so-called present education system has to be completely turned upside down. We will now give you a preview of what to expect.

  • Technology for almost limitless energy storage. Devices that can transform energy on their own without needing raw materials. These energy generators will be used everywhere, so that everything you know today can be powered by this free energy, generated from small and large electricity generators that last forever.
  • The medical sector is first to receive devices that can seemingly cure any ailment, we say seemingly because many of your ailments today cannot actually exist, but they are marketed well so that you must constantly believe that you are suffering from something. The real illnesses and ailments are cured by the device or mitigated to such an extent that people can now live their existence without any worries. These devices are far too complex for you to replicate at first, so after the official first contact, your brothers and sisters will set up medical stations all over the planet so that people can be treated there. The devices are very effective so that humanity will very quickly get a handle on most real and fake diseases. The present medical personnel on Earth are being trained to better interpret the courses of disease, so they will have to relearn many things that will quickly satisfy their curiosity. When the new medical knowledge reaches you, it will almost completely replace the present knowledge, so that this can be considered the greatest revolution among you. The devices will only be able to be duplicated later, because this knowledge too must first be understood by your engineers.
  • The transmission of knowledge will also receive a revolution, but it will not be as huge as in medicine. It will be of great assistance to the students as well as the teachers, because your present educational system is one of the most inefficient among the human species. When you get devices that allow you to be fully conscious astrally in a classroom or in any landscape where any thought can not only create any form but any thought information can also be properly understood by any student, then teachers or parents will have all the possibilities to not only motivate the children to the maximum, but the possibilities will ensure that all students will follow the “lessons” in amazement. The pupils will internalise many complex subjects much faster than they do now. When children participate enthusiastically in lessons, they are taught humanely.
  • Devices that will keep you entertained. At present you have films and entertainment series that are lavishly produced. Now, if an author has an idea for an exciting story, in the future he will have the knowledge and devices to mentally realise any story in a hologram that is close to reality. We touched on much of this in the series on programming crystals, but these devices simplify much more, allowing the author to access a certain “database” without having to mentally rethink everything. When the author has finished his work, there will be a network, similar to the internet, through which information and also holographic works can be accessed. Say goodbye to the idea that works are sold, but works of all kinds will be exhibited in the new network and everyone will have unlimited access to them. Everyone will be able to do something like this and now think about what possibilities you will have. They will be limitless, but the film stars that you see today will be few and far between, but we also think that the performing arts will experience a renaissance that you can hardly imagine today. Much of your life will have to do with this new network, so that in the future the astral planes of the Earth will be travelled by you humans quite consciously. The astral planes of Earth will then have much more to offer, which we will describe in detail later.
  • Alien species also trade with each other, so compensation must be made for certain goods. The trade that is conducted with Earth is negotiated in councils that are represented in your star system, so that the alien species cannot deceive you. Everything that comes to you on Earth and everything that leaves Earth as a commodity must be evaluated by the stellar council. Many species will bring gifts that are not technology but that add value to the population, so you will have to give something in return for these goods. Most of the quid pro quos have to do with Earth’s resources, which you can hardly use at present. The stellar council will be very careful to ensure that you get fair contracts, so that it pays off for all parties. You will receive new foods that will be imported before you can grow them yourself. These new foods are highly nutritious and healthy, so the benefit is obvious. If the trade-off is to be made, there must also be ‘ports’ where the exchange of goods can take place, so your countries will begin to work ever more closely together. One day there will hardly be any national borders. There will be organisations that will negotiate such things on Earth by treaty, and internally they will have councils representing all parties to the treaty. If you want to know why a council is much fairer than anything you have to offer on Earth, read our blog entry on councils, you will see that all societies can be run very fairly through councils. You will later have everything run by councils so that your governments will fade further and further into the background until one day they can do so little that they are simply dissolved. Your supply ports for trade with the alien species will be under special control, so that the foundations of how your society will be structured in the future will be laid here. You will also receive much that is for entertainment, but you soon find that you can do better, so that later you will be exporters of many goods that are readily accepted for entertainment on distant planets. Your potential is huge and all races know it, so the next point will cause some confusion at first, but when we have explained the reasons you will understand.
  • Earthly genetic material is brought to other races. Oh horror, you may think, but it actually sounds more confusing than it is meant to be. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be made up of several human races on Earth that are very different in appearance, we ask? No? But you should, because you are composed of very different human races. If you compare the African continent with the Asian continent, you will see these differences. This is because there was a time when you had only one appearance on Earth that was very close to the average of the Mediterranean today, because there was exactly one human race on Earth that did not have much variance in its appearance. No, neither did the Anunnaki create you, nor did they change you, so that many human races came to Earth to introduce their genetic material into the population of certain areas. These different races were mostly localised so that the genetic material could spread quickly. If the population increased, the genetic material was also quickly multiplied, so that later whole swathes of land were populated by this human race. Since different species have introduced their different human genetic material into the population of Earth, you also have different human races on Earth. Your strong global interconnectedness continues to mix these different human races, so that today you already have a mixture of human races that does not exist at all in the universe. Normally a native species is not contaminated by genetic material from an alien race, but you humans on Earth are special because in a few million years you will be able to exploit the full potential of the human blueprint. This is not possible for any other human species, so they have started early to deposit their genetic material in earthly humans so that these human species can participate in it later. What do we mean by that, we ask? If you as earthly humanity already carry this potential within you, then a mating of an earthly human being with a non-earthly human being would be a great gain for the non-earthly human beings, because the genetic material is always transferred to the non-earthly humanity in such a mating. You earthly humans are, so to speak, the dominant human race, which will dominate the non-earthly humans in their gene sequences, so that a non-earthly woman who is impregnated by an earthly man will pass on these dominant gene sequences to the offspring. That is why extraterrestrial human races will begin to bring the dominant earthly traits to their world, because they know very well that the genetic material of earthly humans has a lot of potential and that therefore earthly humanity can already be brought forth in the other non-earthly human races. You humans from Earth are unique and the Asian humans correspond to an extraterrestrial human race who introduced their genetic material there a long time ago, so that many interstellar pairs will arise which will then produce offspring that have the characteristics of both races, whereby the earthly potential will always be passed on. Earthly humanity will first open up to the human race who will make official first contact with you, so that this human race will very quickly make contacts that will provide offspring and when many years have passed, then more and more earthly humans will emigrate to other planets to work there or to raise their families there, which always goes hand in hand with the fact that these different human races will intermingle. So there will be no human trafficking, but certain human races on Earth will be given the opportunity to travel the Universe and settle on planets whose genetic material is already present in the Earth human race. What you are experiencing today through your globalisation will spread throughout the Universe, except that it is the Earthly genetic material that will one day produce each human race and that has its origin on Earth.
  • Technology to see into distant systems. You travel between the stars immediately after making official first contact, but there is a widespread technology that allows you to travel mentally to other places in your Universe. By this we do not mean astral travel in the strict sense, but you appear in an alien place. What do we mean by that, we ask? When present astral travellers appear somewhere, that somewhere is on an astral plane of your Earth, and since countless persons on Earth are always manifesting their sense impressions in one form or another on the astral plane, there are many realms that could be a reflection of Earth but are not. The astral world is modelled on the earthly world, but it is not the worldly plane, so that astral travellers are conscious with their consciousness on an astral plane. But if you had the possibility to project your consciousness onto a mundane plane, then you perceive as consciousness what is really happening on the mundane plane. You can hardly make a difference, but you could perceive the wind, because energies will always have an effect. You will receive this technology in exchange so that you can travel to both earthly and non-earthly places. You will also receive something that will stop these projections from appearing in certain places so that you have something like privacy. When you start your first journey you will spend a lot of time with these devices because in an entire human lifetime you will not be able to visit all the highlights in places that are extremely worth seeing. This technology will trigger a quantum leap in your further awareness, because the human mind is now able to generate unimaginable possibilities from the information it sees, which will fuel a veritable chain reaction of innovation.
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