A0576: Why are your governments not contacted during first contact?

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This is also because the information about the intentions of the extraterrestrial species is to be made public late, so that the government bodies also have a hard time developing any strategy that could put them in a better position. They are not to be told what it all means, for then they might direct the path of the population again, and as you yourselves know, hardly anything positive will come of it. 

If you think that the big governments will be contacted in advance through unofficial channels, you are mistaken. The governments of your world will be officially contacted on the day that official first contact is made with an intelligent alien species. Before that, the governments are contacted, but very late, so that there is no contact at all for the first few months. When a certain calm has returned after the appearance of the gigantic spaceships, earthly people will be contacted by the extraterrestrial species, who will then pass on the information they have received. Some of these contacts will work in the respective governments, so that information will gradually leak out, but it will be handled absolutely unofficially. No government will reveal its apparent advantage because, strategically, every bit of information is power that should not be rashly revealed. The information brokers are not people who have done this kind of thing before, so we also feel that many of the contacts should not be taken too seriously, because many beings will always have a valid reason if such communication is to be established. Take most of these communications as training, because either the person contacted or the people in the government apparatus are to be trained. Many might also think that these attempts at communication will also directly support first contact, but not in the way that you are now thinking, so we can say that the information that is given will always in some way support the raising of consciousness of earthly humanity so that first contact can be carried out very successfully.

Do the governments not receive reliable data with which they can determine their further course of action, we ask? No, this would not be in the spirit of first contact and now not only the writer wonders what about the information from his blog? Yes, an interesting question, we would say. Imagine the scenario when the spaceships have been visible in the firmament for a long time. Now also imagine that governments have no idea what will happen next. They are struggling to put out something positive every day because they still think the population needs to be reassured. The only people who are actually suffering from a fear are the politicians because they no longer have the opportunity to present themselves in a statesmanlike manner. Everything has been turned upside down with the arrival of the spaceships. The rulers literally feel the decision-making power being taken out of their hands because there is now a global issue where really everyone, regardless of their education, can discuss on an equal footing and the citizens are much more open to the new situation than the rulers are. For the first time in society, the rulers are no longer dictating what to do, but the citizens are simply deciding what to do, and this is a new experience for everyone involved. 

If all citizens want society to change in one area because of awareness and the new Zeitgeist, then those in power must comply or they will be removed from their position sooner than they think. What has this to do with what will happen next, we ask? Now, if the rulers were to remain in this position and come up with the idea of using the blog of the writer to explain to the citizens what will happen next, how do you think the government of a country would be perceived by the public, we ask? Exactly, this would show the incompetence of the government which they have now been trying to cover up since the giant spaceships appeared. They can’t because then their social status would be jeopardised. What could they do with the information on the blog, we ask? Nothing they could transport to the public, that would violate the norms they have imposed on themselves. They can discuss this information internally and in small circles, but they can hardly use the information to present themselves better to the outside world. The blog is really only meant for a small part of people who will find a lot of helpful information there before or during the process of first contact. Later, long after the official first contact has been made, people will realise what a treasure trove this blog is.

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