A0575: Why do humans have to wait so long for the emissaries of the alien species to appear?

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So that humanity has time to think about what it means not to be alone in the universe. Hardly anyone today will realise what that really means. We will show you today how it must feel for life forms to realise that countless planets are inhabited by countless intelligent life forms. We will give you a glimpse today of how you will experience it, for it will be an epic moment that you will never forget in your entire existence.

Now when we explain to you how your emotional world will be unhinged when you truly step out into the open and behold that glittering dot in the firmament for the first time, you will only get an impression that will be surpassed by reality. When you go out with the information that there is a shining point out there in the firmament, you will hardly believe it, even if you have internalised all of our blog entries on this, because even now there is still a certain scepticism in you, which is also completely natural. When you then look expectantly into the sky, your heart will beat faster, because something has now occurred that we must explain in detail.

You have received the information about the spaceships and you knew beforehand that there was a probability that this scenario could be true, but you were not fully convinced until this point. That is because you have not experienced anything like it until this moment. Now when you step out into the open you will in some ways be a little more convinced because you will literally have the courage to look. It doesn’t sound as if you have ever been convinced at all, but in fact that is not part of it. When you read a lot about the impending first contact, you internalise the information and depending on whether you have experienced something similar before, you will make assumptions about how likely this first contact is to occur. Therefore, you have a scepticism and someone who has experienced something similar before will have a lower scepticism because that person will assess the probability differently. If you have great scepticism, it also takes great courage to step outside into the open and look up into the sky. Many people will not have this courage at first because their scepticism holds them back, but as the probability becomes greater and greater because more and more news portals are reporting it, then it takes less and less courage to step outside to look for the glittering dot in the sky. What happens then, we ask?

The person is immediately hit by a shock that runs through the marrow of his or her bones, because as the person makes his or her way out into the open, he or she is already thinking that there is a slight possibility that it might actually be true when the news portals report about these gigantic spaceships. Now that the person has spotted the glittering dot, this moment of shock is brought on because any great realisation does something to the human body. The human body is designed to store repetitions in what is called long-term memory. The frequency packet that represents the moment to be stored has many different frequency patterns that are a reflection of the energy bodies as they oscillated at the time of the repetition. If the action is always repeated, then the repeated action is superimposed on the frequency packet of the previous repetition, so that the frequency for the repetition becomes more and more delicate the more repetitions are performed. If one day a repetition is performed, no matter how much it differs from the previous repetitions, the very filigree frequency packet of the stored repetition will recognise this new repetition. At the beginning of the repetition, the body already recognises what kind of action is actually involved, so that the remaining action from the stored moment is immediately released, so that the rest of the action is completed as if by magic. 

When the person gains a great insight, it is similar, so that a frequency packet reflecting the energy bodies that have emitted a certain frequency pattern is stored as an overall moment. A great gain in knowledge automatically makes the energy bodies oscillate very strongly, so that the frequency packet will also have large frequency patterns. By this we do not mean the amplitude of the frequency, but the fine-grained resolution of it, so that a great gain of knowledge produces moments similar to many repetitions of an action. When the person experiences a gain of insight that is like a shock, the energy bodies will oscillate so much that the human body will not be able to process the information properly, but the moment that is stored as a frequency packet will contain all that information, so the person will have strong frequency patterns. The person needs several moments to be able to process all the information. This causes the body to go into shock because all the interfaces are overloaded with the information, so that the processing has to take place before the biological system can continue to work as usual. Once the person has overcome the moment of shock, he or she will abruptly continue to process the frequencies, which leads to new insights being gained. The person does not process the information in an analogue way, so it is processed bit by bit. In sequence, one realisation will follow the next realisation. However, all the realisations are combined into one moment so that the many strong frequency patterns reflect this great realisation. 

All of you, no matter how much you have read about the soon to be first contact, will more or less experience this moment of shock that will then be represented as a great realisation in your frequency spectrum. You will never forget this moment and you will suddenly realise that not only are you not alone in the Universe, but you will also become aware of the consequences that this knowledge will bring, as you will now be confronted with situations that will turn your normality upside down. You are now somewhat prepared, but you are not convinced, so although you do not have to be so brave to look out for the glittering dot that day outside, you still carry so much scepticism that you will enter a state of shock and we even say that this state of shock is extremely important for you humans, because now the body produces so much endorphins that you experience an expanded perception that not only makes you more aware of your environment, but you can also think faster. If you can think faster, you have a greater awareness for that time. If you have a heightened consciousness when you behold the glittering dot in the firmament, then you are capable of more, so that the forms in humanity consciousness will be very strong. These forms are generated by all human beings on the first day and as all human beings experience this shock, these forms will have great holding power, which will ensure that more and more people unconsciously perceive these forms and summon the courage to go out and look for the glittering dot. These forms are important for first contact because people are now beginning to redefine their Zeitgeist in order to free themselves from the grip of the large corporations and the manipulative news portals.

This represents only the beginning of a process we call official first contact with an intelligent alien species. If the emissaries were to appear too soon, many changes would not occur because many realisations, large and small, have not been gained by humans on their own. You simply will not believe it when you compare your attitude to life today with the attitude to life you will have taken when the process is over and the official first contact has been made. You will be a different person, so to speak, and the writer will also go through this change. You are all on the way there, because first contact starts much earlier than many of you would assume.

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