A0574: Will earthly mankind panic when first contact starts?

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When the gigantic spaceships appear as small glittering dots in the firmament, some amateur astronomers will look through their telescopes in disbelief. Because there are so many of the amateur astronomers, there will be many messages circulating on social networks on the same day announcing the appearance. The capabilities of the amateur astronomers are so advanced that you will see razor-sharp images of these massive spaceships. The shapes of the spaceships will vary, but they are very unusual, so that at first there will be great confusion as to what they actually represent. We will now describe chronologically how humanity will react to the appearance of the spaceships in the first weeks. We are already saying that it will happen this way because it always happens in this way when a human race experiences official first contact on a planet that has your level of development.

Day 1
When the amateur astronomers have published the first pictures, the subject is first tentatively taken up by the state media, because they are still so manipulated that there can be no such thing as extraterrestrial life forms, and when it is reported, then always with a subliminal tone, so that it is suggested to the viewers that extraterrestrial flying spaceships are to be ridiculed. But now, when the pictures are published from many social networks, people will also go outside to see what exactly can be glimpsed in the sky. They will very quickly be able to spot the glittering dot in the sky because this glittering dot can be marvelled at day and night. No matter where the person steps out into the open on earth, they will be able to perceive one of the spaceships in the sky. Surprised, they will look at the glittering dot and they will then start to find out in the media what exactly it is. Since the state media cannot deny this fact, they will timidly publish reports about it. But since they do not know any known procedure to deal with such news, the newscasters will appear very untrustworthy because the narrative still works in them that such news is to be ridiculed. The first day on Earth is coming to an end and the news of the appearance has spread like wildfire through the media on Earth. People are a little in shock because hardly anyone has ever experienced a comparable situation. People are unsettled, but not in panic.

Day 2
People are gathering mentally because they are now slowly realising that this arrival of spaceships is real. All the media will show over and over again the photos taken by the amateur astronomers so that so-called experts are consulted to explain what this means. No one can really explain it and all the governments don’t know either. They will look like clueless puppets who don’t seem to know what they are dealing with at all. The crisis management of the states is also running at full speed. The united nations are completely overwhelmed because they have never prepared for such a situation. Let’s put it this way: the panic that the gigantic spaceships have caused so far exists only in the minds of those in power, who for the first time have no idea at all how to satisfy the citizens’ thirst for knowledge. Now the citizens will begin to address the situation among themselves. Many groups are formed who think they can provide the citizens with supposed information. They suspect the official first contact, but they have no clue what happens next, because hardly any person really knows the process of official first contact. Those who do know will hold back at first because they will know that they cannot do anything at the moment. Many scare scenarios are haunting the World Wide Web and many people who are actively looking for answers in this network will be very unsettled because now the phase of confusion sets in. If a person seems overwhelmed by a new situation, he or she will either go into shock or try to escape. However, since the persons cannot escape the situation, many of these persons will be extremely confused. The persons who go into a kind of rigidity of shock will be quite motionless going about their daily lives, but it will feel like a dream. Even you readers will go into a kind of rigidity of shock or you will be confused, but not like the rest of humanity because you have experienced beforehand what it all means. When the persons have put aside their lethargy and have also come to their senses again, then a process starts that generates the first great realisations in the people, so that the becoming conscious of humanity begins and continues uninterruptedly for some years.

Day 5 to 10
The people are again normally responsive and very many of the persons have now been made to understand that earthly humanity must be only one among many species, because these gigantic spaceships suggest just that. No one, we stress again, no one following events on Earth will not believe that these spaceships are real, so while rumours have quickly surfaced that they are projections or holograms, now all major media have to admit that this is highly unlikely and all people will agree. The confusion has gone and now people are driven by curiosity, which overrides the prevailing fear. Now something like a shift in consciousness is occurring that is exposing people to the manipulative media that has represented the negative narrative about intelligent extraterrestrial life for decades. Resentment about this is growing so that the media, as well as public figures, are being forced to address this issue conscientiously. If someone does not comply, the person or institution loses its social standing. Many soothsayers emerge, spreading bad tidings that will hardly reflect reality. Why is this so, asks the writer? The so-called soothsayers have a channel of communication into the spiritual world and they learn many things which they then pass on. However, the spiritual beings have constraints that must be adhered to, so the first contact information must not be passed on too quickly by a public figure, so the soothsayers are more likely to share their own understanding of what is happening, but not receive the information you are reading. We have been mandated to do this so we are fulfilling everything that allows us to pass on this information. When humanity enters the phase of becoming conscious, it has already gained a basic understanding that allows it to weigh very well what the situation is. From now on, there can be no panic at all, so that the first days are the days of confusion, which are then replaced by a phase of awareness. The media and politicians, as well as people of public interest, will also experience this phase and they will have the hardest time because, driven by their ego consciousness, they will always try to keep their social status. Many will get their act together, but they will often have to make a big U-turn in their public image, which will amuse many observers.

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