A0573: Why don’t people have to be prepared for the fact that the gigantic spaceships will be seen very soon?

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Because humanity cannot prepare for it. If we already report about it, then we also know that the blog of the writer will only be read by a small number of persons. Persons will either read the blog or not. Those who read the blog with our explanations have, over time, gained an understanding of what we are already trying to convey in all the blog posts. They have acquired the knowledge because they have been able to do so. They have the curiosity and the perceptiveness to understand the concepts in the blog posts. They are open to it because their path has led them to this blog. These people are not so interested for nothing, so there must be something that unites the readers of the blog and that is what we want to address today. You can then understand that not all people on earth would approach the topics of the blog so openly, so it also makes no sense that humanity is prepared for it. It would be a wasted effort, so that the start of the first contact initiates everything else.

When we look at the average reader of our texts, we see a great curiosity, we also see a high level of intelligence. The writer just thinks we’re pandering, but that’s not the case at all. All current readers have a higher intelligence than the average would suggest and this is for the following reason.

Intelligence cannot be measured by a single characteristic, so the intelligence we mean is a combinatorial intelligence. By this we also don’t mean perceptiveness, but rather the heightened creativity that makes up readers. Someone who has a high comprehension ability can grasp a situation at hand relatively quickly, and because the person has gained a quick overview, he or she can also quickly determine the next course of action from the memories. If a person has a heightened combinatorial ability, then the person cannot necessarily grasp the overall situation more quickly, but they are incredibly good at comparing the situation with other situations and now something extremely exciting happens because the person can use their creativity to think up possibilities that can put the situation at hand in a much better larger context. Visionaries are very good at this and so are the present readers. Many people can’t do that and they also lack the motivation.

When the official first contact starts, with the gigantic spaceships taking up a geostationary position in the firmament, the rest of humanity will be given tremendous motivation to deal with this situation creatively. If people are highly motivated to get to the bottom of the matter, then the current readers of this blog will have a wealth of knowledge so that they will in one way or another support the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. The writer has no desire to publicly support this first contact, so he only provides all the information on his blog so that the current readers have to take it into their own hands if they want to support this started first contact by being of help to the rest of humanity.

The writer has really published almost every piece of information on his blog as he received it. No information is concealed or given only to a small circle, but everything is freely available, so that it is you dear readers who will make the helpful information known to humanity at the appropriate time via certain publications. The writer will continue to supply you and all who are interested, as long as he still has the patience to do so, with the information he receives from us.  

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