A0572: What possibilities does the process of first contact offer for earthly humanity?

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We have often described the process of first contact and we have also told how humanity is undergoing a change of consciousness that will make humanity a very peaceful race for years to come. There will be many things that will happen during the years that the process of first contact continues, which we will now explain. When the process has been started, earthly humanity will know only one subject:

“Who are these extraterrestrial beings and what do they want from us?”

This question will be answered by earthly humanity itself over the time of the process, because it can now ponder for years what it actually means if there are other intelligent life forms on other worlds. What drives these intelligent life forms to visit us on Earth? Humanity will ask itself these questions every day and people will try to put themselves in the position of an extraterrestrial race that decides to peacefully take up a geostationary position around an alien planet with its spaceships.

Earthly humans will very quickly gain a sense that the alien species is not hostile and why this will be so we will reveal in a later blog entry. If the people of Earth keep thinking about why the alien species behaves the way it does, many people will understand that there must be something greater causing this action. No superior alien species acts the way it does without there being a valid reason for it. Now, when people put themselves in the shoes of this species, they gain a sense of helpfulness, because people’s feelings will always assume that the species either wants to attack or protect, anything else would be unlikely. People will realise that this species wants to protect earthly people because that is the only plausible conclusion that emerges from the facts. When earthly humans come to this realisation, this feeling transfers so that humans also want to protect something. 

Who might they want to protect, we ask? The other people can be protected, so that this protective instinct is transferred to the earthly people. If many people start to stand up for other people, then this action will again promote cohesion, so that one day the earthly people will recognise each other as the race of the earth, no matter what nationality, skin colour or religion the people belong to. Not only will you soon count your neighbours as your family, but all people will perceive themselves as one big family, which will not only increase compassion, but people will act more and more humanly, because humanity is present in every human being. Your present form of society suppresses this humanity, so that you have no choice but to behave as inhumanely as you must at present. When earthly society undergoes this change during the process of first contact, many social norms will be put to the test, so that much that prevents you from acting more humanly today will then be reconsidered.

When society undergoes this change, the alien species has done nothing but demonstrate its presence until then. This presence, however, ensures that the society of earthly humans is independently reshaped by the citizens of society, so that during the process many things appear normal that today would still cause you to shake your heads. Your norms are adapted by you and because everything comes from the citizens, the governments cannot rebel against them either, because they are dependent on the citizens. You as citizens of your countries, you have so much power united that you could initiate this change overnight, but you lack the motivation to do so in order to change your inhuman society. When the giant spaceships appear in a few years, you will very quickly discover this motivation and begin the transformation of your society on your own. 

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