A0571: Why are extraterrestrial beings always portrayed as a violent species?

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This is not true at all and we would also think that in the past, before western culture came into being, alien beings were highly regarded. Now in modern times and with your entertainment industry, alien species are mostly portrayed as violent, so that narrative has become ingrained in the minds of the audience. There are violent species and even among the peaceful alien species there are individuals who are more violent than the average peaceful species. Everything is relative and you on Earth are not all as violent as the average, so everything is represented in all species and races. Even the most peaceful race would become very violent if forced to do so. Now, if all species actually have all the characteristics of a violent species in them, why are most species exceedingly peaceful, we ask?

Here we come to a point that gives us great pleasure, because we can hold up a mirror to you so that you can learn why earthly humanity is currently one of the most violent species and why this will soon change in just a few years. By the time we have finished this blog entry you will understand very well why the majority of the alien species are very peaceful and why you will soon be so peaceful as a native race on Earth, even if you cannot believe it at the moment. We can know this very well because it always happens when official first contact is made with an alien species.

If we were to tell you that all the evils of your world are connected with the present form of society, it would not be a lie, but it would also be far too short-sighted. Your form of society is really very inhumane and encourages violence among citizens and countries, but society is not solely to blame, but also the spirit of the times, which determines every epoch. What do we mean by this, we ask? The form of society is predominantly the same and has been for a very long time, but the Zeitgeist is constantly changing. Today you live in a different Zeitgeist than was the case 20 or 40 years ago. When the older generations always talk about how everything was better in the past, it is because the Zeitgeist is constantly changing for the worse. Now you must be saying, that can’t be possible at all, because you are better off today than you were 20 years ago. Is that really the case, we ask seriously?

No, it is not like that, and anyone who believes that is very consciously living in the current Zeitgeist, because the Zeitgeist always pretends that it is better now than in the last epoch. Who actually dictates the Zeitgeist, we ask? It is you, because you as a collective determine what the present Zeitgeist should look like. How do you do that at the moment, we ask? Your big companies do it because they suggest a lack for which they can supply the right product. Whether it has to be the latest mobile phone or the best medicine for a disease you don’t even know about. The big corporations will control the demand in you so that they can offer something. How do the big corporations manage this demand, we ask? By making you believe that you have to buy this product in order to be happy. How do they do that, we ask? By mentally manipulating you in every moment that you consciously experience. How? By making you believe that you are happy because you have bought a product. The marketing departments of big companies are not so big because the company is so big, but the more useless a product is, the bigger the effort to sell it. Why do you think the pharmaceutical companies go to such immense lengths to make you believe that there are symptoms that need to be cured, we ask? Because a lot of the products are nonsense, they are just marketed but offer little or no benefit. The big corporations will form your Zeitgeist because they have the power to do so, and if they want it, then politicians must bend to their will because the Zeitgeist they manipulate so dictates. 

You citizens have no choice but to follow this Zeitgeist. This is because every human being on earth sees the advertisements and thereby forms shapes in the consciousness of humanity on an astral plane of the earth, which are unconsciously perceived by all human beings. This is the Zeitgeist that everyone talks about, but no one knows what exactly it is. You all form these forms and if very many people in the consciousness of humanity form the same forms, then these forms last for a long time and they are unconsciously perceived by all people. When many people see the advertisement for a new mobile phone, then they form something in the consciousness of humanity that reflects this desire for this mobile phone. When other people unconsciously perceive these forms, then depending on the strength of the form, the desire is generated in the person to also buy this new mobile phone. This is how advertising works, but advertising is also just information, just like the information you constantly consume in the news. If a great many people are of the opinion that a politician cuts a bad figure because it is constantly reported, then this information enters the consciousness of humanity and the politician cannot help at all but bow to the pressure of the Zeitgeist. This is how the people behind the news act, who also steer the Zeitgeist.

What would happen now if huge spaceships appeared in the firmament and could be seen by everyone on earth, we ask? First, the spaceships will take up geostationary positions so that one day people will be able to make out a glittering dot in the sky during the day as well as at night that does not move. We will now briefly list the events that will soon occur so that you may have an idea of what is happening to your Zeitgeist.

  1. The glittering dots have been discovered and the news goes around the world like wildfire because it quickly becomes clear what these glittering dots are. Irrevocably, all the media have to report it, because this news is so significant that it cannot be concealed. All the media will hardly report anything else for months that does not have to do with these huge alien spaceships. A great deal of special news will come in through your media so that all everyday events will fade into the background. When instead of advertisements and everyday news, only extraterrestrial life and the gigantic spaceships that cannot be overlooked are reported, then it is also reflected in the consciousness of humanity, so that strong forms are now devised by people that only illuminate this one subject. Already now, only a few days after the synchronous appearance of the extraterrestrial spaceships, the Zeitgeist will change drastically and no person can escape this because they unconsciously perceive these forms in the humanity consciousness.
  2. A few months have passed and humanity has become accustomed to the sight of the glittering dots. There has still been no contact with the beings on the spaceships, so there are still untiring reports of them, but not as extreme as was the case in the first few weeks. The spaceships are coming closer to Earth together so that the media are overflowing with news with this sensational announcement. Now the shapes of the gigantic spaceships can be clearly seen with the naked eye. What was previously only seen in photographs can now be marvelled at by everyone. This will again provide a lot of talking points, so that the global issues will experience a change. The Zeitgeist now dictates to the media what they should report, because the people of Earth take the spaceships and everything to do with them as a basis for conversation. Political programs or other useless programs are avoided because the Zeitgeist of humanity only wants to talk about extraterrestrial life forms. People only talk among themselves about this topic. The negative influences of the big corporations are bearing less and less fruit, so that now the death of the big corporations is beginning because they can hardly get their products sold.
  3. Many months have passed again. The Zeitgeist is forcing everyone to talk about the issue incessantly, so the media have to meet this demand. The Zeitgeist has changed completely, so that now people are already more peaceful with each other. This peaceableness also enters politics, because politicians hardly find a hearing if they do not conform to the Zeitgeist. The disputes between nations are becoming less and less because simply no one is interested in them. If the media only report on extraterrestrial life, then in a factual and serious manner, otherwise citizens would avoid the broadcasts. General knowledge continues to increase so that many people experience a change in consciousness that would otherwise not be possible. They reclassify themselves, by which we mean they now know their place, because they realise that they themselves must be only one species among many species. This also enters into the consciousness of humanity, so that the cohesion of earthly people is strengthened more and more. What happens next, more and more people will ask themselves.
  4. Small transport ships are seen flying tirelessly between the gigantic spaceships. This will again fire up the media because something new has now occurred, which for the first time is to be judged as a step forward. Instead of marvelling at advertisements that always depict the latest generations of products, countless different transport ships of the extraterrestrial species will now be the subject of discussion. Humans will make an apparent science out of analyzing what different transport spaceships exist and what they might be used for. They will be used to make people talk about it tirelessly and to use this information to strengthen the consciousness of humanity by forming these forms so powerfully that old forms from the old epoch will be overwritten. By this we mean the present epoch, which is characterised by the large corporations and which are dictating your Zeitgeist with their useless products. More and more corporations are going out of business because their products are unnecessary. Many people have been going through a change of consciousness for months, which makes them realise that they are constantly being manipulated. Many programs will take up and discuss the topic. When humanity is hardly manipulated by its big corporations any more, the citizens’ focus will automatically turn to society because they now have time to think about it. They will recognise many things that today are only known to the conscious people, because they will be able to see better and better behind the scenes of society. We would say now about three years have passed since the spaceships were spotted and still there is no contact with the species, so many people assume that it must be first contact, but it is only speculation. Many scary story tellers will begin to ply their trade and concoct many unbelievable stories to entertain society, but even they must bow to the Zeitgeist because they cannot logically substantiate any of their claims. The Zeitgeist is a completely new one and none of today’s readers can even remotely comprehend what it will be like in this new era.
  5. The transport ships now fly so low that the pilots are recognised. All major national disputes are now over because no one supports such things any more. The new Zeitgeist has fostered a cohesion among people so that many people now see their task in helping other people. The so-called spiritual healers are now coming into the focus of public attention because more and more people are questioning general medicine and science because the sciences can hardly explain anything of what is happening now. If more and more people want to be a help to other people, they will become a so-called spiritual healer to a large extent, because spiritual healing can now no longer be ridiculed, as this is also the Zeitgeist. If the astral planes can still hardly be perceived by people today, the situation will then be different, so that many people will become a so-called spiritual healer virtually overnight. Spurred on by these possibilities, people will inform themselves about whatever comes with becoming conscious. If we are now in the third year since the gigantic spaceships appeared, you must realise now that society has changed and that it not only acts much more non-violently, but is also subject to a completely new Zeitgeist, so that we will summarise many things in the next step so that we do not overtax the patience of the writer.
  6. We are in the fourth year since the gigantic spaceships appeared. As the transport spaceships fly lower and lower, it is clear that they are human alien beings. Occasionally they fly so low that they stop and take people for a ride. Extraterrestrial life has been the subject of incessant discussion for three years, but when there is direct contact with the beings, it will be the global topic of conversation for weeks. There has still been no contact with any earthly institution, so now for the first time brief information has been exchanged reporting an imminent official first contact. When this information is reported by those who have been proven to have been taken on a round trip, earthly humanity will prepare itself so that all citizens will long for this moment. The Zeitgeist has now suppressed all non-relevant issues because everything is now being done to prepare for an official first contact that no one really knows what it will be like. The politicians cannot give an answer to this, so all people will fathom among themselves what it means. A lot of information is provided by questionable sources, but they are so untrustworthy that they are quickly forgotten. Some time later, the time and place where this first contact will be made are also revealed during the sporadic sightseeing flights. Humanity is beside itself because everyone instinctively knows that the official first contact will only bring advantages for the citizens, so that for many weeks there is a frenzy of joy that can hardly be described. This joyful anticipation of first contact is also reflected in the consciousness of humanity, so that this phase is shared by every human being on earth.
  7. The day of the official first contact has arrived and the busy flying around of the transport ships stops. The sky will be quieter than it has been for a long time. All of humanity is now waiting anxiously to see what happens, because the time and place have already been determined. When the time comes, many transport ships will fly to the surface, so that one of these transport ships will land in front of every government. The emissaries of the alien species will now make their first official appearance anywhere in the world and they will deliver gifts that will revolutionise energy production and medicine. Once the gifts have been handed over, the large corporations that still exist will have to reorient themselves because their market will cease to exist overnight. Sooner or later, however, they will have to give up because the Zeitgeist has been different for a long time and there is hardly any room left for unnecessary products. Society has reshaped itself independently from within, so that all the string-pullers could do nothing about it. Now that there is official contact with this extraterrestrial species, a lot of knowledge is being transferred to earthly humanity, so that the form of society also counts. Since a culture that is not an advanced civilisation always adopts a great deal from another advanced civilisation, you will also adopt the human social form of the extraterrestrial race, which will then eventually pacify you completely. This is also the main reason why underdeveloped races on a planet are allowed to experience official first contact, so that the inhuman form of society with its manipulating large corporations can come to an end and the native species can be pacified.

Almost all species in your universe that have experienced such a first contact are today a peaceful race that undertake many things so that cultures such as you are at present can also become so peaceful. That is why it can be said that the violent alien species do not exist and certainly not in the way you are made to believe in blockbuster films.

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