A0570: What does it mean when a body generates a magnetic field?

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Every biological body generates a magnetic field, and when we say generates, we are not talking about a static magnetic field, but a complex magnetic field that is constantly recreated by natural processes. If you take a magnet as a comparison, you will find a static magnetic field that seems to weaken over time. This static magnetic field is well known to you and if we were to speak of magnetic field lines, then many readers have heard this term at some point, but dear readers, do you even know why these magnetic field lines exist, we ask? No? Then today we will explain to you why every biological body generates a magnetic field. But first we will explain what a magnetic field is. We will also explain what you have not yet understood, because magnetism is something special that we have never talked about before.

When a magnet generates its field lines, these lines move from one pole to the other pole, because a magnet is a system that always tries to balance itself. What do we mean by that, we ask? Every system has a beginning and an end, and the end usually depends on what happens at the beginning. If a magnet as a system has a beginning and an end, you would assume that one pole would be the beginning and the other pole would be the end, but this is not so, because the poles are only a concomitant of magnetism, but are neither the cause nor the beginning nor the end of the system. Everything that makes up the system is between these two poles. Whoever now believes that there is nothing there is gravely mistaken, there is everything that makes up the system. Between the poles is the beginning and the end of the system and everything that makes up the magnet.

If you separate the poles, the system also separates, so that the two partial magnets again have two opposite poles and between the poles is everything that makes up the system. The magnetic strength has decreased because the subsystems of the two magnets are also affected by the division, so that the system in the original magnet was stronger than the two subsystems together are. No “magnetic strength” has been lost through the division, but something has happened to the original system that also happens to the now two subsystems when their poles are also separated from each other. What is the system between the two poles, we ask? The system between the poles is responsible for the existence of these two poles, among other things.

If we were to describe a magnetic system, we would first determine two directions of action, which are always oriented in opposite directions. There must be something in the system that supplies the system with energy so that the two directions of action can also be active. If we were to describe the form of energy that fuels the system, then we would see a form of energy that is similar to dark energy, but not derived from dark energy, because this form of energy is still unknown to you. Magnetism is only the effect that occurs when this form of energy is used. So a magnet has the ability to use a form of energy that is unknown to you and if we look at the material of a magnet, that material is special but it does not guarantee access to that unknown form of energy, but that unknown form of energy interacts with the material of a magnet. Once the unknown energy form has passed through the material of the magnet, the material is demagnetised and the energy form that has passed through will then produce the characteristic magnetic field lines. These magnetic field lines are the physical expression of this unknown energy form.

When a magnetic field line is created, then a directed magnetic field line flows from the beginning of the system to the end of the system, so that the magnetic flow that can be seen in these magnetic field lines is this unknown form of energy, which also always creates two different effective directions through the flow of energy. Imagine a bucket of water that you slowly dump out. One direction of action would be the flow of water out of the bucket and the opposite flow would be the emptiness in the bucket. If the bucket were empty, it would also be lighter, so similarly the unknown form of energy can be considered. Whenever this form of energy flows, opposite properties are produced.

In the case of the material of the magnet, it is the different poles, and in the case of a human being, these field lines are very weakly pronounced, so that it can be said, however, that the beginning is to be found in the soles of the feet and the end at the head. The magnetic direction of action is from the soles of your feet, through your legs, through your torso, up to the top of your head. Unlike magnetic material, however, you are not a static system, but your biological body is constantly generating this magnetic system, so not only are you constantly carrying this unknown form of energy through your body, but the direction of action can also transfer many other forms of energy, so today we will reveal what this unknown form of energy actually is and you will be amazed at it.

It is you because some of your energy is present in this universe. What exactly does that mean, we ask? You are embodied consciousness because a partial consciousness of a spiritual being is in an incarnational cube. This partial consciousness is you to a certain percentage and the longer you live, the more you are the consciousness from the incarnational cube. If you are a partial consciousness, then you are also energy, because everything is energy. If we take your energy to compare with the partial consciousness that lies in the incarnation cube, then we can clearly see that all the energy taken together that earthly humanity has produced since the beginning of modern times does not even seem worth mentioning if we compare this amount of energy with the energy budget of the incarnation that lies as a partial consciousness in the incarnation cube. If we marvel at the amount of energy your sun has converted since its creation, then this amount of energy is also hardly worth mentioning if we want to compare it with the partial consciousness in the incarnation cube. What would then be comparable? Possibly the converted energy of a galaxy, we ask? No, even a galaxy is hardly worth mentioning and we also tell you that the partial consciousness in the incarnation cube has more energy than your entire universe will ever convert.

Then why can you not use any of it, we ask? Because you have limited access to it with your body, but your energy bodies that are inhabited by a partial consciousness share this amount of energy with your Universe and as all the major celestial bodies are inhabited by souls, there is a very large amount of energy that is present in your Universe through the consciousnesses. However, the energy of the consciousnesses is not tapped into as you would now suspect, but each thought that a consciousness thinks will do something on the quantum level that is like an energy transport and your astral planes will then form the thought so that the forms on the astral planes are formed from, amongst other things, the unknown energy that will make the magnetic field lines flow in the magnet. Why are these forms on the astral planes not endowed with a direction of action, when the undiscovered form of energy always leads to opposite directions of action, we ask? It does so also on the astral plane, so that the direction of action represents the separation of the astral planes.

The more consciousnesses think something, the better the astral planes are separated. If you cherish a thought, you will manifest that thought on the earth-astral plane. If the soul of the earth has a thought, that thought will manifest something on the astral plane of your galaxy. You always talk about the astral planes of the spiritual world, but most astral travellers do not get beyond the earth-astral planes. You will almost never be able to truly enter the spiritual world with astral travel, although there are indeed a few people who have experienced it, but most of your perceptions happen on the earth-astral plane. What else is happening with the energy form that is unknown to you, we ask? When you think of something, you divert amounts of energy to form a shape on the astral plane, which you can then gaze at “in your mind”. You see with your “mind’s eye” the created form on the astral plane, but you see not only a form on the astral plane, but much more.

Each energy form has a static consciousness that can be compared to a consciousness in a crystal. The crystal consciousness would only take action if another consciousness requested it to do so. As long as no request has been made, the crystal consciousness and the consciousnesses of the energy forms remain in a kind of rigidity, so we equate it with static consciousness. When another consciousness asks an energy form to form a sphere of a certain size, the energy form will create this form on the astral plane and for this the energy form must know what this sphere is like and how much energy is to be used for it. If a lot of energy is used for this creation, then it has not only been conceived very precisely, but it has a lot of holding energy so that this sphere lasts for a long time. If the creation were to contain only little energy, then it would quickly disappear again, because there are spiritual creatures who have the task of using the fleeting creations on the earthly-astral plane to create something very great with it, which has to do, among other things, with the forthcoming first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species.

Before this first contact can be accomplished in a few years, all the fleeting creations will be used to create a new world on the astral planes where you can live astrally. Your partial consciousnesses, in your energy bodies, already exist there and when the official first contact has been made, you too can very easily travel there astrally so that you can consciously gaze upon this world, which you also gaze upon unconsciously all the time and which you transform to the material plane. The energy needed for these forms of the astral-terrestrial world comes from you, from every fleeting thought you have ever thought. The amount of energy you give to this during your physical life is so insignificant that it does not seem relevant to even mention it, but since your scary story tellers have learned some facts about it, they could also devise the next scary story. These scary stories are to gruesomely show you that your energy is being tapped into to fuel the so-called matrix. As always, there is some truth at the core and the rest of the scary story is just to entertain you and strengthen the ego consciousness of the scary story tellers.

If you use your energy for a process of creation then that amount of energy will exist eternally in the Universe for as long as the Universe exists. Have you not always wondered why your universe keeps expanding, we ask? Yes? Then you now have the explanation as to why the universe seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Every thought that is thought by a consciousness adds this unknown energy to the universe, and since the unknown energy always creates opposite directions of action when it comes into flow, every thought that is thought will also cause the universe to appear larger and larger. It is expanding, but not in the way you think. If the thought has a direction of action, how can a person imagine that, we ask? If you think of a beautiful car, then the thought is formed on an astral plane and we would say the form of the car is a wish, so the opposite direction of action is the fulfilment of a wish. You don’t understand this yet because we have to explain some things about the unknown energy form so that the fulfilment of a wish can be understood.

Finally, coming back to the human body, we locate the system in the human body between the second and third nodes of energy, so that your viscera is the system where there is a beginning and an end that generates the direction of action of your human magnetic field. If the viscera are weakened or stressed, the system cannot work properly and the direction of action is weakened, so the flow of the unknown energy form is weakened, which has an effect on the whole human organism. If you do not eat a lot of fast food and also fast once in a while, then the system can work properly and the flow of energy through your body is positively influenced. Therefore, you do not have to become ascetics, but you should take care of your body, because the body decides how you, as pure consciousness, perceive your environment. Much will suddenly change when you see the gigantic spaceships in the firmament in a few years’ time, for then you will become more and more consciously aware of the new world on the astral plane, which was formed from your fleeting thoughts and these thoughts are also responsible for the fact that your Universe is expanding ever further. The amount of energy you expend on these creations is absolutely insignificant when we marvel at the energy budget of an incarnation. But if you want to believe that you are held captive in the so-called matrix because of your energy, then your scary storytellers have truly made up an entertaining scary story out of the few known facts, but because they barely understand how your world or universe is constructed, they do not understand what this universe represents compared to one incarnation. It is so little that it is not significant at all, therefore, if you wish, let yourselves be entertained by the scary stories, but do not believe them, or do you want to be frightened and intimidated at all costs, we ask? No, because that is not necessary, you as an incarnation are more than all the existing universes put together, even then you have so much more energy that it still does not matter.

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