A0569: What does acupuncture do?

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We start by telling you where this healing method actually comes from. When you learn that an advanced civilisation had adopted this healing method from the advanced civilisation that founded the earthly advanced civilisation, then you will also understand where all the knowledge about it comes from. When an advanced civilisation comes into being, this advanced civilisation will not emerge from existing non-advanced civilisations, but an already existing advanced civilisation will reshape the non-advanced civilisation into an advanced civilisation. A high culture never emerges from a non-high culture just because the inhabitants of the areas evolve towards a high culture. 

The Asian regions were visited by many extraterrestrial species and the specific appearance of the Asians is due to the fact that the human extraterrestrial species left their genetic material there, so that the Asian race is a mixed race of earthly man and an extraterrestrial race. The genetic material of Asians differs from Western Europeans, but since the human species shares the same genetic material, the differences in DNA are very small. However, the Asians have taken their appearance from the extraterrestrial race. When this extraterrestrial race visited Earth, it formed this advanced civilisation on the Asian continent, so that these people received a new culture that regulated many things that were previously fought out by tribes through warfare. When this Asian continent came into being, many things were prescribed by the extraterrestrial race, so that the earthly Asians learned many things, some of which they still practise today. Acupuncture is one of them, as is fighting with the body. Much is still passed on in the legends today, but over the millennia the original knowledge has been increasingly falsified, so that today’s knowledge is only a small subset of it and much knowledge today is also no longer reproduced correctly. 

Acupuncture is a healing method that is so old that it can be called the first healing method practised on almost every planet populated by human beings. How does healing by needles work, we ask? The human body is a complex nervous system and each nerve has its  justification, so we must first clarify what constitutes a nerve. When we look at a nerve, we see a network of nerves with signals going in and out. What does this nerve actually do, we ask? The nerve evaluates the signals because they are different signals that lead into a nerve and we will now explain this in more detail.

The nerve
The nerve is a bundle of many nerve cords and the arrangement of these nerve cords determines how the signals are interpreted. If the nerve cords in a nerve are arranged differently, then the incoming signals will be interpreted differently than if the arrangement of the nerve cords were otherwise. When an electrical signal enters a nerve bundle, it is decoded in the nerve bundle and in the process the actual electrical signal does not simply pass through that nerve bundle, but each time the electrical signal passes near an adjacent nerve cord in the nerve bundle, the signal is transmitted, but the electrical potential is lowered in the process so that a signal with less amplitude strength continues on its way. The signal has been copied so that now the signal is present twice in the nerve bundle, transmitted on two different nerve cords. Why is this, we ask? Because the signal is being cut up further and further, and the further the signal is cut up, the fewer nerve strands are not being used. Now, if all the nerve cords receive a signal, then at the exit of the nerve bundle the signal is reassembled as it originally entered the nerve. But if the signal has not been divided in such a way that all the nerve tracts in the nerve receive a share of the original signal, then the output signal will represent a different signal than the input signal. The writer don’t understand this, because he does not understand who is coding the signal and what sense this is supposed to make. If we now explain why a nerve recodes the input signal, you will also understand the system behind it. 

The nerve is there to transmit certain signals that the human body produces. If all the sensors were sending signals all the time, then the human nervous system would be overloaded, so there would be a certain physical state that can be considered a normal state of the body. Now, if the sensors of the body in the normal state send out their signals, then the upstream nerve pathways in the human body will ensure that the signals of the normal state are not passed on to the nervous system. This is not described quite correctly, but we will leave it at that for the moment so that you can better understand the connections. Now, when signals arrive that are not abnormal, these signals lose a lot of potential in the nerve, so that, to put it simply, the electrical signal in the nerve bundle loses its electrical energy. The signal, which is now very much weakened, is hardly perceived. However, if a signal that does not belong to the standard signals enters the nerve as an input signal, then certain nerve bundles will produce a strong output signals that are perceived very quickly by the nervous system of the human body. Thus, certain nerve pathways have the task of filtering certain sensory signals and allowing non-standard signals to pass through. How exactly this happens can be asked by the writer in another blog entry.

So what does acupuncture do, we ask? The needles disrupt the transport pathways of the sensory signals so that altered signals appear in the neural pathways, which are then evaluated differently by the nerves. If there is knowledge of how these input signals have to be changed so that the correct signals, which represent a physical improvement, can reach the human nervous system, this treatment can gradually lead to an improvement. Something like this takes time because the human body as a whole system is very sluggish. The acupuncturist has to know the flow of information and like a script, gradually the chapters of healing have to be gone through, otherwise the human body will not come into balance to generate its standard values as sensor values. Once the body is balanced, all the physical sensors will send standard values, much of which will be filtered out by the nervous system. If you knew the protocol, the electrical signals could be decoded very easily. Acupuncture would be the right way to decode these electrical body signals, but the deeper you research, the more difficult it becomes. Go ahead and start researching, you will soon have success, but don’t think that’s the end of it, because there is so much more to the electrical signals, which seems more and more complicated as you get to the bottom of the mystery.

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