A0568: Can a healer store the healing energy in his body for later use?

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Every healer is capable of doing this because the human body has many areas that can serve as a depository of raw materials. When we talk about raw materials, we do not just mean solid materials that you can touch in your solid world, but every body has an energy body that can also store energies. Every body is alive, by that we mean almost all bodies that you can touch. A stone has consciousness, even if this consciousness has almost no power and can therefore perceive its environment very slowly. Consciousnesses build on each other, so that a large stone has more consciousness than a smaller stone. Both consciousnesses are still very small, so that a stone the size of a planet still has much less consciousness than a person has. That is why planets are inhabited by souls who raise the consciousness of a planet so that life forms on the planet receive consciousnesses from the soul so that the bodies can also function and exist. 

A body therefore always has a consciousness and every consciousness generates an energy field. If the body corresponds to a biological living being, this energy field will be greater than in the case of a non-biological living being. Since everything has a consciousness, we can also say that a stone is a non-biological living being. Every stone is unique and consequently it also has a personality, which is incredibly slow, but that is how living beings are defined. The higher a living being is classified, the more personality can be detected. Every body generates an energy field and during its existence, many energies are stored in this energy field, because the body either exists where many of these energies also appear or a biological process supplies these energies to the body. When a living being eats another living being for food, the body of the eaten living being is decomposed to generate the energy for its own body. But the eaten body also has an energy field that usually remains very long after death, even if the actual consciousness is no longer present, so that parts of the energy field still remain, which are absorbed by the eating being. If the eaten being lived a very natural and healthy life, other energies are present in the residual energy field than if the being lived a stressed and unhealthy life. The ingestion of food can store energies of the food, so this is a natural process that you experience every day.

The stored energies of your daily food are very low, so you do not have to think now that food produced for economic interests has negative energies that will weaken your human energy field. The stored energies hardly weaken you, so we can say: Industrially produced food will hardly have a negative influence on your human energy field, but the biological mass that is industrially produced will very well damage your physical body, which will not only lead to severe suffering, but also to premature death. All your fast foods are part of this and if you eat them over a long period of time, it will certainly have a negative effect on the human body. You can eat fast food, but like everything else, only in small quantities. 

If the human body has been damaged by the unhealthy diet, not very many “negative” energies have been stored in your human body, but energies are practically never harmful, provided they are used wisely. Your body would be able to store enormous amounts of energy, but in the long run the large amounts of energy would have a harmful effect. The situation is different with healing energy, because the healing consciousness in healing energy knows very well what it has to do in order not to harm the body in the long run. There are different types of healing energy and each healing energy is capable of using a human body as a buffer without harming the human body. The healing consciousness will use a very small portion of the healing potential to change an area in the energy field of the human body so that a larger amount of energy can be stored there. We speak deliberately of the physical energy field because we mean the body consciousness and not the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation. If you look at the human energy field, each partial consciousness adds something to this energy field. Your so-called aura is a collective of energy bodies that create this energy field. Your body consciousness will also be part of this collective for the duration of your human life, so the energy field of the body is also part of it.

The body is special because the body is its own universe, which we have already discussed in the blog entry on the seventh energy body. The energy field of the body is not only present on your plane of existence, but also in your body, even though this will confuse you a little. We know the writer very well and we also know that he will want this explained in more detail soon, so we will leave it at this information today. The seventh energy body has many dimensions and somewhere there, the healing consciousness will create a depot for the healing energy. What happens now, you may ask? Nothing! Once the healing energy has been stored there, it rests there until it is allowed to leave this place again. If the healer actively wants the stored healing energy to help a patient to strengthen his self-healing powers, then the healing energy leaves this depot. If the healer imagines the depot and if the healer would include a door to this depot in his imagination, then the healing energy could leave the depot even in small amounts. We have already explained the basic principle in the series on programming crystals, so healers should read through these blog entries to gain the deeper understanding of this. 

But now we still have to explain how the healing energy can be stored in the body depot. There are two ways to do this, which depend on whether you are a 4th or 8th main level person. There are very few 8th main level people and these people will know that they receive their healing energy differently than the vast majority of 4th main level healers. People of the 4th main level who work as healers will ask for the healing energy so that they can also ask for the healing energy to be stored in a body depot so that these people can constantly ask to have this body depot filled again and again with the healing energy. When these 4th level healers have a patient who may need more healing energy, the 4th level healer can visualise in his mind’s eye this body depot and open the door or a hatch to release the stored healing energy. If the patient does not need more healing energy in that particular healing session, then the healing energy will either remain in the depot or there will be another body to be healed in the immediate vicinity that will be healed. When the healing session is finished, the healer mentally closes the depot again. The human healer will always notice a stronger energy flow during healing when the body depot is opened with the stored healing energy. In this way, human healers have the possibility to better heal even severe courses of physical damage. Healers of the 8th main level will also mentally imagine this body depot and when they amplify the gravitational waves of the body cells, they do not conduct this self-produced healing energy through their hands, but they mentally imagine how this healing energy is transferred into this depot. That is all it takes to know at this time to create an energy boost that will support any healing.

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