A0567: How do the gravitational waves originate in a body cell and what do these waves have to do with the fact that healers of the 8th main plane can perform miracles with them? – Part 5

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When the person of the 8th main plane begins to use the gravitational waves to produce their own healing energy, then that person’s body begins to heal all physical ailments. As the potential in the healing energy is still low at first, the healings will be slow, but the longer the person waits, the more the person of the 8th main plane registers this change and one day the future healer of the 8th main plane starts to increase the potential in the healing energy. We will now tabulate the phases that the future 8th main plane healer will go through so that 8th main plane people will understand where they can place themselves at this time.

  1. The person has not yet been tested and his life runs normally in the sense of: The experiences of the person are hardly distinguishable from experiences of persons of the 4th main plane. If the person starts to devote himself to spiritual themes, phase 2 starts sooner or later, always depending on what the incarnation intended to do in the human life. If the person only wanted to attend the official first contact without having chosen a significant task in it, then the test start can take place at any time. If the person has taken on a task, and by this we do not mean a self-chosen task, then the starting signal for the great test is precisely predetermined. 
  2. When the person starts to follow religious practices, the person will usually take longer than people who are not very religious. Persons who have little spiritual access are then tested exactly when the incarnation suggested. These persons have been so disguised before that they hardly follow religious institutions, so these persons usually have a natural aversion to all spiritual practices. This is deliberate because these persons are to be tested and trained unencumbered. If such a person is to be tested, then great importance has been attached beforehand to this person being able to develop freely, because the following tests will be a profound experience. All persons of the 8th main plane will enter this phase and no one will prevent this. When the persons are tested, there are many ways for the spiritual world to test the persons, but it all starts with the person receiving really impressive visions to make them think. When these visions appear, the person instinctively knows that these visions mean something, but they only figure it out after the tests, because people of the 8th main plane experience many inspirations after the tests, which will explain the tests and the person’s becoming conscious. Once the test has begun, the person thinks a lot because he now experiences many things very quickly that he can hardly explain to himself.
  3. The visions have a meaning and the human being does not understand them, so now the experiences that the human being experiences have something to do with the visions. We will briefly explain some visions because many people of the 8th main plane will receive similar indications from the symbolic content. If a part of the body is represented in a vision, then that part or parts of the body has a deeper meaning. If the person can see something unusual about or in the body parts, then this is a clue that needs to be decoded. If the body part is very unusual, then the clue is also very unusual, but usually something is revealed that will be cleared up in some way later after the tests. If the person has a vision of angels because they appear crystal clear and impressively before the person beings who do not speak but show themselves briefly, then the clue is to find out why these beings have appeared in some way. The person’s past is of importance here, so that the person as a spiritual being is placed higher than he himself would assume. If these beings appeared in reality before the mind’s eye during the day or at night, it is not of importance but how they appear. Do they appear as a whole being or only with their head? If heads or a head appear, then the person as a spiritual being has a very intimate relationship with the being or beings. If the beings appear as a whole being, the bonds are not so intimate and we would say they are more like “work colleagues” because these beings will make sure that the person being tested is tested properly and this is for the following reason. No matter how the person will react to the tests, he will be tested much better and more intensively if the tests are carried out by beings that the spiritual being of the person knows and values, because the spiritual being that is now being tested as a person has emphatically asked these beings to force these tests so that the spiritual being as a person also receives the greatest benefit from them. We, as the person’s masters and teachers, also test the person insistently, but never as scrupulously as the spiritual being’s best friends. This is the main reason that people of the 8th main plane are subjected to such extreme stress, because the person’s best friends will try anything to make the incarnation wish come true. We take care that they do not overdo it, but very often the actions of the best friends are very borderline to judge. Never is the body permanently damaged in the process, but the people of the 8th main plane have to go through very painful experiences because the incarnation has wished it that way. The best friends will also ensure that the human being will experience many extraordinary things, but everything has its price, so that after experiencing extraordinary experiences the great testing begins.
  4. The great testing can be seen as a chastisement of the mind so that man is led on course. We have put it so drastically because it describes exactly what will happen. If you think you are such a person and you have had experiences that you would describe as real visions, then after the visions you would have to have experienced a mental roller coaster ride for several years, which led you again and again to a low point. When you have reached the low point, you will gather many insights so that you can then reach a high phase. When you have attained that high phase, you will move into a low phase again in a few moments, so that these people will be quickly recognised in it. These mood swings do not come from the human being alone, but the best friends of the incarnation will re-model certain frequency ranges, so that at first the human being of the 8th main plane cannot help but dwell in either a high or a low phase. One day the realisation emerges in the human being that this is not what he wants, and many realisations have preceded this by this time, so that the human being is already very mature by the time he has mastered the high and low phases into which the body is forced. When this test has been passed, the human being has almost reached the end of his test, but whoever now believes that mastering the high and low phases is not difficult at all has not yet been tested either, because these people really know what this much-mentioned golden mean really is and they can also maintain this golden mean without any great problems, no matter what happens. So if you have not been constantly trained over several years on how to master the golden mean, then you will not be tested, so the constant alternation of a high and a low is a good indicator of whether a person is being tested or not. People of the 4th main plane also experience such mood swings, but never so extreme and never over a very long period of time. When the person has mastered this phase, the end of the tests is heralded, so that tests will still follow, but they will be much less stressful. We also think that when the previous phase is over, the person already feels a change, which he or she takes note of joyfully but also sceptically. When this change starts, man is already producing the healing energy in his body cells, but the potential is very small, so the effects are not very great. Since the tests have not yet been completed, the granting of power has not yet been determined either, so the person’s teachers and masters begin to train the person.
  5. When the person is trained by the masters and teachers, many abilities are unlocked again so that the person regains the abilities that were taken away at the beginning of the tests. If the person finds that they can do something again that was deactivated during the tests, then because they immediately produce results, but these abilities are only gradually not only unlocked, but the person is also trained in them, so that they do not immediately produce the results that they could still achieve before. The spiritual companions will hardly do any more testing, so that schooling becomes more of a priority. The best friends of the incarnation are still present, but for the most part they only observe, so that a person who remains in this phase no longer has to reckon with further intensive testing by the best friends. Training continues beyond this phase, but the human body is able to recover more and more, so that the last phase, is the phase of gaining power.
  6. The person now experiences moments that they can hardly describe later, because the power comes out in the body in spurts. If the person had difficulty concentrating on something before, he or she will be able to do so almost overnight, so that in a short time, we are talking about a few days to a few weeks, the granting of power is pronounced and the person’s consciousness is enriched. What happens in the process, you may ask, and we will explain. The personality consciousness of the person has a certain number of fractals of consciousness, which is to be interpreted as a subset of the total consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube. When the grant of power is made, the personality consciousness receives its predetermined number of fractals of consciousness from the remaining subconsciousnesses in the total consciousness. If the power grant is high, all subconsciousnesses must permanently give up more consciousness fractals than if the power grant is lower. If the personality consciousness has assimilated the consciousness fractals, it is very powerful, because the power grant is usually so great that the number of assimilated consciousness fractals is much higher than a person of the 4th main plane will assimilate in the rest of his life. As a result, consciousness increases and not only can the person think much faster, but they also gain abilities that most people would consider magic. People of the 8th main plane can usually astral travel immediately after the test, without having to enter a meditative state for it, but they think themselves astral, which is exactly how it happens. The increased mental abilities always lead to these people becoming real astral travellers and a person of the 8th main plane can also be recognised by this. Most of the time they could hardly or very hardly initiate an astral journey before the test, but after the test they do not need any preparation time because they really just become astral if they want to. 

We have now come to the end of our explanations, so that we now want to answer the real question. If the person emits gravitational waves, it is independent of whether he is a person of the 4th or 8th main plane. Every person emits these gravitational waves and every person can also amplify them, so amplifying gravitational waves is not a special ability. However, the body cells of the human being of the 8th main plane are special because they are fed by the energies of the 8th main plane. If the 8th main plane energy is responsible for the healing energy having healing consciousness, then every body cell of the future 8th main plane healer also has the knowledge of how to heal a living being because the emitted gravitational wave takes over this knowledge. Every person of the 8th main plane has the knowledge of this, but only very few healers find out about it. What about the potential, we ask? The potential depends on how strong the energy flow is in the human body. If you have received a great grant of power, then the energy current in the physical body is more potent than if you have received a lesser grant of power.

Question: Are the human angels and devils also tested?
Yes, and they too must prove that they are worthy. We also say the following: Angels and devils are tested in a similar way to humans of the 8th main plane, although some tests are toned down because angels and devils are usually not as stubborn as humans of the 8th main plane. These people draw their energy directly from a plane that is superimposed on all the main planes, but also their abilities are almost the same abilities as people of the 8th main plane receive. The angels and devils, however, receive special treatment so that they have already attained many things before the great test starts. People of the 8th main plane will only gain the extraordinary abilities after the test, so that people who think they have not yet been tested but have extraordinary abilities are either an angel or a devil or a person of the 4th main plane who has trained these abilities very hard. 

Not every person who thinks they are an 8th main plane person is one, so 8th main plane people will very well recognise the similarities in what we have said. They will never say that they think they have experienced some of it, but they will clearly see that they will find themselves in most of the examples, they will have no doubt about that, so that doubters never represent an 8th main plane human being. If you want to know for certain whether you are an angel, a devil or a human being of the 8th main plane, then go to a medium who knows something about it, so that the medium will scan you mentally. If the medium recognises a very bright glow in you or if the medium receives a vision that shows you or a creature wearing a crown over its head, then you belong to the people who are still being tested, because you always have to prove whether you are worthy of receiving the power that will make you a very potent healer. All other people can also heal, they don’t have to pass any tests for that, they just have to want it with all their heart, so we can also claim: All people of the 4th main plane can become very powerful healers, they just have to want it for that. All other people have to pass many tests over the years before they can also become very powerful healers.

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