A0566: How do the gravitational waves originate in a body cell and what do these waves have to do with the fact that healers of the 8th main plane can perform miracles with them? – Part 4

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If we are now going to tell you what will happen when the test is finished with people of the 8th main level, then we must also briefly address the evaluation of the series of tests, because the evaluation of the tests is largely responsible for how much power the person of the 8th main level receives, which may never be taken away from him again in his bodily life.

When a person of the 8th main level is tested, then many tests are rather to be regarded as normal and we also think that many psychologists would proceed in a similar way when they, like us, have the possibility to categorise a person in order to determine the character traits. This snapshot is important for the further procedure because the following tests are based on how the person has grown as a being. If the person has already experienced a lot and mastered many situations, the following tests will be different than if the person still seems very naive and awkward. At the end of the tests, however, these different people should be similar in terms of the maturity of a person, so that the experienced person will be finished with his test more quickly than the inexperienced person. Nevertheless, the tests will last a long time and when we say years, we mean it. 

When the tests are finished, the tested person is hardly recognisable because he or she is much calmer and more level-headed as a person than the person was before. Many insights have consolidated the person so that nothing can throw him off track so easily any more. These were always the effects of the tests and no one should believe that people can change so fundamentally on their own in just a few years. The change in the person’s mind is always carried outwards more strongly because the person is now perceived differently by all other people. Every test that the person has had to experience again and again has driven this change of mind, so that every test is also always a training that the person has to master. There are many standard tests and there are many very individual tests that a person is supposed to pass so that he accumulates more and more points on his score sheet. 

If the person is very vain, then this vanity is tested so that the person is given eczema to test how they react to it. Will they try to treat these symptoms or will the person eventually not care? At first, the person will start covering up and disguising the symptoms, but when they realise that this is no longer possible, they will become more relaxed and the vanity will not come out as much. Once the person has reached this point, the test is stopped but the eczema persists. The full score is certain, even though the vanity can never be completely overwritten. If a person is very stubborn, the stubbornness is tested so that they have to go through things and situations that test the stubbornness again and again. If one day the person realises that their stubbornness is not a gain but only complicates everything, the person will be much more serene and again we cannot assume that the person will no longer be stubborn, but the strengthening of serenity is rewarded with the full score. 

Who decides when a test is passed and how many points the person receives for it, we ask? It is us, the masters and teachers of a person, but we are accompanied by beings who supervise these tests, so that a tested person is always accompanied by many spiritual beings during the tests. These beings are authorised to initiate things that support the tests and that can also have an effect on the environment in which the tested person is staying. This can go as far as influencing people in the environment of the tested person so that the person of the 8th main level gets into situations that can test them very effectively. Now what happens at the end of the tests, we ask? The person will gradually notice how their body recovers and how their environment becomes more and more peaceful because all the influences are now being removed. When the person receives the first signs of this, he will de facto no longer be tested and his score will be scrutinised by many spiritual beings because they will now decide how much power grant the person will receive. 

If the person is no longer tested, there will still be some ailments that the person himself is supposed to heal through his healing energy that he produces in his body cells. The test has been completed and before that the person may have noticed how they produce their own healing energy. If the person has done too badly in the tests, then they will not be able to produce the potent healing energy, so the spirit guides will remove all suffering. If the failed person still wants to follow the path of a healer, then a spiritual being will provide the healing energy, but we say already now that the beings of the 8th main level generally do not fail and thus always begin to transform the healing energy in their body cells. When the healing consciousness is included in the healing energy, the potential that makes up the healing energy will also already be established. If you are able to collect many points during the tests, then you will receive much power and you will then also be able to generate a great potential in your healing energy. 

The spiritual companions who tested you so extremely will be withdrawn again so that you, as beings of the 8th main level, are on your own. The spirit guides that we call the masters and teachers of a person will also stop testing you so that you are now taught how to use your power. What you do with it is entirely up to you, because through the tests you have done all that was necessary. If you feel you have to do certain things with it, the spiritual world will not stop you, so you are free to do whatever you want. 

The writer would like to know how the transfer of power is done? The power is transferred in batches over a short period of time, so that the person quickly finds that he or she can think much faster. If the person deals with things that you would interpret as magic, then they could do many things with it that can be increased and increased. If the power is transferred, then the person’s consciousness continues to grow and the person can overcome the astral barrier more and more easily, so that he can experience his everyday life partially astrally with a focused thought. When the power is transferred, many more things happen, which we will describe another time, but the persons of the 8th main level will always be capable of more after the great test than before.

Question: Will the previously acquired and experienced skills return?
Yes, what people experienced as skills before testing, they have taught themselves to a large extent, so these skills are reactivated. The other anticipations become reality in part because the guaranteed increase in power always means that these abilities can be easily learned. If you were able to practise the so-called visualisation very well, then you will experience it again in the same way and better. If you have mastered the stillness of thought once, then you will also very quickly return to this state. If you have already experienced astral travel, then you will astral travel again anyway, because tested beings of the 8th main plane are always true astral travellers who can astral travel at any time.

What more is there to report before we describe in great detail in the last entry to this series how your body cells will produce the gravitational waves, we ask? Not much, because you now know what will happen to humans of the 8th main plane once the test is started. 

Let us come back to the people of the 4th main plane. We told you, humans of the 4th main plane are hardly tested, just as we described the great test for the humans of the 8th main plane, so that humans of the 4th main plane do not have to endure these arduous tests for years, but as long as the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species has not been completed, humans always have a spiritual companion and these spiritual beings will also test the human. These tests are very subtle and almost not at all comparable to the great test, but these people will also be trained during the tests so that they will also mature from them, but not to the extent that beings of the 8th main plane will experience.

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