A0565: How do the gravitational waves originate in a body cell and what do these waves have to do with the fact that healers of the 8th main plane can perform miracles with them? – Part 3

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When people are tested by the spiritual world, these are not short tests, but the person is supposed to develop further during the testing, because otherwise only a snapshot is taken, which does not reflect the true potential that lies dormant in the person. If many fears and blockages are working in the person, the test will be different than if the person has not activated these unnecessary programs. In order to stop such a body program, the human being has to deal with the cause of the program that activated it in the first place. If you have activated many of these programs, then the spiritual world will have to go to great lengths to convince you that you must deal with the fears and blockages so that these body programs can be ended. If the human being of the 8th main level is tested, then in a relatively short time all the programs will be dissolved and this will be done by the human being himself, because we as spiritual beings are not allowed to end a body program.

We are allowed to influence an activated body program, but we are neither allowed to start an inactive program, nor are we allowed to end an active body program. Every human being starts these programs in the course of his existence, but not all programs are also terminated again by the human being. Once a body program has been started, it can be strengthened or weakened again, but the program can only be terminated if the human being plays the program through to the end of his or her own accord. You have read correctly. We not only want you to understand that fears and blockages are given body programs, but you must also understand that a body program that has been started must be played by you until the end of the program, even if the term “play” can be misinterpreted here. Only when the body program has been played to the end, only then will the program be ended by your body consciousness. How do you play fear to the end, you may ask? By turning the fear around and no longer feeling fear in the situations in which you once started such a fear program. 

If you are afraid of spiders, then this fear program was once started and strengthened over the years until it finally became a phobia. All fears and blockages can escalate in this way or one day you start to dissolve this program and this is always accompanied by the realisation that the program is actually superfluous and that you do not want to develop this phobia. If you let the program drive you, then the body program will anticipate much in your life that seems completely unnecessary. Once you have discovered such a body program, you can deal with it and the more you deal with it, the weaker this body program will become until one day it stops and is usually permanently deactivated. 

In your human body there are many of these programs that you can activate, but none of these body programs activate themselves, it is always the human being who activates such a program. There are no people who are not subject to active body programs, but there are people who have deleted a great many of these body programs again because they have understood that these fears and blockages are absolutely unnecessary. The fear of physical death is such a program and how can this program be ended, we ask? By the person understanding that physical death is not the end, but only something like a transition. This fear can be ended by the very fact that this realisation comes about through logical reasoning. Even religious people, who can hardly logically fathom an afterlife, will overcome this fear because they practise faith in it. Religious people may have ended the body’s program for the fear of death, but in return faith itself has activated so many extra programs that the lost fear of death is a high price to pay. 

When people are tested by spiritual beings, the spiritual world always tries to end these programs through the tests, so that the human being is confronted with the active body programs so that he can deal with them. So a test does not trigger any new body programs, but brings the already activated body programs into the human being’s consciousness so that the human being can deal with them and finally finish the active body programs.  

If the test is the becoming aware of these activated body programs, then what is the test testing, we ask? How you are able to finish playing these programs. If you repress the body program, then you will fail and the spiritual world will do this test again later. If you weaken the active body program more and more, you will be rewarded with points that will be included in the overall result. If you manage to complete the body program, then this partial test is completely passed and you receive full points for it. As each of you has active body programs, it is not only calculated what you can solve during your test, but also what you have already solved before the tests. If you have had an eventful life, then you have activated many body programs beforehand and you had to deal with them so that you could participate in social life at all, so that these past and solved body programs are taken into account in the test. 

When the spiritual world begins to test a person, the test must also end at some point and this end is always heralded by the person being gradually released from their sudden suffering. Before the spiritual world starts to test a person, much will take place beforehand in order to put the person under maximum stress so that the tests also truthfully reflect the spiritual condition. If the person is constantly suffering from physical ailments, then the spiritual progress is much better to be classified than if the person had all the freedoms as the untested people. People of the 4th main level are very rarely tested by the spiritual world, but people of the 8th main plane are always, we stress again, they are always tested, so that these people are always subjected to enormous stress so that they can prove whether they are worthy to receive their power. 

If you have sudden ailments and all of a sudden all of your body programs that you once activated yourself come out, then you are in such a test. If you have had visions that clearly cannot be attributed to normal meditations, then you are probably a being of the 8th main plane. We strongly advise these people to enter a state of calm and begin to finish your body programs so that you very quickly lose the fears and blockages, then these tests will also end very quickly, but we also say the following to the people of the 8th main plane: once the tests have begun, then you will be tested for years and continuously, so that not only will your fears and blockages disappear, but many insights will make you mature very quickly. You will be perceived by others as calm and level-headed quite quickly. These tests will also continue while you sleep, so that for several years the human being will undergo a change of consciousness that beings of the 4th main level only accomplish at the end of their lives. You will have to suffer a lot, but everything will change when the great test is over and your sudden sufferings will quickly disappear. What exactly will happen then will be revealed in the next part.

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